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GlobalVision is thrilled to announce our participation in RAPS Convergence 2023, set to take place in Montreal from October 3rd to 5th. This event promises to be a pivotal networking and learning experience for all professionals in the regulatory industry and similar fields. 

Join us at one of the top life sciences events of the year as we engage with industry leaders and professionals, highlighting our innovative proofreading solutions while fostering valuable connections. Make sure to stop by our booth #225 during the event to gain valuable insights into our products and services and see what’s new with GlobalVision! 

Why RAPS Convergence 2023

RAPS Convergence is renowned for bringing together experts, innovators, and thought leaders in regulatory affairs and life sciences. It serves as a hub for networking, knowledge sharing, and exploring the latest advancements in regulatory science. 

As GlobalVision is a market-leading proofreading software and a top choice for regulatory experts in quality assurance, we understand the significance of staying at the forefront of industry trends. That is why we are excited to showcase our products to an even broader audience, helping regulatory professionals drive efficiency across their entire proofreading workflows and ensuring flawless critical content. 

What to Expect from GlobalVision at RAPS

As a market-leading quality control software and solution for regulated industries, GlobalVision is committed to helping organizations enhance their quality control processes. Our innovative technology helps ensure packaging, labeling, and all critical content are accurate and compliant with regulatory requirements. 

At RAPS Convergence 2023, we will showcase our cutting-edge software, offer free demos to attendees, and showcase how our innovative products, including our newest and most innovative cloud-based software Verify, can streamline quality control processes, reduce errors, and save time and resources.

Engage with Our GlobalVision Experts

Our team of experts will be on hand at our booth to provide live demonstrations of our software and answer all questions. We value every opportunity to engage with professionals in the regulatory affairs community, and we’re eager to hear about the latest and most specific challenges and needs of the industry.  

In addition to our booth presence, GlobalVision will also have an educational session and presentation during the conference. Our presentation “How AI Will Power the Future of Proofreading in Pharma” will cover the growing role of technology, specifically artificial intelligence, in the pharmaceutical and regulatory industries. 

Finally, RAPS Convergence 2023 is an excellent platform to connect with like-minded professionals. That is why we are excited to use this opportunity to network with top industry experts, share experiences, and build connections that can help drive success in the regulatory affairs and life sciences industry.

Join Us in Montreal

Mark your calendars for October 3-5, 2023, and join us at RAPS Convergence in Montreal for an incredible opportunity to learn, network, and explore the latest innovations in regulatory affairs. 

We can’t wait to meet you, showcase our solutions, and discuss how GlobalVision can empower your organization to achieve compliance and quality excellence. See you at RAPS Convergence 2023!

An Introduction to Automated Quality Control

Date: August, 2023 | CategoryQuality Author: Hana Trokic

Terms like “audit,” “inspection,” and “quality control” are prevalent in any manufacturing business. The first one refers to analyzing manufacturing organizations and processes, whereas the second and third refer to any product-checking activity.

Generally, quality inspectors do this by following a pre-established list based on certain product specifications. In fact, any type of product can be inspected, starting with just the components used for the product to semi-finished ones and (most often) the finished product itself.

According to the ISO 2859 standard – which is derived from MIL-STD 105 E – quality inspection involves activities such as testing, gauging, examining, or measuring one or more product characteristics. 

These quality inspections are usually extremely time-consuming and tedious processes that leave little room for error, due to their critical nature of ensuring product quality and safety. 

Thankfully, automated quality control is a cutting-edge technological approach that revolutionizes the way industries ensure product excellence, utilizing advanced systems and algorithms to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and consistency throughout the manufacturing revision processes. 

Want to learn more about automation, proofreading, and quality control? Read more content from GlobalVision here!

Quality Inspections – Getting Started Early 

Quality inspections in any product lifecycle should begin early. 

Starting quality inspections early in the product development lifecycle is essential to minimize errors that may arise during any stage of manufacturing, including development, production, and delivery.

This is a critical concept for product developers since identifying and addressing errors as early as possible can help reduce costs significantly. 

Various studies have shown that there is a 1:10:100 cost/time ratio among the three manufacturing categories. This means that identifying and correcting a mistake during production is likely to cost ten times more, both in terms of time and money, then if it were caught during development.

Following the same ratio, an error will then cost 100 times more to fix if it actually reaches consumers. That’s why applying quality inspection at the end of the production line is a risky move that few major companies dare to take. Big, organized, and customer-oriented companies are now focusing on inspecting earlier to prevent catastrophic consequences and save resources.

Automated Quality Control as a Solution

In order to lower the risk of errors slipping through in all stages of the quality control process, businesses are turning to technology to increase the accuracy of their inspections. Automated quality control is a comprehensive solution that not only allows all differences and errors to be found in critical content, it also speeds up inspections saving businesses time and money. 

Businesses can use automated quality control to conduct digital inspections on both hardcopy samples and digital files. This eliminates the need for manual proofreading. By using automated quality control, users can compare sample files to approved content automatically and detect any discrepancies between the two immediately.

The role of automated quality control consists of both speeding up the proofreading process and improving the accuracy of content. To learn more about automated quality control read our detailed blog post here.

How Automated Quality Control Gets Products to Market Faster

Automated quality control technology helps businesses get products to market faster without compromising quality. By automating manual tasks that would otherwise take hours to complete, this technology speeds up the entire quality control process and significantly cuts down proofreading time. In turn, errors can be detected quickly and accurately as inefficiencies like fatigue and human error are eliminated.

Some benefits of implementing automation technology in your business’ quality control process include: 

Time benefits of automated quality control

  • Eliminates hours spent searching content for errors
  • Inspects files in seconds compared to hours spent manually proofreading
  • Automatically detect all types of errors at any stage of the process
  • Achieve faster turnaround times by accelerating approvals and reducing quality delays

Efficiency benefits of automated quality control

  • Easily compare two files to detect any differences between the two
  • Identify any touchpoints within your business that are prone to errors
  • Utilize time usually spent on proofreading to bring jobs to market faster

To find out more about how automated quality control speeds up product time to market, read our blog post. 

Automated Quality Control for Increased Efficiency 

Automated proofreading software simplifies workflow processes, leading to better, more efficient processes. In order to increase productivity in the workplace, practices need to be instilled that allow businesses to get tasks completed more quickly without compromising on the quality of the work.

The implementation of automated quality inspection will enable corporations to rely entirely on digital verification while almost completely reducing and eliminating the need for manual proofreading. 

Automated proofreading eliminates the need for overly complicated processes and simplifies to only a couple of steps. Once content is created, the software inspects the entire file looking for discrepancies in the master document and the print.

Errors will be identified within seconds, with the software pinpointing all differences in the document. All that’s left is for quality control teams to make the necessary corrections, and the content is ready to be printed and published.

The software also eliminates the need for large teams to overlook proofreading processes and brings it down to just a few people and the software. Proofreading times are also heavily decreased as the software thoroughly inspects all aspects of the document finding errors that would be extremely difficult to find through manual inspections, such as those of colour, graphic, and barcode deviations

Find out more about how you can increase efficiency with automated quality control here. 

Industry Benefits of Automated Quality Control 

Automated quality control presents many benefits for diverse industries operating within regulatory markets. It not only ensures stringent compliance with regulatory standards and guidelines it also efficiently detects deviations and errors, reducing the likelihood of non-compliance and associated penalties. 

Some industries that can extremely benefit from automated quality control include: 

Automation for Pharmaceuticals 

Automated quality control benefits pharmaceutical companies by ensuring accuracy, reducing errors, and speeding up processes. It helps meet regulatory standards, brings products to market faster, and provides valuable data for continuous improvement. 

Automated inspections for pharmaceuticals have become essential to the day-to-day affairs of companies wishing to attain the efficiency and error-free work that is demanded of them. In addition to the rigorous quality control implemented on the products themselves, it is important to ensure the compliance of packaging and labeling information.

If labels and packaging components are not up to the same quality standards as the products themselves, there could be detrimental consequences to both the brand and the consumer. In this article, we explore the numerous ways that automated packaging inspections can benefit the pharmaceutical industry.

Ensure the accuracy of your critical pharmaceutical content through automation. 

The Importance of Quality Inspection in Print and Packaging

Companies needing to print in bulk will find that having a quality inspection process is extremely beneficial. Print inspection systems can provide the assurance and quality control your company needs to minimize mistakes. They will also guarantee the delivery of consistent results that will enhance your brand’s image through error reduction.

In fact, the role of quality inspection systems becomes even more vital when dealing with offset commercial printers. Given that most printing presses operate at incredibly high speeds, irregularities in the final product are more than possible, if not mandatory. 

Quality inspection software in print and packaging – as opposed to manual inspection systems – provides the necessary accuracy to achieve consistent and flawless results on a regular basis.

Modern Solution for Prepress

Modern print inspection systems consist of advanced technology that links with your printing press or web rewinder to achieve exceptional results. It works by integrating vision systems (cameras), web viewers, and high-tech software that will catch any errors in time before they are printed in bulk.

Over the years, these quality inspection systems have been developing at a rapid pace. Nowadays, you can find multiple options online at very competitive prices. In fact, given that they require little to no maintenance, one of the key advantages of implementing these non-traditional tools is that you only need to make a one-time investment. Other benefits include ease of use and operation and the ability to have more control over your result.

Benefits of Automation for Creative Agencies

Quality control systems are essential to ensuring that no content errors affect the quality of campaigns and other projects.

Built to ensure the quality of work at all stages of the agency workflow, GlobalVision’s software eliminates inefficient and costly errors that can delay projects and negatively impact client satisfaction. Manual proofreading simply isn’t accurate enough to meet the defined standards that clients expect from their hired agencies, especially when multiple departments are involved.

The various divisions of a creative agency require standardization when it comes to quality control, which is where GlobalVision’s software comes in. From ensuring the accuracy of copies and vendor proofs to graphic and editorial consistency, automated quality control elevates your agency’s credibility and inspires confidence in your clients.

Everything you need to know about automated quality control for creative agencies is right here. 

The Role of Quality Control in Consumer Goods

Automated quality control has emerged as a game-changer for the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry, revolutionizing the way manufacturers ensure product excellence. By leveraging advanced technologies like machine learning and computer vision, automated quality control streamlines and optimizes various aspects of production. 

It enhances accuracy and consistency in inspecting content, identifying defects, and monitoring the manufacturing process. 

With real-time data analysis, potential issues can be detected swiftly, reducing the risk of faulty products reaching consumers. This not only enhances overall product quality but also minimizes waste and recalls, resulting in cost savings for CPG companies. 

Furthermore, automation eliminates the need for extensive manual inspections, freeing up human resources for more strategic tasks, such as research and development, fostering innovation, and driving long-term growth in the industry. Overall, automated quality control empowers the CPG sector to deliver higher-quality products, bolster consumer trust, and maintain a competitive edge in a dynamic market landscape.

Automated Proofreading to Replace Obsolete Difference Checker Tools

According to official Food and Drug Administration numbers, the majority of product recalls are caused by labeling errors. How can companies accurately keep track of the quality of millions of products being packaged daily? It’s definitely a challenge, but that’s why proofreading is crucial in order to release products into the market with complete confidence.

Over the last 20 years, companies have come to realize that human inspection is inherently prone to error. There’s no arguing that, as safety regulations are continuously increasing, automated inspection has become the gold standard for the industry.

Early on, ”diff checker” and ”text compare” tools were the ultimate proofreading solution in the market, allowing for the comparison of characters between two documents and spotting changes in the text before they reach the printer to ensure data integrity.

With the advent of sophisticated machine vision systems and automated proofreading software, technology is progressively becoming more powerful, efficient, and easier to set up and use.

Modern text inspection tools can even generate progress reports, outlining all errors corrected for faster approval times. Meanwhile, plain old document comparison software continues to fall behind when it comes to innovation.

Read more about how automated proofreading is replacing obsolete difference checker tools. 

Automate Your Workflows for Success

Quality inspection is an essential part of every production line.

Those who do not understand how valuable they are, are not looking at the big picture. Money-wise, the cost of manufacturing a product extends far beyond the build cost, as it continues across its lifecycle, from support and delivery to warranty claims.

The one-time investment in quality inspection software can reduce future costs relating to customer support, warranty returns, and rejected or returned items. They can even add value to your company, as you’ll count on a competitive defense tool that will eventually pour more money into your pockets.

Ready to step into the world of automated quality control? Request a demo of our innovative proofreading software and see how this technology can revolutionize your everyday business practices. 

Transform your quality control processes with GlobalVision’s cloud-based quality inspection tool

A long and strenuous task, upgrading your brand is a complete journey but document comparison software is a solution that makes it that much easier.

Date: August, 2023 | CategoryQuality Author: Hana Trokic

In the world of design and communication, font plays a pivotal role in conveying the right message and aesthetics. 

Microsoft took note of this and recently made the significant decision to transform its brand through a typeface upgrade. They said goodbye to their old trusted friend, Calibri, and introduced a new default typeface, Bierstadt – now called Aptos. While this transition enhances and upgrades the visual appeal of the Microsoft brand, it also raises concerns about content errors that might arise due to the new typeface changes. 

Making big brand changes like these is never easy and as Microsoft notes, it’s quite intimidating changing a typeface that was used for 15 years. The fonts we saw on our screen for over a decade not only became a part of the brand’s visual identity but a part of the brand itself. 

A long and strenuous task, upgrading your brand is a complete journey but document comparison software is a solution that makes it that much easier. Not only does it prevent content errors, but it also ensures a seamless transition to new typefaces by automating a good deal of the proofreading process. 

The Importance of Upgrading Your Typeface 

Microsoft’s decision to transition to the Aptos font comes with a range of motivations. A refreshed font will give the company a more contemporary and uniform visual identity, aligning with modern design trends. 

Also, technology has changed significantly in the last 15 years, and the screens and computers we use today are far from what they used to be. This posed the need for a new font that was better suited to high-resolution screens and was sharp, modern, and an overall better fit for the sleek machines we use today. 

However, font and brand transitions can pose millions of challenges, particularly in maintaining content quality and accuracy. 

The shift in font styles can inadvertently introduce formatting discrepancies, typographical errors, and inconsistencies that could affect the overall user experience. This is where document comparison software steps in to maintain content integrity.

The Role of Document Comparision Software

Document comparison software, like GlobalVision, offers an advanced solution to ensure the smooth implementation of font transitions while preserving content quality. 

Here are some key ways in which it can help:

Error Detection: Document comparison software is designed to identify various types of errors, including text, spelling, image, graphics, color, print, and more. Regarding font changes –  spelling mistakes, grammar errors, punctuation errors, and formatting inconsistencies are more common issues. These errors can easily go unnoticed due to letter shape and size differences. Document comparison software’s algorithms can detect these errors regardless of font style, making it an indispensable tool in maintaining content accuracy.

Consistency Check: Maintaining consistent terminology and style is crucial during font transitions. Document comparison software detects errors and ensures that your content adheres to specific guidelines and style preferences. This is particularly important for brands that want to uphold their image consistently across various communication materials.

Efficiency: Document comparison software significantly accelerates the review process. Manually combing through content to identify errors and inconsistencies can be time-consuming and prone to human oversight. Document comparison software automates this process, allowing your team to focus on more creative and strategic tasks during your brand’s upgrade.

Adaptability: Document comparison software adapts effortlessly in the case of a font transition. It recognizes that the font has changed and evaluates the content based on the new typography, reducing the likelihood of overlooking errors due to the font switch.

Seamless Brand Transitions with Document Comparison Software

GlobalVision, a leading document comparison software, offers a comprehensive solution for businesses undergoing font transitions like Microsoft’s shift to Aptos. 

Here’s how this innovation in quality inspection software it can make the process seamless:

Comprehensive Content Inspections: GlobalVision’s advanced algorithms run comprehensive checks of files and documents. This allows the software to identify any and all errors across critical content which include various fonts. This also ensures that content remains error-free even after a typeface change.

Customizable Inspections: The software allows users to set specific guidelines and rules for content quality inspections, ensuring consistency and adherence to brand standards throughout the transition.

High Volume Inspections: GlobalVision enables batch processing, making reviewing large volumes of content effortless during any transition period. A crucial feature as seemingly infinite amounts of content will need to be proofread to ensure new changes are updates have been made. 

Effortless Collaboration: The software supports collaboration among team members, allowing them to review and approve content changes collaboratively, thus expediting the entire process.

Ensure Your Brands Integrity 

Typeface or font transitions are necessary and exciting aspects of brand and design evolution, but they must be approached with caution to maintain content quality, accuracy, and, ultimately your brand’s image. 

While it’s a heavy and time-consuming task, upgrading your brand’s image is necessary to maintain relevance in the market and stay competitive. Document comparison software can play a vital role in this process, offering a reliable solution to detect errors, ensure consistency, and make seamless brand guideline transitions. 

As companies, designers, and brands embrace changes to refresh their visual identities, the integration of a comprehensive solution such as document comparison software becomes crucial to uphold content integrity in the midst of change.

Looking to guarantee the consistency and accuracy of your brand? Take the first steps towards flawless content and accelerated time-to-market using GlobalVision’s state-of-the-art document comparison software. Begin experiencing the advantages of our cutting-edge software today.

Exploring Effective Security Measures: Safeguarding Data and Building Trust

Date: August, 2023 | CategoryCompliance Author: Hana Trokic

In today’s digital age, information security has become an utmost concern for organizations and their customers. As cyber threats continue to evolve, businesses must prioritize safeguarding sensitive data and ensuring its confidentiality, integrity, and availability. 

ISO 27001 is one of the leading international standards for information security and provides a comprehensive framework to achieve these goals. 

What is ISO 27001

ISO 27001 outlines the necessary requirements for an information security management system to follow. This comprehensive standard offers valuable guidance to businesses on establishing, implementing, maintaining, and continually enhancing their information security management system.

Achieving compliance with this framework signifies that an organization has implemented a system to effectively manage risks associated with the security of their data, including that of their customers. This system aligns with the best practices and principles outlined in the International Standard, ensuring a systematic and cost-effective approach to safeguarding sensitive information.

ISO 27001 consists of 3 main pillars:

  • Confidentiality: Only authorized persons have the right to access information
  • Integrity: Only authorized persons can change the information
  • Availability: The information must be accessible to authorized persons only, whenever it is needed

The Benefits of ISO 27001 Certification

There are many benefits of being certified. They include: 

Instill Trust for Our Customers & Prospects: Demonstrate our commitment to maintaining the highest level of security for our customer’s and prospects’ information, which builds trust and confidence in our ability to protect their data.

Improve Security & Protection of All Data: Ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of both sensitive and non-sensitive data, reducing the risk of data breaches and other security incidents. This leads to a more secure and protected environment, which is critical in today’s interconnected digital world.

Compliance with Regulatory Requirements: Our customers in regulated industries are required to comply with various regulatory requirements related to information security. This framework helps us demonstrate compliance with regulations as their supplier, providing them with confidence that their data is being accordingly.

Reduced Risk of Data Breaches: Data breaches can lead to significant financial and reputational losses for both us and our customers. ISO 27001 provides customers with peace of mind knowing that their data is less likely to be compromised.

Improved Business Continuity: The framework requires us to have a business continuity plan in place, which helps to ensure that critical business functions can continue in the event of a disruption or disaster. This helps customers maintain the continuity of their critical business activities and reduces the risk of disruptions.

Better Communication: ISO 27001 requires us to communicate our information security policies and procedures to all relevant stakeholders, including customers. This helps us improve communication between us and our customers, further promoting transparency and trust.

A Trustworthy Partner 

Always adhering to the most recent stringent measures, GlobalVision has always been committed to the protection and integrity of information to ensure that data remains protected for our users, employees, and third parties. 

With validated systems, comprehensive internal audits, and multiple verifications during the development and delivery stage, we address data integrity issues and can be counted on by all regulated companies.

This certification provides GlobalVision with yet another affirmation that proves this to be true. For highly regulated companies in the pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology, and financial services industries, ISO 27001 certification becomes a crucial factor when considering potential partners or suppliers. GlobalVision’s commitment to security strengthens our position as a market leader for continuing innovation with trust. 

More Than Just a Standard 

ISO 27001 is more than just a standard; it is also a powerful tool that helps organizations protect their information and build trust with their customers and prospects. By adhering to its three pillars of confidentiality, integrity, and availability, organizations can ensure robust information security, reduced risk of breaches, and enhanced business continuity. 

For GlobalVision, this certification is yet another attestation to its commitment to keeping customers first. Whatever their needs be, we strive to go above and beyond to offer the best and more secure services and products to our users. 

Embracing this framework not only strengthens information security but also reinforces our commitment to safeguarding the data entrusted in our care.

To learn more about GlobalVision, please visit our webpage here

See how precision meets efficiency as IPG harnesses GlobalVision's state-of-the-art technology to streamline workflows and ensure flawless documents.

Date: August, 2023 | CategoryCompliance Author: Hana Trokic

About IPG Health 

IPG Health is a network of world-renowned agencies focused on health communication and marketing. Collectively, the network is made up of over 45 agencies that are spread across six continents and 6,500+ employees driven by a company-wide obsession with harnessing creativity, technology, science, and data to inspire behaviors that fuel better health. 

IPG Health’s clients include the top 20 global pharmaceutical companies as well as countless startups, biotech companies, biopharma companies, and a variety of life science companies. In everything they do, IPG Health is relentlessly focused on doing what’s right for their clients, their brands, and their people. 

The Challenge: Keeping Content Accurate While Facing Regulatory and Time Constraints

Due to the fast-paced, highly regulated, and critical nature of their field of work, IPG Health must focus significant time and resources on ensuring the accuracy of every piece of content and creative material produced. 

Kyle Richards, EVP, Executive Director, Editorial, at IPG Health, gave us a detailed look into some of the key challenges his teams and department face in the project development process. He noted that their main goal was to deliver accurate content for their clients and a large part of ensuring that was through accurate and fast proofreading processes. 

IPG Health deals with large volumes of medical and scientific materials that are often lengthy and technical, and that include special characters that further complicate proofreading. When reviewing the documents manually, the proofreading process can be very time-consuming. Traditionally, this often led to the need for additional proofreaders at the late stages of the project development process to avoid bottlenecks while ensuring accuracy. 

Further, duplicate proofreading reviews at key project milestones were part of their standard operating procedure to ensure accuracy as projects moved through the late-stage production steps. The need for a second proofreader so routinely added a resource management challenge to the quality control process.

“We found that there were bottlenecks with regard to turning projects around and getting them back to our clients. We were coming up against these crunch times to turn around content quickly for product launches, and the manual proofreading process was slowing us down.”

  • Kyle Richards, EVP, Executive Director, Editorial, at IPG Health

The Solution: Increase Content Review Efficiency and Maintain Accuracy Through Automation 

When IPG Health first sampled GlobalVision’s automated solutions 10 years ago, they instantly noticed the incredibly accurate results it was producing proofreading files. On top of that, even at a time before the routine use of digital tools, GlobalVision products were easy enough to use to enable a broad rollout within the editorial teams. 

For over a decade, this accuracy has proven reliable, as IPG Health still trusts GlobalVision as an important component of its editorial process. 

“A lightbulb went off when we were proofreading a 35-page product package label. The manual proofreading took most of the day to complete, yet when I ran the files through [GlobalVision], it took all of 30 minutes. It caught all the errors the manual proofreader found plus two additional errors that would have otherwise slipped through.”

  • Kyle Richards, EVP, Executive Director, Editorial, at IPG Health

In many cases, IPG Health teams work with pre-approved client content that needs to be included in their materials. While there is plenty of room for their renowned creativity in other areas, in these cases they must strictly adhere to the approved language. To help with this, GlobalVision is used to ensure complete accuracy, in addition to its use for late-stage proofreading to ensure content integrity.

Kyle Richards notes that due to their text-heavy content, the Text Inspection tool is the feature they rely on most. They also benefit greatly from the built-in Spell Check and Custom Dictionaries, which proved to be extremely helpful when proofreading health-related material. Graphics inspection is also used frequently, as diagrams, charts, and visuals are commonly included in the content.

Throughout the years, IPG Health found numerous advantages of using GlobalVision’s file comparison technology but has particularly noted three main software benefits: 

  • Accuracy: Maintains accuracy of proofread documents and provides an additional layer of quality control in late-stage reviews. 
  • Time Savings: The addition of automated inspections drastically decreases the time needed to proofread lengthy, technical, health-related documents, particularly in late-stage reviews.
  • Better Use of Expertise: Provides an added layer of support and verification for editors and allows them more time to perform other high-value aspects of their role. 

Automated inspections drastically decrease the time needed to proofread lengthy, technical, health-related content. In general, it decreases proofreading times at IPG Health by about 75%-80%.

It hasn’t been just IPG Health reaping the benefits of GlobalVision, their clients have also received the benefits. Kyle Richards notes that “Clients are always looking to be more efficient with their budget. With GlobalVision, we’re able to do more work within the same time, meaning they’re getting more for their dollar.” 

“Clients are always looking to be more efficient with their budget. With GlobalVision, we’re able to do more work within the same time, meaning they’re getting more for their dollar.” 

  • Kyle Richards, EVP, Executive Director, Editorial, at IPG Health

As they are continually working to improve the efficiency of their quality control processes, IPG Health recently began implementing GlobalVision’s newest innovation in cloud-based proofreading software, Verify. During the switch to the latest software, the editorial teams noted that it was very easy and intuitive to use and that it has made proofreading even easier than before.

For a decade and counting, IPG Health has had nothing but praise for GlobalVision and the advantages it has added to its quality control workflow. When asked if he would recommend the software to others considering automated proofreading, Kyle Richards quickly answered, “Yes, absolutely. From an editorial perspective, it supports our proofreading efforts and allows us to do a challenging aspect of our role much more efficiently, which also buys us more time to tackle other aspects of our role that bring higher value to the team.”

Take the first step toward error-free content with GlobalVision’s automated solutions. Learn how proofreading software can help your quality control workflow, and start reaping the benefits today.

Our cutting-edge technology brings unmatched accuracy and speed in proofreading of critical content, ensuring compliance success every step of the way. For Inova Pharma, it has allowed them to take full ownership of quality reviews and ensure seamless product launches as well.

Date: August, 2023 | CategoryCompliance Author: Hana Trokic

About iNova Pharmaceuticals

iNova Pharmaceuticals is a global organization dedicated to the development, marketing, and distribution of a diverse range of prescription medications and consumer health products. Operating across Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and Africa, iNova serves over 20 countries internationally. 

With a team of 550 professionals spanning three continents, their goal is to provide trusted products that improve people’s health and well-being. Their diverse product portfolio includes weight management, cough and cold remedies, health supplements, dermatology, sun care, and female health products. Their products have established a legacy of over 50 years, earning a prominent place in countless family medicine cabinets.

iNova Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to delivering effective and high-quality pharmaceuticals manufactured in accordance with the most stringent international standards.

The Challenge: Overcome Inefficient Outsourcing and Complicated Revision Workflows  

In late 2017, quality teams at iNova Pharmaceuticals underwent organizational changes that allowed them to bring more control into their quality assurance processes, eliminating the need for outsourced third parties and complicated revision workflows. 

Artwork management in particular was a main area of focus. At the time, teams at iNova were working with an external studio that managed most of their artwork processes. While the studio provided a tool that allowed iNova to complete product or artwork reviews online, the tool was not managed by them directly, giving them little control over the process. 

To resolve this issue, Phil Sami, Group Operations Improvement Director was given the task to create an artwork process and workflow that was consistent and streamlined across all three regions of the organization. 

What he soon discovered was GlobalVision’s innovative proofreading software. The implementation of the system in early 2018 would allow them to bring back ownership of their revision and quality assurance processes internally and allow them to have total control of all their artwork pieces as well as changes and revisions. 

“GlobalVision is a great software to compare the print proofs and perform quality checks of the artworks.”

  • Diwas Malla, Senior Quality Assurance Associate

The Solution: Take Ownership of Quality Reviews and Ensure Seamless Product Launches with GlobalVision 

Through GlobalVision’s proofreading software, quality teams at iNova Pharmaceuticals were able to ease collaboration and once again take back ownership of their artwork management workflows. This implementation allowed them to ensure first-hand the accuracy of their files which ultimately led to faster and higher quality revisions as well as increase their overall speed-to-market for new product launches. 

Phil Sami notes that besides the additional capabilities and features that allowed the company to enhance their revision workflows while ensuring compliance, a key factor in choosing GlobalVision was that the software was FDA-approved and it was difficult to find alternatives that offered compliance packages required by pharmaceutical industry software providers. GlobalVision was the comprehensive solution for their everyday quality assurance needs and stood out as the market leader. 

“GlobalVision has been vital in artwork development as it helps pick up the tiniest of errors and differences both within text and graphics. It also saves so much time by not having to do manual proofreading.”

  • Praenisha Ramnath, Pharmacovigilance & Compliance Manager

He adds that a majority of the users are in the company’s Quality department and that the software is primarily used in the following manner: 

  • The software is used daily to run approvals of artwork that is at the final print-proof stage. A review of what external manufacturers send is done to ensure those proofs can go to production, ultimately ensuring a swift time-to-market for products. 
  • It is used to verify barcodes and ensure they are accurate and compliant. This is a critical feature for iNova’s quality team as products are not accepted if the barcodes do not pass the strict compliance regulations required by global health authorities. 
  • As artwork is sent to manufacturers and other departments, seamless team collaboration is key. GlobalVision allows quality teams and artwork planners to do quick yet accurate reviews before they send files off throughout the content lifecycle. 

“GlobalVision has been tremendously useful in decoding barcode values hence ensuring we deliver our products with GS1-compliant barcodes to our customers”

  • Gregory Pecsenya, Artwork Planner

Another crucial feature for iNova Pharmaceuticals is the software’s ability to select specific areas of a file that need to be inspected, namely, the Zoning Tool. GlobalVision allows users to pinpoint exact areas of a file, whether text or graphics, allowing for more detailed and precise inspections. 

Phil adds that this feature is particularly beneficial when working on files in foreign languages. As iNova distributes products to markets globally, quality teams must work on files in languages and alphabets that are not native to them. The Zoning Tool allows for granular inspections of foreign content and more accurate visual inspections of graphic components within seconds.

Conclusion: iNova Pharmaceutical Revolutionizes Revision Workflows

Since 2018, quality and artwork teams at iNova have been reaping the many benefits of GlobalVision and their revision processes have become imaginable without the market-leading proofreading software. As they are consistently reviewing and improving their quality control processes, iNova Pharmaceuticals is in the process of implementing GlobalVision’s newest innovation in cloud-based proofreading software, Verify, to further drive speed and accuracy in their proofreading processes.

As Verify is integrated with Veeva, another system used by iNova Pharmaceuticals, teams predict that this implementation will save additional time, approximately 2-3 min per piece of artwork, as switching between the different platforms will no longer be needed.  

In the future, iNova Pharmaceuticals plans to continue to work alongside GlobalVision, implementing and updating its software and workflows to ensure the highest quality products they have become known for, all the while guaranteeing customer satisfaction and loyalty for many more years to come. 

Take the first step towards error-free content and quicker time-to-market with GlobalVision’s automated proofreading software. Start reaping the benefits of automated quality control today.

Through significant innovation and constant improvements, our newest algorithm makes inspections 10-30 times faster than before, bringing GlobalVision’s market-leading software to unprecedented heights, and setting a new market standard for document inspection speed.

Date: July, 2023 | CategoryCompany Author: Hana Trokic

Welcome to the next generation of compliance proofreading. 

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest cloud-based proofreading technology, Text Inspection 2. Through significant innovation and constant improvements, our newest algorithm makes inspections 10-30 times faster than before, bringing GlobalVision’s market-leading software to unprecedented heights, and setting a new market standard for document inspection speed. 

Text Inspection 2 will be available on GlobalVision’s newest, most innovative cloud-based proofreading software, Verify.  

The New Standard for Compliance Proofreading

In today’s competitive business environment, staying ahead in the market is of crucial importance for enterprise brands in life sciences and consumer packaged goods. Due to strict and ever-changing global regulations and standards, companies in these industries face continual challenges in ensuring content compliance. From product labels to packaging, promotional materials, and more, maintaining accuracy and consistency is paramount.

Verify’s Text Inspection 2, our newest innovation in cloud-based proofreading technology is not only the fastest

on the market, it also sets a new standard for compliance review efficiency.

With groundbreaking advancements and improvements to the algorithm, Text Inspection 2 has been rebuilt from the ground up with the end goal of allowing users to complete inspections with lightning-speed and unmatched accuracy. 

This new market standard in text inspections and content comparisons will empower businesses to accelerate their compliance reviews and approvals, giving them a competitive edge on the market. 

Here is how regulatory, labeling, and promotional teams can benefit from Text Inspection 2:

  • Accelerate content compliance reviews and approvals
  • Get to market faster than competitors 
  • Save costs through resource optimization

Accelerate Compliance Proofreading Reviews

While Verify’s Text Inspection 2 brings significant benefits to the end user, the most significant benefit is its remarkable speed. By leveraging the latest, state-of-the-art technology and advanced cloud infrastructure, this cutting-edge software revolutionizes the inspection process. 

Text Inspection 2 allows for inspections that are 10 to 30 times faster than GlobalVision’s previous inspection algorithm. Thanks to the complete rethinking and redesign of the core proofreading technology, users will now experience dramatically faster inspections, all while broadening their proofreading capabilities. 

Get to Market Faster

With Text Inspection 2, what used to take countless hours is now completed in a fraction of the time, enabling businesses to get their products to market faster than ever before. 

With tighter timelines and growing customer demands, this accelerated inspection capability is imperative for enterprises seeking to deliver critical products to the market faster, ranging from essential medication, to infant nutrition and more. In turn, through lightning-fast revision cycles, enterprises in regulatory industries can expect to capture larger market shares before their competitors.

Completely Optimize Your Resources 

By streamlining the compliance review process, businesses can also save costs with Text Inspection 2 through resource optimization. With faster inspections, fewer resources are required to ensure the accuracy and compliance of regulated assets. This efficiency not only reduces labor costs but also allows teams to focus on other critical tasks, boosting overall productivity and increasing the bottom line.

An Unrivaled Proofreading Solution

When it comes to competitive positioning, Text Inspection 2 is one-of-a-kind on the market

Traditional proofreading software now fall short in comparison to the vast capabilities and features of Verify’s Text Inspection 2. Certain competing solutions lack full Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) capabilities while Text Inspection 2 harnesses the power of the cloud, providing unmatched flexibility and accessibility. 

Moreover, Text Inspection 2’s lightning-fast speed outpaces other software, ensuring quicker compliance reviews and approvals. Additionally, the user-friendly and simplified interface of Text Inspection 2 eases the proofreading process, eliminating the learning curve often associated with other solutions.

The Comprehensive Solution For All Markets

While all markets and industries that want to ensure the accuracy and compliance of their content can benefit from Text Inspection 2, enterprise brands in the life sciences and CPG sectors will see significant advantages. This is due to the rigorous regulations and guidelines of their industries and their specific need for error-free content.

Regulatory Affairs, Commercial Departments involved in promotional materials, packaging, and labeling, as well as Product Development and Quality Control Teams, can all greatly benefit from this innovative, comprehensive solution. Agencies and marketing departments will also find Text Inspection 2 invaluable in maintaining consistency and compliance across their content.

Ready to Heighten Your Proofreading Experience? 

Text Inspection 2 represents a significant upgrade in compliance proofreading technology. Its unrivaled speed, state-of-the-art architecture, and user-friendly interface empower businesses to accelerate their content compliance reviews and approvals, bringing products to market faster while optimizing resources. 

With Text Inspection 2, enterprise brands gain a competitive advantage and ensure their content meets the highest standards. Yet, even as the fastest text inspection technology available today, Verify’s inspection algorithm will continue to improve over time, in both accuracy and speed, continuously offering brands only the highest quality inspections.  

To see Verify and Text Inspection 2 live in action, watch our on-demand webinar or get started today by trying Verify for free.

Date: May, 2023 | CategoryCompany Author: Gabriella Naguib

In Life Sciences, Speed-to-Market is Key 

In an industry where being first to market is critical in maintaining credibility and leadership, life sciences companies that embrace digitization in content management and proofreading workflows are likely to have an edge over their competitors. 

GlobalVision provides life sciences teams with accuracy and efficiency while minimizing the resources required in the review process. Now, with a Veeva Vault RIM Suite integration, highly regulated businesses can achieve efficiency in their review and regulatory workflows while also achieving global efficiency alignment and cross-functional unification — otherwise challenging tasks for large multinational enterprise companies.

From Vault Submissions to Vault Promomats , Vault QMS, and more, Veeva tackles use cases for a wide range of life sciences stakeholders. While regulatory, promotional, and labeling teams extract much value from these solutions, Veeva and GlobalVision partnered up to address an important piece of this elaborate puzzle: the need for content proofreading. This task often spans multiple stakeholders while cross-functional approvals need to get products to market fast, without compromising quality. This challenge is especially true for pharmaceutical and medical device companies as they strive to:

  • Get critical products to market quickly and safely
  • Mitigate the risk of non-compliance issues such as recalls and sanctions
  • Protect their brand’s reputation in a highly competitive market
  • Minimize financial losses caused by errors and workflow bottlenecks

An Integrated End-to-End Quality Ecosystem

The Verify x Veeva Vault integration is the ideal solution for regulated industries that want to ensure speed, accuracy, compliance, and risk mitigation. Verify is GlobalVision’s latest cloud-based automated proofreading software which is designed to protect the critical assets produced in highly-regulated industries. Verify was specifically engineered to accommodate the rigorous demands of the life sciences industry, providing companies with the necessary tools to scale their operations and achieve long-term success. The former, along with its strict security and compliance architecture make it the ideal complement to Veeva’s digital cloud solutions, from R&D through to Commercial business functions.

The Verify x Veeva Vault integration is seamless and prides itself on simplicity thanks to its easy-to-deploy REST API technology.

Simply, it enables Veeva Vault users to securely pass files into Verify to perform inspections on critical content and graphical items, input the required annotations, and then send the working file back into the Vault to continue with their day-to-day operations.

The result? Life sciences benefit from a seamless end-to-end content ecosystem. 

Below are some of the use cases happening in the industry today. 

Simplified Regulatory Submissions 

In the regulatory space, the Vault Submissions integration with Verify enables teams to navigate and automate the extensive amounts of proofreading often needed at this stage. Using text inspection to proofread documents in any language, as well as custom dictionaries, and a built-in medical dictionary, turnaround times for regulatory submissions are significantly reduced. Moreover, the integration of platforms strengthens data integrity, allows for continuous visibility and traceability of content changes, and allows regulatory teams to work more efficiently with global health authorities.

Efficient Promotional Content & Editorial Reviews

Honing in on the promotional content use case for Vault PromoMats, the Verify integration empowers creative teams to maximize editorial efficiency by reducing the number of content revisions needed. The character-for-character text inspection coupled with the pixel-to-pixel precision graphics comparison in Verify allows creatives to focus on more meaningful work while the integration takes care of proofreading critical content. 

Comprehensive Labeling Quality Checks

Remaining on the commercial side of the life sciences product workflow, the Verify integration with Vault QMS enables teams to optimize speed-to-market. Teams involved in packaging and labeling development can seamlessly send files from the Vault directly into Verify for an automated text and graphics inspection, and then push reports back into the Vault, ensuring document versions are error-free and GxP Compliant before they go to production. This end-to-end quality ecosystem is essential in getting critical products like patient drugs and medical devices out swiftly while also protecting the end consumer. 

Across the entire quality workflow in life sciences, teams across various departments and business units can find value in integrating their Veeva Vault with GlobalVision’s Verify solution. The integrated solution not only maximizes process efficiency but also boasts a sophisticated security architecture and effortless cloud hosting.

From automating the proofreading process to saving time, and ensuring the utmost quality of documentation, regulated industries can expect to reap many benefits from this integration. Request a free Verify trial today.

How to choose a Proofreading Software blog banner

Date: May, 2023 | CategoryProofreading Author: Hana Trokic

Proofreading is a vital aspect of the content creation process that ensures the accuracy and quality of any written or graphic asset. However, it can be time-consuming and tedious, especially when dealing with lengthy, complex files associated with highly-regulated industries.   

Luckily, technology has made it easier to catch errors and inconsistencies through the use of proofreading software or file comparison technology. With its endless benefits and capabilities, this comprehensive proofreading tool makes it essential for any quality control team that needs extra reassurance that their documents are error-free.  

Yet, with so many proofreading software options available, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. Thankfully, we’ll provide you with some key features to look out for so you can heighten your quality control process and ensure the integrity of your content and products.

Let’s go into each of these features in detail.

Criteria to look out for when choosing a proofreading software


When proofreading documents, it can be challenging to keep track of all changes made to a file throughout the revision cycle. This is particularly true when working on long, complex documents or collaborating with other teams. 

Proofreading software can help ease the entire revision process by making it easier to follow all changes made to a document. That is why when choosing software for your industry and quality assurance needs, ensure that it offers features and capabilities that enhance your ease-of-use, through difference tracking that makes it easier to adjust and correct files accordingly. 

Proofreading software is ideal in these situations as it works by comparing two documents, a final master copy to a sample copy, and highlights any differences between them. It detects differences in all aspects of a file including text, color, graphics, formatting, and any other inconsistencies that may be present in the document. 

Within minutes quality assurance and revision teams can have a comprehensive report of all differences found in their document. The differences are pinpointed in an easy-to-follow format allowing teams to make adjustments in record time. All they have to do is run through the list of found differences and correct them accordingly.  

This also allows teams to make adjustments to a single file instead of multiple, which often causes confusion in cross-team and department collaboration. Every person, team, and department working on the development of a product or piece of content can be assured that all corrections are being made to the appropriate file and that no mistakes are being added throughout the process. 

Some key features to look out for that help with ease of use include: 

  • Holistic automated digital inspections: Inspects text and graphics simultaneously and compares files with different layouts, from Word to PDF to Adobe Illustrator.
  • Pixel-to-Pixel graphics inspection: Check artwork files from top to bottom including color difference, broken text, missing aspects, etc. 
  • Auto-Save Functionality: Automatically save all work to ensure documents are always up-to-date and you never miss a beat. 
  • Single-Sign-On Feature: Unify your passwords to ease the logging-in process and sign in to your account to proofread documents with ease. 

The whole process is completely automated, transforming the entire proofreading process and streamlining it to be as efficient as possible. This not only gives companies leeway to use critical resources in other areas of business, but it also gives assurance that the quality of revisions is being heightened through the addition of a single software. 


Another critical feature to look for in your proofreading software is its efficiency. How can the software help increase productivity in teams? Does it help save time, effort, and resources when proofreading content? 

It’s important to note that implementing most proofreading software into your revision cycles is sure to save infinite time, resources, and effort that are otherwise wasted on these outdated methods and practices. Unfortunately, many businesses still rely on outdated manual checks to ensure the integrity of their content and products. 

Manual checks are not only are they extremely time-consuming, but they are also unreliable due to the high chance of human error occurring. The human eye, simply cannot detect certain differences in files and artwork.

Some errors that are difficult to detect by the human eye include: 

With file comparison technology, the proofreading process is completely automated as files are holistically inspected finding even the smallest of errors. What was once impossible to detect with the human eye, or what would take additional resources and extensive amounts of time to inspect manually, is now a simple and easy inspection through automated quality control

In order to ensure that you are getting the most out of your proofreading software, make sure to also check if these efficiency-enhancing features are included in its capabilities:

These features and innovations are particularly helpful for teams working in regulatory industries, where the accuracy and consistency of documents, labels, and packaging are paramount. By using proofreading software, quality assurance, and revision teams can streamline their proofreading process, reduce the risk of errors, and ultimately deliver high-quality documents in a shorter amount of time.


File comparison technology plays a significant role in increasing the accuracy of file inspections. That is why, when choosing the right proofreading software, make sure to implement one that will increase the accuracy of your files comprehensively, not just certain aspects such as text and spelling. 

With file comparison technology, you can automatically verify printed and digital content against approved files with pixel-to-pixel accuracy, ensuring that your work is 100% accurate every time.

When manually proofreading documents, it is easy to overlook small errors, especially when dealing with long documents or multiple versions of a single document. However, proofreading software can automatically compare files, highlighting even the slightest differences between them. 

This can help revision teams quickly identify errors and inconsistencies, ensuring that all files are consistent and accurate. Additionally, file comparison technology can help to ensure that all changes made to a document have been properly recorded and implemented, reducing the risk of errors and discrepancies “slipping through the cracks”. 

Overall, the right proofreading software can significantly improve the accuracy of the proofreading process, ensuring that documents are error-free and of high quality. Look for these key capabilities that increase accuracy when choosing proofreading software:

  • Completes your quality control process: Protects your work from critical errors as it moves through the entire quality control process. From file creation to print, the software pinpoints exact differences in text and artwork for quick and easy inspections.
  • Keeps track of every important detail: Reviews and navigates through all found differences with comprehensive inspection reports that facilitate the approval process.
  • Ensures accurate content every time: Inspects content as it changes file formats to detect any errors that may have been introduced between versions.


Implementing proofreading software is your best bet if you want to simplify your cross-team and department collaboration. Therefore, it’s critical to implement one that allows for seamless teamwork. 

The life cycle of a single piece of documentation goes through many stages. From content ideation to creation, production, revision, print, and distribution, there are many different people and teams involved in getting sensitive content out to consumers. 

Because of the complicated nature of content collaboration, it can be difficult to keep track of all feedback, changes, and revisions that need to be made. This is especially true when dealing with highly sensitive documentation in regulated industries, where the risk of an error slipping through is zero tolerance. 

The right proofreading software takes this usually complicated process and simplifies it to an automated process. This reduces many risks and errors that come with manual inspections and also transforms the revision process completely. 

When it comes to content collaboration, in some cases, different team members work on different versions of the same document. Look for a file comparison technology that offers features such as team accounts, an auto-save feature, and seamless integration into your company’s quality assurance platforms. This allows teams to easily adjust, correct, and keep track of changes made to a critical file. 

By using a single account, and working on a single document, team members can quickly identify discrepancies and inconsistencies, and work collaboratively to ensure that all changes are properly incorporated into the final document. 

This helps streamline the collaboration process and ensures that all team members are working from the most up-to-date and accurate version of the document. It also ensures that the final product is error-free and completed in record time.  

These powerful collaboration features simplify and improve the efficiency of teamwork. Overall, with file comparison technology teams can focus their energy and resources elsewhere while still guaranteeing perfect files, artwork, and subsequently, labels and packaging. 

Implement Proofreading Software Into Your Workflows 

There is a lot to consider when choosing proofreading software but once implemented, it will surely be a game changer for your revision and quality control processes.

File comparison software is a valuable tool for proofreading that can simplify the entire revision and quality control process. Its innovation in proofreading allows teams to make all necessary adjustments quickly and efficiently while guaranteeing document integrity and accuracy. 

That is why it is essential that your organization choose and implement this innovation in automated quality control into your regular business practices. 

Automating your quality control processes through proofreading software reduces the risk of errors and improves the accuracy of file inspections. Additionally, the technology simplifies collaboration between teams, allowing multiple people to work on the same document and easily keep track of revisions. 

Overall, proofreading software is a powerful innovation that can save time and resources, increase productivity, and ensure the accuracy and quality of critical assets and files.

Are you ready to streamline your workflows by implementing proofreading software? Learn more by requesting a demo of GlobalVision here or try our web-based proofreading software, Verify, for free!


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Date: April, 2023 | CategoryProofreading Author: Hana Trokic

GlobalVision’s latest and most innovative cloud-based proofreading technology just got an upgrade. Verify 2023.2 is now live! 

With this latest release, users can expect a heightened and more streamlined automated proofreading experience. This upgraded version comes equipped with new features and capabilities that not only enhance the user experience but also improve the accuracy and efficiency of quality inspections. Verify 2023.2 ensures a seamless and user-friendly proofreading experience while delivering superior results.

Innovation in Proofreading Software

GlobalVision has devoted significant effort in recent years to developing Verify, a state-of-the-art cloud-based proofreading solution designed for regulated industries. This innovative technology has been widely adopted by pharmaceutical companies, consumer goods brands, and agencies seeking to streamline their proofreading processes.

Verify’s automated proofreading platform promotes efficient work processes and enables the creation of higher-quality content in record time. Its advanced features and capabilities make it a best-in-class solution for companies striving to optimize their proofreading efforts.

What Does Verify 2023.2 Bring?

One of the most noteworthy enhancements of Verify 2023.2 is its improved text inspection accuracy. The Text Inspection 2 algorithm has been improved to deliver superior inspection quality and accuracy, resulting in a smoother, more seamless proofreading experience for users. Verify 2023.2 also brings the addition of Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which will be available for a group of select users. 

Here is a detailed overview of what Verify 2023.2 brings: 

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) available to select customers:

  • OCR allows users to inspect flattened text on documents such as promotional material screenshots and supplier proofs by converting the digital image into a readable text format. 

Spell Check Improvement:

  • Ability to whitelist certain special characters in Custom Dictionaries

Several Text Inspection 2 algorithm issues have been resolved, including:

  • False positives related to underlined differences decreased by 86% on average
  • Duplicated differences showing in the Results Panel
  • Differences not being displayed in the right order in the Results Panel
  • Non-completion of certain inspections

Who Can Benefit From This Release?

While Verify caters to regulatory affairs and promotional teams across all industries, it offers significant advantages to those working in enterprise-level pharmaceuticals and consumer packaged goods.

With the addition of OCR, an otherwise high-demand feature for brands and agencies, Verify will also be extremely beneficial for marketing and advertising industries as well as promotional departments in regulated industries specifically.

Whether you are part of a creative or technical team, Verify 2023.2 is guaranteed to improve your proofreading and revision processes. Our user-friendly and comprehensive platform provides ease of use, convenience, and simplicity, making it a crucial resource for professionals across industries.

A Heightened Proofreading Experience 

With Verify 2023.2, users can expect to experience a heightened proofreading experience through many Text Inspection 2 enhancements and the addition of Optical Character Recognition.

Its advanced features and capabilities make it a powerful resource for companies seeking to streamline their proofreading efforts and increase their quality control processes. Through constant innovation, Verify 2023.2 ensures a seamless and user-friendly proofreading experience, delivering superior inspection results. 

If you are interested in a more personalized overview of Verify, request a demo here or take advantage of a free trial to discover how Verify can specifically benefit your team’s quality control processes.


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