Date: January, 2024 | CategoryCompany Author: Hana Trokic

Introducing our Verify Winter Release. 

Our latest version streamlines the addition of new terms with a new approval workflow for Custom Dictionary words, accelerating your content review process while reducing unwanted spell check errors.

This exciting release also brings new features and improvements tailored to diverse sectors including pharma, CPG, print and packaging, marketing agencies, and more—promising to improve content compliance while optimizing your workflow.

Enjoy the following upgraded features of our Winter Release:

  • An innovative approval workflow for Custom Dictionary words to simplify your process of adding new terms.
  • A refined and optimized Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to save time and reduce non-compliance issues.
  • A revamped Prep Stage and Filtering Tool in the Results Stage to go through differences more efficiently.
  • The ability to manage Spot Colors in the Prep Stage—broadening your graphics inspection capabilities.
  • UX improvements, including the graphics inspection functionality now capture Live Text Differences in more easily identifiable red boxes.
  • Asian and Right-to-Left Language Text Inspection accuracy improvements to help scale your proofreading operations globally. 
  • A significant reduction in unwanted Spell Check Results for more accurate inspection results. 

With the addition of these cutting-edge features, Verify’s Winter Release not only sets new benchmarks for precision, efficiency, and compliance but also pioneers innovative capabilities, opening new possibilities in automated proofreading for regulated industries.

If you want to learn more about how to leverage our new features, book a Verify demo and begin experiencing these innovations in proofreading technology. 

Add New Words to Custom Dictionaries With Increased Ease

Verify’s Winter Release also introduces a new built-in Approval Workflow for Custom Dictionary Words

Pharmaceuticals, CPGs, and marketing agencies deal with content that includes many customs terms that are not readily available in regular dictionaries. These words include drug and brand names, or certain ingredient names and terms that are not standardized. In order for these words to not be flagged as errors during inspections, Verify allows for the addition of terms into custom dictionaries to further streamline inspection processes.

Our new approval workflow for Custom Dictionary Words allows users to seamlessly request approval from administrators to add words to custom dictionaries, ultimately streamlining day-to-day spell check and proofreading operations. 

Watch our video to see the Admin Custom Dictionaries feature in action 

Watch our video to see the User Custom Dictionaries feature in action 

OCR: Save Time and Reduce the Risk of Non-Compliance

Verify continues to offer the most cutting-edge technology in cloud-based proofreading software by refining and optimizing our Optical Character Recognition capabilities. This feature allows users to inspect flattened text on documents such as labels, promotional material screenshots and supplier proofs by converting the digital images into readable, live text format.

Verify’s OCR feature leverages powerful artificial intelligence technology that detects characters within images or flattened documents, rendering a precise character-for-character text inspection possible.

This feature helps you save time on inspections and reduce the risk of non-compliance errors falling through. By automating the process of recognizing and extracting text from images or scanned documents, users can expect to drastically decrease the need for manual inspections, as well as the overall time needed to digitally inspect files.

By reducing manual processes, OCR also decreases the risk of human errors, safeguarding sensitive and critical documentation from errors that can lead to financial losses and the potential of a negative brand image.

While OCR is intended for all users, it will prove to be particularly beneficial for content, creative, regulatory, and labeling specialists in a variety of sectors from pharmaceuticals, print and packaging, prepress, and marketing agencies. 

Watch our video to see the OCR feature in action 

Revamped Prep Stage and Filtering Tool in the Results Stage

You can now expect to go through inspection results in record time through the new Prep Stage options and Filtering Tool in the Results Stage. Previously, users did not have the option to opt out of Text Inspection, and when reviewing inspection results, users sometimes had to go through large amounts of results cards with no clear and efficient method to filter and resolve them. 

Now, users can select exactly which types of inspections they want to perform from the Prep Stage, and all Results get automatically segmented into 5 separate panels with their own unique default filters: Text, Spell, Graphics, Barcode, and Braille. You will also still have the option to view all results together with the “All” filter function. 

This will allow you to view results in a more clear and concise manner and tackle differences by priority and importance, ultimately improving the revision process and allowing you to make corrections and improvements with greater ease. 

See the new revamped Prep Stage and Filtering Tool below

Enhanced Graphics Inspection Capabilities

For those who heavily focus on graphics inspections, the Verify Winter Release also offers game-changing features to ensure the accuracy of your graphics. 

Ability to Manage Spot Colors in the Prep Stage

This release also brings the ability to manage Spot Colors in the Prep Stage (also known as “Separations Control), expanding graphics inspection capabilities by ensuring a more comprehensive assessment of files, resulting in the heightened accuracy to your graphics files.

In the Prep Stage, a new option called ‘Spot Color Controls’ will now allow you to turn Spot Colors on or off to ease your revision process and allow you to view results and make needed adjustments efficiently.  

Regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals, print and packaging, CPG, as well as agencies  deal with complex workflows and often have limited power over the composition (layers and spot colors) of the files that need to be inspected. If the presence of a Spot Colors is hindering a successful graphics inspection from happening, the inability to turn that Spot Color off may reduce the accuracy of any given inspection, or make the inspection impossible. With the addition of this new feature, this bottleneck will be eliminated allowing for more seamless inspections. 

Watch our video to see the Spot Colors Control feature in action

Graphics Inspection Captures Live Text Differences in Red Boxes

When running a graphics inspection, Verify will perform a pixel-for-pixel overlay, detecting all deviations, including deviations in live text, and will now capture them all within a red box. 

By grouping and visualizing all differences found, this feature ultimately reduces confusion about which elements are being inspected when enabling Full Page Graphics. 

See the new Graphics Inspection Improvements below

Scale Globally With Improved Accuracy of Asian and Right-to-Left Language Text Inspection

Multinational brands and agencies need to adhere to the compliance requirements of global authorities of the countries where their products and content are distributed, and are often faced with inspecting languages such as Asian text and right-to-left texts, such as Arabic and Hebrew, on various types of documents. 

Without adequate processes and solutions, these companies are forced to either outsource these tasks or perform the inspections manually. This can lead to slow revision processes, delayed product-to-market times, and can ultimately hinder a company’s ability to scale its brand globally.

We improved our text inspection algorithm that recognizes and compares Asian characters and Right-to-Left languages. This allows multinationals to render more accurate inspection results and consequently, improve the quality of their multilingual documentation and packaging assets. 

Reduce Unwanted Spelling Results

The Winter Release also brings new improvements to the spelling inspection algorithm and now offers a more reliable dictionary, rendering more accurate results for the following:

  • Hyphenated words
  • Soft-hyphenated words
  • Words that include special characters
  • Commonly used abbreviations

This is particularly beneficial for global brands and agencies that need to ensure all of their distributed content is accurate and free from all errors. Much like with multilingual documentation, without proper processes and software to help with these quality control tasks, international brands and companies may need to outsource tasks or do inspections manually. This can slow down revision times, delay product launches, and hinder global brand expansion.

Verify addresses these problems and offers a comprehensive and seamless solution to all organizations in a wide range of markets who want to ensure the quality of their products and brand. 

See the new Reduced Unwanted Spelling Results feature below

Verify for Improved Proofreading 

Verify’s Winter Release marks a significant advancement for cloud-based automated proofreading. Not only does it set new standards for precision, efficiency, and compliance, but also the refinement of OCR capabilities, streamlined custom dictionary workflows, revamped filtering tools, and enhanced graphics inspection features demonstrates GlobalVision’s commitment to delivering a seamless and accurate proofreading experience. 

These innovations will elevate the quality of document inspections but also address specific challenges faced by diverse sectors, from regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals and print and packaging to creative sectors such as marketing agencies. 

With a focus on reducing manual processes, improving inspection accuracy, and catering to the process complexities of global corporations, Verify empowers users to enhance the quality of their critical documentation. Our Winter Release not only meets but exceeds the evolving needs of regulated industries, making automated proofreading more accessible, efficient, and reliable. 

To explore and leverage these cutting-edge features, book a demo of Verify and see firsthand the transformative impact it will have on your proofreading and quality control processes.

Customer Spotlight: IPG Health Leverages New Verify Features to Further Improve Proofreading Efficiency

IPG Health, a renowned network of agencies focused on health communication and marketing, serves top global pharmaceutical, biotech, and life sciences companies.

For over a decade, IPG Health has leveraged GlobalVision products as part of their editorial processes to help ensure the integrity and quality of their clients’ content. With the introduction of notable workflow improvements, Verify’s Winter Release further enhances the efficiency of their proofreading.  

More specifically, the new approval workflow for custom dictionaries — based in part on significant feedback from the IPG Health Editorial team — streamlines their spell check operations, and the newly added filtering options and improved graphics inspection accelerate their proofreading reviews while helping to ensure accuracy.

IPG Health is one among the many global organizations and life sciences companies leveraging Verify’s latest innovations!

Revolutionizing Braille Inspection: Introducing the GVD Braille Module

Date: December, 2023 | CategoryCompliance Author: Hana Trokic

In regulated industries, where adherence to standards and accessibility is crucial, Braille is a vital component of any product’s packaging or labeling to foster compliance and inclusivity.  

Braille, a universally accepted system of writing designed for individuals with visual impairments, is critical in ensuring that information, particularly in industries subject to strict regulations such as pharmaceuticals, is universally accessible. 

This code not only empowers individuals with visual disabilities by providing them with independent access to written content, but it also aligns with non-discrimination principles mandated by regulatory agencies. 

From a quality control perspective, Braille Inspection and accuracy play an important role as Braille is mandatory on pharmaceutical packaging all across Europe, and is strongly recommended by the FDA in Western markets, while other regions such as the ASEAN markets are working to heighten inclusivity by implementing braille requirements on packaging soon.

For regulatory industries to ensure the complete accuracy of their products, they need to ensure comprehensive revisions and inspections of their content. This includes text, graphics, barcodes, colors, and of course, braille for an all-encompassing quality control process. One way to ensure this accuracy is through modern-day technological solutions and innovations that ease these critical yet demanding revision tasks.

The New GVD Braille Module

One such innovation that stands out for compliance reviews is the newest upgrade from GlobalVision—the GVD Braille Module. This new braille inspection technology sets a new standard for fast, accurate, and comprehensive braille inspections. 

The GVD Braille Module allows regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals and print and packaging to automate braille height inspections with unparalleled granularity and speed, providing braille compliance data for each individual braille dot. This market-disrupting product brings unprecedented braille height detail, as well as meticulous braille translations to ensure complete accuracy and compliance with industry regulations across all printed assets.

This advanced technology is not just an upgrade in compliance inspections, it’s a breakthrough in braille inspection.

Here’s what to look forward to with the newest GVD Braille Module:

  • 10x faster inspections compared to traditional softwares
    • Example: DotScan on average takes 50 mins to complete a full Press sheet Braille inspection, while GlobalVision completes in less than 4 minutes with 2X the accuracy.
  • Eliminates the need for multiple systems, cutting costs and streamlining operations with all braille inspection features embedded within the robust GVD platform
  • Ensures braille labeling compliance with Marburg Medium Font Standard and ISO for medical products, preventing regulatory issues
  • Global scalability by inspecting braille translations in 44 languages 
  • Enhances braille inspections with detailed reporting on each individual braille dot across all regions, including multi-panel areas

Unmatched Braille Inspection Speed and Precision

With 10X faster braille height inspections and the support of full-size press sheets, GlobalVision’s newest automation technology surpasses the traditional DotScan software and all other competitors on the market. Printing & packaging and pharmaceutical companies can now expect to automate braille inspections with granularity and speed that was previously not possible. 

The technology not only accelerates the inspection process but also ensures unparalleled precision, reducing the risk of oversights. Beyond heightened efficiency, the increased automation of the entire compliance inspection process allows organizations to redirect resources to more strategic tasks, fostering innovation and growth internally. 

GlobalVision’s braille inspection technology redefines industry standards by combining speed and granularity, transforming compliance inspections into a faster, more comprehensive and accurate process.

Save Resources and Eliminate Unnecessary Overhead

With this new release, all braille inspection features are embedded within the robust GVD platform. This allows companies in regulatory industries to save money and resources by eliminating the need and overhead of managing multiple systems. 

The GVD Braille Module consolidates all packaging quality control processes as it is fully embedded within the robust GVD system, allowing for text, graphics, barcode inspections and more, rendering the use of a separate system obsolete.

This upgrade ensures that every aspect of your quality control process can be seamlessly executed within a single platform. The efficiency gains are unmatched, as companies can now navigate the entire process, including the previously tedious braille inspection, with speed and precision, while simplifying their workflows and enhancing overall productivity. 

This innovation not only streamlines operations but also positions the GVD Braille Module as an industry leader, offering unparalleled ease and efficiency to the market. 

Ensure Adherence to Compliance Regulations

For regulated companies, the need to adhere to strict guidelines and requirements is critical. GlobalVision’s latest advancement in braille inspection technology represents a crucial upgrade in addressing this concern by guaranteeing ongoing braille compliance with the Marburg Medium Font Standard as well as the ISO 17351:2013  requirements for braille labeling on medicinal products. 

This upgrade not only ensures precision and accuracy in braille, but, more importantly, serves as a proactive measure to prevent potential regulatory sanctions. By aligning seamlessly with established standards, this technology provides regulatory companies with the assurance that their braille labeling processes are not only efficient but also in strict accordance with mandated guidelines, protecting against potential legal and regulatory penalties. 

Global Scalability

The GVD Braille Module isn’t confined to a specific language or region. It scales globally, inspecting braille translations in an impressive 44 languages against a master file. This global scalability ensures that the technology is not only cutting-edge but also inclusive and diverse, catering to the many linguistic needs of multinational enterprises. 

By accommodating such a wide linguistic range, the GVD Braille Module becomes a versatile tool that addresses the diverse needs of companies worldwide, acting as a positive lever toward their global expansion strategies. 

Detailed Reports and Compliance Data

One of the standout features of the GVD Braille Module is its ability to provide you with highly detailed reports for each braille dot across all regions, ensuring that every single dot meets regulatory standards.

The GVD Braille Module allows you to achieve unprecedented granularity in braille inspections with in-depth reporting for each individual braille dot across all braille regions, including multi-panel regions. This means the software goes beyond basic inspection data and provides a level of inspection scrutiny unparalleled in today’s market. 


The Future of Braille Inspection

In an era where technology and automation is the driving force behind progress, the GVD Braille Module stands out as a revolutionary solution in the field of braille inspection. This comprehensive solution surpasses all previous inspection systems and doesn’t just meet industry standards but sets a new benchmark for efficiency and accuracy. 

As industries strive for greater innovation in technological solutions, the GVD Braille Module allows you to overcome all previous inspection limitations and embrace new technology that improves the entire quality control process. 

GVD Braille Module is not just an upgrade, it’s a revolution in braille inspection. To try the new standard in braille inspection yourself, book a personalized braille demo and begin revolutionizing your compliance inspections today.

Verify Fall Release header banner

Date: October, 2023 | CategoryCompany Author: Hana Trokic

Are you ready to heighten your Verify inspections and overall proofreading experience? 

We’re thrilled to introduce significant improvements to Verify, designed to make the automated proofreading experience easier and more efficient. These product advancements have been rolled out in two waves throughout September and October!

With a substantial performance upgrade, a 69% improvement in Spell Check results and the addition of Single File Inspections, now called ‘Proofreader Mode’, our Verify Fall Release ensures your content is perfected, faster.

Additionally, this release marks a huge milestone for Verify’s core technology, as it has been completely rehauled and updated to an entirely new architecture with all modern technology—get ready to elevate your compliance review and inspection processes! 

The Verify Fall Release also brings a number of major improvements and features including: 

If you want to learn more about how to leverage these new features, book a demo of Verify here.

Upgraded Architecture, Upgraded Inspections

We’ve upgraded to an entirely new architecture with modern technology to offer you the best possible proofreading experience on the market. Though this upgrade brings with it many benefits and advantages, possibly the largest benefit is that it will increase development speed, resulting in highly requested features being released more rapidly. 

This accelerated development pace translates to a high turnover of new features and capabilities, allowing regulatory and commercial experts to stay ahead of evolving compliance requirements by having the best tools available to them during their quality assurance processes. 

The upgraded architecture also increases Verify’s reliability and uptime. This results in fewer interruptions to critical processes, where you can rest assured that your workflows run as smoothly as possible and with the utmost ease. In the exceptional  instance of an issue occurring, the enhanced infrastructure ensures swift resolution, minimizing downtime and enhancing productivity. 

Moreover, the optimization of our algorithms for faster inspections enables regulatory professionals and beyond to expedite their reviews, ensuring that all documents and critical content adhere to compliance standards with greater efficiency and precision. 

This major breakthrough in Verify’s development empowers regulatory professionals and all automated proofreading users to work more effectively, maintain compliance, and improve the overall quality and reliability of their operations.

Boosted Responsiveness For Heightened day-to-day Efficiency.

Boosted Responsiveness For Heightened day-to-day Efficiency

Time is crucial when inspecting documents, especially for regulated industries where manual compliance procedures can sometimes hinder time-to-market

This new release brings a remarkable 15% improvement in responsiveness, backed by a more stable infrastructure to further help accelerate the revision cycle of critical content and ensure error-free files in record time. 

Through this new upgrade, you can expect to load and inspect large files faster than ever, without rendering issues, decreasing delays in inspections and allowing for an overall more seamless inspection.

Save More Time With Built-in Spell Check Rules 

Save More Time With Built-in Spell Check Rules

The new fall release also brings with it new built-in rules that improve Spell-Check results by 69%. The new update will only flag important spelling errors, ensuring a more efficient review process. 

This means the software no longer detects terms such as URLs or words containing numbers as spelling errors allowing teams to focus their energy on more crucial aspects of their inspections without getting set back by minor details. 

The improved Spell Check feature also assists regulatory professionals in meeting FDA requirements by ensuring accurate, clear, and error-free documents. This helps maintain compliance with FDA guidelines, reduces legal and reputational risks, and promotes efficiency.

Single File Inspection For Ease and Simplicity

We’re simplifying the inspection process with the introduction of a Single File Inspection capability called “Proofreader Mode”. This feature allows you to upload and inspect a single file when there is no need to compare it against a source file. This feature is particularly beneficial for regulatory professionals who have many documents to review and need to optimize their entire process.

The upgrade was designed to facilitate Barcode Inspections and Spell Checks, and Braille Inspection. Previously, the software required that two identical files be uploaded to perform an inspection. Now, you can tackle these tasks with precision and ease, one file at a time.

More Review Enhancing Features 

If those upgrades are not enough to bring your compliance reviews to the next level, regulatory and commercial professionals can expect to enhance their inspections through the following features: 

  • Automatic Detection of All Graphics Differences: Instead of manually drawing red boxes around detected differences in ‘flash mode’ on the New file panel by panning around and identifying the changes manually,  Verify now finds all differences within a zoned region and highlights them with red boxes automatically. 
  • Improved Optical Character Recognition (OCR): With this new update, you can expect improvements in OCR detection of flattened text and an overall heightened OCR experience. Verify’s expanded OCR capabilities allow you to detect smaller fonts which previously went undetected by the OCR engine. This feature is powered by Artificial Intelligence and leverages Machine Learning for continuous improvements with each release.
  • Detection of Reading Order Changes: The new difference type, Reading Order, under the filtering tool detects relative reading order changes, meaning that if a block of text moves from one location to another, changing the relative context of the information, this will now be detected by Verify. 
  • Braille Inspection in 44 Global Languages: This new technology for braille translation and inspection ensures that braille regions read accurately and that their formatting is compliant with the Marburg Medium Font Standard. 
  • Full XML File Support Including Stylesheets: XML files loaded into Verify were previously not converted into their viewable format. Now, our platform supports seamless integration and advanced formatting options with full XML file processing, including stylesheets.

A Better Verify Experience 

With Verify’s fall release and a complete overhaul of our core technology, you will experience a more responsive and stable platform. With the addition of the many features and functionality presented, regulatory and commercial professionals tasked with reviewing content for total compliance lifesciences can  perfect their content, faster. 

These exciting updates to Verify are a testament to our commitment to improving the overall user experience and making quality inspections more efficient and effective. 

For more detailed information about our latest upgrades, read the Release Notes, and, make sure to watch our informative video, which highlights some of the new additions to the Verify fall release.

If you haven’t experienced the time-saving and compliance enhancing powers of Verify yet, get started today with a Free Trial.  

GlobalVision RAPS Convergence 2023 in MTL

Date: September, 2023 | CategoryCompany Author: Hana Trokic

GlobalVision is thrilled to announce our participation in RAPS Convergence 2023, set to take place in Montreal from October 3rd to 5th. This event promises to be a pivotal networking and learning experience for all professionals in the regulatory industry and similar fields. 

Join us at one of the top life sciences events of the year as we engage with industry leaders and professionals, highlighting our innovative proofreading solutions while fostering valuable connections. Make sure to stop by our booth #225 during the event to gain valuable insights into our products and services and see what’s new with GlobalVision! 

Why RAPS Convergence 2023

RAPS Convergence is renowned for bringing together experts, innovators, and thought leaders in regulatory affairs and life sciences. It serves as a hub for networking, knowledge sharing, and exploring the latest advancements in regulatory science. 

As GlobalVision is a market-leading proofreading software and a top choice for regulatory experts in quality assurance, we understand the significance of staying at the forefront of industry trends. That is why we are excited to showcase our products to an even broader audience, helping regulatory professionals drive efficiency across their entire proofreading workflows and ensuring flawless critical content. 

What to Expect from GlobalVision at RAPS

As a market-leading quality control software and solution for regulated industries, GlobalVision is committed to helping organizations enhance their quality control processes. Our innovative technology helps ensure packaging, labeling, and all critical content are accurate and compliant with regulatory requirements. 

At RAPS Convergence 2023, we will showcase our cutting-edge software, offer free demos to attendees, and showcase how our innovative products, including our newest and most innovative cloud-based software Verify, can streamline quality control processes, reduce errors, and save time and resources.

Engage with Our GlobalVision Experts

Our team of experts will be on hand at our booth to provide live demonstrations of our software and answer all questions. We value every opportunity to engage with professionals in the regulatory affairs community, and we’re eager to hear about the latest and most specific challenges and needs of the industry.  

In addition to our booth presence, GlobalVision will also have an educational session and presentation during the conference. Our presentation “How AI Will Power the Future of Proofreading in Pharma” will cover the growing role of technology, specifically artificial intelligence, in the pharmaceutical and regulatory industries. 

Finally, RAPS Convergence 2023 is an excellent platform to connect with like-minded professionals. That is why we are excited to use this opportunity to network with top industry experts, share experiences, and build connections that can help drive success in the regulatory affairs and life sciences industry.

Join Us in Montreal

Mark your calendars for October 3-5, 2023, and join us at RAPS Convergence in Montreal for an incredible opportunity to learn, network, and explore the latest innovations in regulatory affairs. 

We can’t wait to meet you, showcase our solutions, and discuss how GlobalVision can empower your organization to achieve compliance and quality excellence. See you at RAPS Convergence 2023!

See how precision meets efficiency as IPG harnesses GlobalVision's state-of-the-art technology to streamline workflows and ensure flawless documents.

Date: August, 2023 | CategoryCustomers Author: Hana Trokic

About IPG Health 

IPG Health is a network of world-renowned agencies focused on health communication and marketing. Collectively, the network is made up of over 45 agencies that are spread across six continents and 6,500+ employees driven by a company-wide obsession with harnessing creativity, technology, science, and data to inspire behaviors that fuel better health. 

IPG Health’s clients include the top 20 global pharmaceutical companies as well as countless startups, biotech companies, biopharma companies, and a variety of life science companies. In everything they do, IPG Health is relentlessly focused on doing what’s right for their clients, their brands, and their people. 

The Challenge: Keeping Content Accurate While Facing Regulatory and Time Constraints

Due to the fast-paced, highly regulated, and critical nature of their field of work, IPG Health must focus significant time and resources on ensuring the accuracy of every piece of content and creative material produced. 

Kyle Richards, EVP, Executive Director, Editorial, at IPG Health, gave us a detailed look into some of the key challenges his teams and department face in the project development process. He noted that their main goal was to deliver accurate content for their clients and a large part of ensuring that was through accurate and fast proofreading processes. 

IPG Health deals with large volumes of medical and scientific materials that are often lengthy and technical, and that include special characters that further complicate proofreading. When reviewing the documents manually, the proofreading process can be very time-consuming. Traditionally, this often led to the need for additional proofreaders at the late stages of the project development process to avoid bottlenecks while ensuring accuracy. 

Further, duplicate proofreading reviews at key project milestones were part of their standard operating procedure to ensure accuracy as projects moved through the late-stage production steps. The need for a second proofreader so routinely added a resource management challenge to the quality control process.

“We found that there were bottlenecks with regard to turning projects around and getting them back to our clients. We were coming up against these crunch times to turn around content quickly for product launches, and the manual proofreading process was slowing us down.”

  • Kyle Richards, EVP, Executive Director, Editorial, at IPG Health

The Solution: Increase Content Review Efficiency and Maintain Accuracy Through Automation 

When IPG Health first sampled GlobalVision’s automated solutions 10 years ago, they instantly noticed the incredibly accurate results it was producing proofreading files. On top of that, even at a time before the routine use of digital tools, GlobalVision products were easy enough to use to enable a broad rollout within the editorial teams. 

For over a decade, this accuracy has proven reliable, as IPG Health still trusts GlobalVision as an important component of its editorial process. 

“A lightbulb went off when we were proofreading a 35-page product package label. The manual proofreading took most of the day to complete, yet when I ran the files through [GlobalVision], it took all of 30 minutes. It caught all the errors the manual proofreader found plus two additional errors that would have otherwise slipped through.”

  • Kyle Richards, EVP, Executive Director, Editorial, at IPG Health

In many cases, IPG Health teams work with pre-approved client content that needs to be included in their materials. While there is plenty of room for their renowned creativity in other areas, in these cases they must strictly adhere to the approved language. To help with this, GlobalVision is used to ensure complete accuracy, in addition to its use for late-stage proofreading to ensure content integrity.

Kyle Richards notes that due to their text-heavy content, the Text Inspection tool is the feature they rely on most. They also benefit greatly from the built-in Spell Check and Custom Dictionaries, which proved to be extremely helpful when proofreading health-related material. Graphics inspection is also used frequently, as diagrams, charts, and visuals are commonly included in the content.

Throughout the years, IPG Health found numerous advantages of using GlobalVision’s file comparison technology but has particularly noted three main software benefits: 

  • Accuracy: Maintains accuracy of proofread documents and provides an additional layer of quality control in late-stage reviews. 
  • Time Savings: The addition of automated inspections drastically decreases the time needed to proofread lengthy, technical, health-related documents, particularly in late-stage reviews.
  • Better Use of Expertise: Provides an added layer of support and verification for editors and allows them more time to perform other high-value aspects of their role. 

Automated inspections drastically decrease the time needed to proofread lengthy, technical, health-related content. In general, it decreases proofreading times at IPG Health by about 75%-80%.

It hasn’t been just IPG Health reaping the benefits of GlobalVision, their clients have also received the benefits. Kyle Richards notes that “Clients are always looking to be more efficient with their budget. With GlobalVision, we’re able to do more work within the same time, meaning they’re getting more for their dollar.” 

“Clients are always looking to be more efficient with their budget. With GlobalVision, we’re able to do more work within the same time, meaning they’re getting more for their dollar.” 

  • Kyle Richards, EVP, Executive Director, Editorial, at IPG Health

As they are continually working to improve the efficiency of their quality control processes, IPG Health recently began implementing GlobalVision’s newest innovation in cloud-based proofreading software, Verify. During the switch to the latest software, the editorial teams noted that it was very easy and intuitive to use and that it has made proofreading even easier than before.

For a decade and counting, IPG Health has had nothing but praise for GlobalVision and the advantages it has added to its quality control workflow. When asked if he would recommend the software to others considering automated proofreading, Kyle Richards quickly answered, “Yes, absolutely. From an editorial perspective, it supports our proofreading efforts and allows us to do a challenging aspect of our role much more efficiently, which also buys us more time to tackle other aspects of our role that bring higher value to the team.”

Take the first step toward error-free content with GlobalVision’s automated solutions. Learn how proofreading software can help your quality control workflow, and start reaping the benefits today.

Through significant innovation and constant improvements, our newest algorithm makes inspections 10-30 times faster than before, bringing GlobalVision’s market-leading software to unprecedented heights, and setting a new market standard for document inspection speed.

Date: July, 2023 | CategoryCompany Author: Hana Trokic

Welcome to the next generation of compliance proofreading. 

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest cloud-based proofreading technology, Text Inspection 2. Through significant innovation and constant improvements, our newest algorithm makes inspections 10-30 times faster than before, bringing GlobalVision’s market-leading software to unprecedented heights, and setting a new market standard for document inspection speed. 

Text Inspection 2 will be available on GlobalVision’s newest, most innovative cloud-based proofreading software, Verify.  

The New Standard for Compliance Proofreading

In today’s competitive business environment, staying ahead in the market is of crucial importance for enterprise brands in life sciences and consumer packaged goods. Due to strict and ever-changing global regulations and standards, companies in these industries face continual challenges in ensuring content compliance. From product labels to packaging, promotional materials, and more, maintaining accuracy and consistency is paramount.

Verify’s Text Inspection 2, our newest innovation in cloud-based proofreading technology is not only the fastest

on the market, it also sets a new standard for compliance review efficiency.

With groundbreaking advancements and improvements to the algorithm, Text Inspection 2 has been rebuilt from the ground up with the end goal of allowing users to complete inspections with lightning-speed and unmatched accuracy. 

This new market standard in text inspections and content comparisons will empower businesses to accelerate their compliance reviews and approvals, giving them a competitive edge on the market. 

Here is how regulatory, labeling, and promotional teams can benefit from Text Inspection 2:

  • Accelerate content compliance reviews and approvals
  • Get to market faster than competitors 
  • Save costs through resource optimization

Accelerate Compliance Proofreading Reviews

While Verify’s Text Inspection 2 brings significant benefits to the end user, the most significant benefit is its remarkable speed. By leveraging the latest, state-of-the-art technology and advanced cloud infrastructure, this cutting-edge software revolutionizes the inspection process. 

Text Inspection 2 allows for inspections that are 10 to 30 times faster than GlobalVision’s previous inspection algorithm. Thanks to the complete rethinking and redesign of the core proofreading technology, users will now experience dramatically faster inspections, all while broadening their proofreading capabilities. 

Get to Market Faster

With Text Inspection 2, what used to take countless hours is now completed in a fraction of the time, enabling businesses to get their products to market faster than ever before. 

With tighter timelines and growing customer demands, this accelerated inspection capability is imperative for enterprises seeking to deliver critical products to the market faster, ranging from essential medication, to infant nutrition and more. In turn, through lightning-fast revision cycles, enterprises in regulatory industries can expect to capture larger market shares before their competitors.

Completely Optimize Your Resources 

By streamlining the compliance review process, businesses can also save costs with Text Inspection 2 through resource optimization. With faster inspections, fewer resources are required to ensure the accuracy and compliance of regulated assets. This efficiency not only reduces labor costs but also allows teams to focus on other critical tasks, boosting overall productivity and increasing the bottom line.

An Unrivaled Proofreading Solution

When it comes to competitive positioning, Text Inspection 2 is one-of-a-kind on the market

Traditional proofreading software now fall short in comparison to the vast capabilities and features of Verify’s Text Inspection 2. Certain competing solutions lack full Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) capabilities while Text Inspection 2 harnesses the power of the cloud, providing unmatched flexibility and accessibility. 

Moreover, Text Inspection 2’s lightning-fast speed outpaces other software, ensuring quicker compliance reviews and approvals. Additionally, the user-friendly and simplified interface of Text Inspection 2 eases the proofreading process, eliminating the learning curve often associated with other solutions.

The Comprehensive Solution For All Markets

While all markets and industries that want to ensure the accuracy and compliance of their content can benefit from Text Inspection 2, enterprise brands in the life sciences and CPG sectors will see significant advantages. This is due to the rigorous regulations and guidelines of their industries and their specific need for error-free content.

Regulatory Affairs, Commercial Departments involved in promotional materials, packaging, and labeling, as well as Product Development and Quality Control Teams, can all greatly benefit from this innovative, comprehensive solution. Agencies and marketing departments will also find Text Inspection 2 invaluable in maintaining consistency and compliance across their content.

Ready to Heighten Your Proofreading Experience? 

Text Inspection 2 represents a significant upgrade in compliance proofreading technology. Its unrivaled speed, state-of-the-art architecture, and user-friendly interface empower businesses to accelerate their content compliance reviews and approvals, bringing products to market faster while optimizing resources. 

With Text Inspection 2, enterprise brands gain a competitive advantage and ensure their content meets the highest standards. Yet, even as the fastest text inspection technology available today, Verify’s inspection algorithm will continue to improve over time, in both accuracy and speed, continuously offering brands only the highest quality inspections.  

To see Verify and Text Inspection 2 live in action, watch our on-demand webinar or get started today by trying Verify for free.

Verify X Veeva integration - Revision

Date: May, 2023 | CategoryCompany Author: Gabriella Naguib

In Life Sciences, Speed-to-Market is Key 

In an industry where being first to market is critical in maintaining credibility and leadership, life sciences companies that embrace digitization in content management and proofreading workflows are likely to have an edge over their competitors. 

GlobalVision provides life sciences teams with accuracy and efficiency while minimizing the resources required in the review process. Now, with a Veeva Vault RIM Suite integration, highly regulated businesses can achieve efficiency in their review and regulatory workflows while also achieving global efficiency alignment and cross-functional unification — otherwise challenging tasks for large multinational enterprise companies.

From Vault Submissions to Vault Promomats , Vault QMS, and more, Veeva tackles use cases for a wide range of life sciences stakeholders. While regulatory, promotional, and labeling teams extract much value from these solutions, Veeva and GlobalVision partnered up to address an important piece of this elaborate puzzle: the need for content proofreading. This task often spans multiple stakeholders while cross-functional approvals need to get products to market fast, without compromising quality. This challenge is especially true for pharmaceutical and medical device companies as they strive to:

  • Get critical products to market quickly and safely
  • Mitigate the risk of non-compliance issues such as recalls and sanctions
  • Protect their brand’s reputation in a highly competitive market
  • Minimize financial losses caused by errors and workflow bottlenecks

An Integrated End-to-End Quality Ecosystem

The Verify x Veeva Vault integration is the ideal solution for regulated industries that want to ensure speed, accuracy, compliance, and risk mitigation. Verify is GlobalVision’s latest cloud-based automated proofreading software which is designed to protect the critical assets produced in highly-regulated industries. Verify was specifically engineered to accommodate the rigorous demands of the life sciences industry, providing companies with the necessary tools to scale their operations and achieve long-term success. The former, along with its strict security and compliance architecture make it the ideal complement to Veeva’s digital cloud solutions, from R&D through to Commercial business functions.

The Verify x Veeva Vault integration is seamless and prides itself on simplicity thanks to its easy-to-deploy REST API technology.

Simply, it enables Veeva Vault users to securely pass files into Verify to perform inspections on critical content and graphical items, input the required annotations, and then send the working file back into the Vault to continue with their day-to-day operations.

The result? Life sciences benefit from a seamless end-to-end content ecosystem. 

Below are some of the use cases happening in the industry today. 

Simplified Regulatory Submissions 

In the regulatory space, the Vault Submissions integration with Verify enables teams to navigate and automate the extensive amounts of proofreading often needed at this stage. Using text inspection to proofread documents in any language, as well as custom dictionaries, and a built-in medical dictionary, turnaround times for regulatory submissions are significantly reduced. Moreover, the integration of platforms strengthens data integrity, allows for continuous visibility and traceability of content changes, and allows regulatory teams to work more efficiently with global health authorities.

Efficient Promotional Content & Editorial Reviews

Honing in on the promotional content use case for Vault PromoMats, the Verify integration empowers creative teams to maximize editorial efficiency by reducing the number of content revisions needed. The character-for-character text inspection coupled with the pixel-to-pixel precision graphics comparison in Verify allows creatives to focus on more meaningful work while the integration takes care of proofreading critical content. 

Comprehensive Labeling Quality Checks

Remaining on the commercial side of the life sciences product workflow, the Verify integration with Vault QMS enables teams to optimize speed-to-market. Teams involved in packaging and labeling development can seamlessly send files from the Vault directly into Verify for an automated text and graphics inspection, and then push reports back into the Vault, ensuring document versions are error-free and GxP Compliant before they go to production. This end-to-end quality ecosystem is essential in getting critical products like patient drugs and medical devices out swiftly while also protecting the end consumer. 

Across the entire quality workflow in life sciences, teams across various departments and business units can find value in integrating their Veeva Vault with GlobalVision’s Verify solution. The integrated solution not only maximizes process efficiency but also boasts a sophisticated security architecture and effortless cloud hosting.

From automating the proofreading process to saving time, and ensuring the utmost quality of documentation, regulated industries can expect to reap many benefits from this integration. Request a free Verify trial today.

Date: April, 2023 | CategoryProofreading Author: Hana Trokic

GlobalVision’s latest and most innovative cloud-based proofreading technology just got an upgrade. Verify 2023.2 is now live! 

With this latest release, users can expect a heightened and more streamlined automated proofreading experience. This upgraded version comes equipped with new features and capabilities that not only enhance the user experience but also improve the accuracy and efficiency of quality inspections. Verify 2023.2 ensures a seamless and user-friendly proofreading experience while delivering superior results.

Innovation in Proofreading Software

GlobalVision has devoted significant effort in recent years to developing Verify, a state-of-the-art cloud-based proofreading solution designed for regulated industries. This innovative technology has been widely adopted by pharmaceutical companies, consumer goods brands, and agencies seeking to streamline their proofreading processes.

Verify’s automated proofreading platform promotes efficient work processes and enables the creation of higher-quality content in record time. Its advanced features and capabilities make it a best-in-class solution for companies striving to optimize their proofreading efforts.

What Does Verify 2023.2 Bring?

One of the most noteworthy enhancements of Verify 2023.2 is its improved text inspection accuracy. The Text Inspection 2 algorithm has been improved to deliver superior inspection quality and accuracy, resulting in a smoother, more seamless proofreading experience for users. Verify 2023.2 also brings the addition of Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which will be available for a group of select users. 

Here is a detailed overview of what Verify 2023.2 brings: 

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) available to select customers:

  • OCR allows users to inspect flattened text on documents such as promotional material screenshots and supplier proofs by converting the digital image into a readable text format. 

Spell Check Improvement:

  • Ability to whitelist certain special characters in Custom Dictionaries

Several Text Inspection 2 algorithm issues have been resolved, including:

  • False positives related to underlined differences decreased by 86% on average
  • Duplicated differences showing in the Results Panel
  • Differences not being displayed in the right order in the Results Panel
  • Non-completion of certain inspections

Who Can Benefit From This Release?

While Verify caters to regulatory affairs and promotional teams across all industries, it offers significant advantages to those working in enterprise-level pharmaceuticals and consumer packaged goods.

With the addition of OCR, an otherwise high-demand feature for brands and agencies, Verify will also be extremely beneficial for marketing and advertising industries as well as promotional departments in regulated industries specifically.

Whether you are part of a creative or technical team, Verify 2023.2 is guaranteed to improve your proofreading and revision processes. Our user-friendly and comprehensive platform provides ease of use, convenience, and simplicity, making it a crucial resource for professionals across industries.

A Heightened Proofreading Experience 

With Verify 2023.2, users can expect to experience a heightened proofreading experience through many Text Inspection 2 enhancements and the addition of Optical Character Recognition.

Its advanced features and capabilities make it a powerful resource for companies seeking to streamline their proofreading efforts and increase their quality control processes. Through constant innovation, Verify 2023.2 ensures a seamless and user-friendly proofreading experience, delivering superior inspection results. 

If you are interested in a more personalized overview of Verify, request a demo here or take advantage of a free trial to discover how Verify can specifically benefit your team’s quality control processes.


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Date: April, 2023 | CategoryCompany Author: Hana Trokic

GlobalVision is not a great place to work anymore. 

Our market-leading proofreading software company was previously certified by Great Place to Work. In 2022, we received the certification as a testament to our dedication to creating a positive and fulfilling work environment for our employees.

This year, however, is a little different. 

In recent years, GlobalVision has made extensive efforts to make our organization an amazing place to work and our efforts have not gone unnoticed. In addition to gaining the Great Place to Work certification, this year, we are extremely proud to announce that we won the Best Workplaces in Canada for 2023 award. More specifically we received the 2023 award for the Best Workplace in Canada for the 50-99 Employees category.

The Global Authority on Workplace Culture

The Great Place to Work certification recognizes companies that have gone above and beyond to create an outstanding work environment. It works by surveying employees about their experiences and the environment they find themselves in Mondays to Fridays. 

The certification is a two-step process that includes a survey as well as a short questionnaire about work culture. Survey results are completely based on employee feedback about their organization. Results also offer valuable insights to potential job seekers about a company’s work culture and its efforts to keep employees motivated and happy. Results of this year’s certification have also been received extremely well, with even the Globe and Mail advertising the 2023 list of lucky winners. 

GlobalVision employees participated in the Great Place to Work survey in November 2022 and met the Trust Index score to secure certification for 2023! The Trust Index is designed to measure employees’ perception of the quality of their workplace relationships which includes their relationship with their peers, their job tasks, and with management. 

This year, GlobalVision received a Trust Index Score of 92%, increasing from 88% in the 2021 survey – a true testament to our company’s continuous efforts to keep employees satisfied.

Best Workplaces Start With Happy Employees

Over the past years, GlobalVision has made significant progress in establishing a top-tier remote-first company culture that prioritizes the well-being of its employees. The many initiatives put into place to increase employee satisfaction have proven to be extremely successful; the proof being in how employees feel about their day-to-day on the job.  

The Great Place to Work questionnaire gives critical insights for employers and employees alike, giving each an overview of the major advantages of an organization. For GlobalVision, employee responses reflect an overwhelming appreciation for flexibility, asynchronous and remote-first work, self-managed time off, and amazing work-life balance. In other words, a great company culture. 

According to a majority of GlobalVision employees, a high point of company culture was the remote-first, self-managed work and time-off policy. Employees feel that the flexibility they are given to create their own hours and schedules shows that they are trusted, that their skills and capabilities do not go unnoticed, and that micromanagement is not needed in order to complete tasks. 

There is no “one-size fits all” work process that GlobalVision employees need to follow, instead, they are free to work however and wherever they please through independent, asynchronous work. Employees feel that this leads to autonomy over their work and the ability to have a great work-life balance which is reflected in the high productivity and performance of every individual at GlobalVision. 

What’s more, the survey found that not only do employees feel a sense of pride and accomplishment in their work, but they also feel empowered to be innovative, driven, and ambitious. It helps that the open work environment allows for seamless teamwork with talented, passionate colleagues who are always readily available to help and collaborate on daily tasks. 

Yet, what sets GlobalVision apart from other remote-first, tech companies is not the endless benefits that it offers its employees. Many companies boast a long list of benefits while still struggling to find and retain top talent. What truly sets GlobalVision apart is that the entire company, from top to bottom, lives and breathes its company culture and values. 

At GlobalVision, it’s not about listing company values and benefits, it’s about actually implementing them for the overall development and well-being of each and every employee. 

Extensive efforts are constantly being put into place to ensure the benefits and freedoms given to employees remain true. From complete transparency to constant, open communication and feedback, employees notice all the genuine efforts being made to keep them happy. A winning combination for company and employee success.

Continued Efforts to be Great 

GlobalVision’s certification as a best place to work in Canada is a positive development for the company and its employees and an affirmation that a remote-first, asynchronous company culture works. It is also a recognition of the company’s commitment to excellence and its ongoing efforts to create a workplace culture that supports and empowers its employees.

As the world continues to navigate the challenges posed by market changes and uncertainties, it’s more important than ever for companies to prioritize the well-being of their employees. GlobalVision’s certification as a Great Place to Work and a Best Workplace in Canada is a testament to our company’s commitment to creating a positive and fulfilling work environment and is a model for other companies to follow.

Here’s to continuing to grow an amazing workplace culture and to one of many Best Workplace certifications! 

Want to join one of Canada’s best places to work? Check out our careers page to see our open positions and become a member of our team!


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Date: October, 2022 | CategoryCompany Author: Hana Trokic

Save the Date and join GlobalVision at our first-ever fully digital Proofreading & Quality Control Conference – The Proof.

We are extremely excited to announce that we are hosting an exclusive online event, specifically designed for proofreading and regulatory professionals in the Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences, and CPG industries. Our digital event will feature a variety of interactive sessions including Ask-an-Expert Q&A, a Fireside Chat, and expert sessions with speakers from our own GlobalVision team, Biogen, Alcon, Gilead, and more.

Here is just a sneak peek into a few sessions we have planned for you: 

  • Best Practices in the artwork to print ready workflow,
  • Breaking down the silos: Harmonizing Global Quality Workflows, and 
  • What We’ve Learned: A retrospective on vaccine packaging in the early days of Covid

We also have a very special keynote session prepared for all attendees titled “The State of Pharmaceutical Regulatory & Quality Control in 2023.” More information about the keynote speakers and event will be announced very shortly, so be sure to check our page for more information about the session.

Throughout the conference, you will also be able to gain insider knowledge on different key themes that will be the focus of our sessions. The Proof’s three key themes are: 

  • Integrity: Maintain accuracy and security to protect the business and brand integrity.
  • Efficiency: Improve process efficiency across the entire lifecycle, from artwork to print.
  • Collaboration: Drive seamless collaboration across internal and external teams.

Ready for the digital proofreading and quality control conference of the year? Mark your calendars and save the date. The Proof is going live on November 17th

Join us to discover first-hand the latest predictions on what’s to come in your regulated industries in 2023. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn from industry leaders about the best proofreading and quality control practices. Register today!

For more information, view our full agenda of events along with our speakers here.


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