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Forget 7. 16 is the next big thing.

This week marks the iPhone 7 launch but for us prepress folks, we’ve got something to be more excited about with the launch of Esko Software Platform 16. 16 marks the arrival of GlobalVision’s built-in technologies in Automation Engine. So what does it mean when two leading prepress software providers team up? The industry’s first fully automated quality control prepress workflow solution. Why is this a game changer? Just like Siri became a game changer with a smart personal assistant for your iPhone, GlobalVision is your smart QC assistant for Automation Engine. Don’t worry anymore about having to do manual comparisons on files, printing out files and checking barcodes or proofreading for spelling and text errors. Pass one or two files through GlobalVision and our QC assistant will tell you any problems related to your files.

Quality control workflow using GlobalVision tools

Ask, “GlobalVision what’s wrong with my files?” and GlobalVision lets you know:

“You don’t have enough quiet zone in your barcode.” – Barproof | Barcode inspection

“You’ve spelled allergans wrong.”- Spellproof | Spelling inspection

“The text from your approved document was not found in your artwork.”- Docuproof | Text inspection

“The colors are different in your file.”- Artproof | Graphics inspection

“You’ve printed something that doesn’t match the PDF.”- Scanproof | Print inspection

“This is exactly what I hoped it would do”

Suddenly, QC becomes easy, and you can view GlobalVision’s inspection reports and decide if you want to pass the artwork onto production or have it reworked in prepress. Checking for text, color, barcode, even Braille errors has never been easier.

Used to seeing it in your Esko Viewer? Not a problem, GlobalVision results show up directly in Esko Viewer and even in Illustrator through Esko’s DeskPack plugins and even in WebCenter, for your customer portal.

Brand companies can benefit too with pre-defined checks for regulatory text approvals and text comparisons for nutrition facts. The most powerful piece of this puzzle is the ability for you to build custom workflows and design these automated checks in your Automation Engine workflow to the way your company works.

You can have your customers run an automated spellcheck before sending over their jobs to you or automatically find differences in your pre-press files vs. the customer’s artwork.

You can now build in rules when errors are found within Automation Engine but If everything is fine, just continue to the next step in the Automation Engine workflow and save your reports to view later.

With the ability to run inspection in parallel and in batches, you’ve just multiplied your QC and pre-press teams.

The feedback in talking with Pre-release customers for Automation Engine 16 over the last few months has just been fantastic with comments like “this is exactly what I hoped it would do” to “this is a game changer for the pre-press industry.”

Making our customers’ lives easier, more efficient and error free is what we strive to do here at GlobalVision, and I am proud to say the teaming up of Esko and GlobalVision does just that, making the last three years of joint development well worth it. That’s why I think 16 is the next big thing.

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