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Dempsey Corporation Transforms the Label Review Process with GlobalVision

After exploring various solutions on the market, Dempsey Corporation made the decision to incorporate GlobalVision into their quality control processes. to eliminate errors and fatigue caused by manual proofreading.

See how precision meets efficiency as IPG harnesses GlobalVision's state-of-the-art technology to streamline workflows and ensure flawless documents.
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IPG Health Increases Efficiency in Document Reviews With GlobalVision

IPG Health is a network of world-renowned agencies focused on health communication and marketing. Collectively, the network is made up of over 45 agencies that are spread across six continents and 6,500+ employees driven by a company-wide obsession with harnessing creativity, technology, science, and data to inspire behaviors that fuel better health.
Our cutting-edge technology brings unmatched accuracy and speed in proofreading of critical content, ensuring compliance success every step of the way. For Inova Pharma, it has allowed them to take full ownership of quality reviews and ensure seamless product launches as well.
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Accelerating Success: GlobalVision Revolutionizes iNova Pharmaceutical’s Product Launches with Unmatched Accuracy and Speed

iNova Pharmaceuticals is a global organization dedicated to the development, marketing, and distribution of a diverse range of prescription medications and consumer health products.