Date: October, 2022 | CategoryCompany Author: Hana Trokic

Save the Date and join GlobalVision at our first-ever fully digital Proofreading & Quality Control Conference – The Proof.

We are extremely excited to announce that we are hosting an exclusive online event, specifically designed for proofreading and regulatory professionals in the Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences, and CPG industries. Our digital event will feature a variety of interactive sessions including Ask-an-Expert Q&A, a Fireside Chat, and expert sessions with speakers from our own GlobalVision team, Biogen, Alcon, Gilead, and more.

Here is just a sneak peek into a few sessions we have planned for you: 

  • Best Practices in the artwork to print ready workflow,
  • Breaking down the silos: Harmonizing Global Quality Workflows, and 
  • What We’ve Learned: A retrospective on vaccine packaging in the early days of Covid

We also have a very special keynote session prepared for all attendees titled “The State of Pharmaceutical Regulatory & Quality Control in 2023.” More information about the keynote speakers and event will be announced very shortly, so be sure to check our page for more information about the session.

Throughout the conference, you will also be able to gain insider knowledge on different key themes that will be the focus of our sessions. The Proof’s three key themes are: 

  • Integrity: Maintain accuracy and security to protect the business and brand integrity.
  • Efficiency: Improve process efficiency across the entire lifecycle, from artwork to print.
  • Collaboration: Drive seamless collaboration across internal and external teams.

Ready for the digital proofreading and quality control conference of the year? Mark your calendars and save the date. The Proof is going live on November 17th

Join us to discover first-hand the latest predictions on what’s to come in your regulated industries in 2023. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn from industry leaders about the best proofreading and quality control practices. Register today!

For more information, view our full agenda of events along with our speakers here.

Veeva R&D Summit

Date: September, 2022 | CategoryCompany Author: Hana Trokic

With live events back in full swing this year, GlobalVision is taking notes and taking full advantage. The ideal opportunity to network and gain insights into new innovations in the industry, we’re excited to be face-to-face with some of pharma’s top leaders and professionals by taking part in this year’s Veeva R&D and Quality Summit. 

The Summit will allow GlobalVision to bring our automated quality control solutions directly to life sciences professionals and showcase our file inspection technology as a leading enterprise solution. Currently, the pharmaceutical industry is being faced with a content efficiency problem that GlobalVision’s cutting-edge document comparison software can fix. At the Veeva R&D and Quality Summit, GlobalVision will showcase our platform and present our solutions, while networking and collaborating with pharma professionals to learn about the latest developments and best practices in life sciences.

Veeva R&D and Quality Summit

Venue: Hynes Convention Center, Boston, MA

Date: October 19-20th, 2022

The annual Veeva R&D and Quality Summit is bringing the industry back together in person this year in Boston. On October 19-20th, leaders and experts across clinical, quality and manufacturing, regulatory, safety, and IT will have the opportunity to connect face to face to learn about all the new innovations and progress that has been made in pharmaceuticals in the past year and more. 

This two-day event dedicated to the life sciences will attract an exclusive audience of R&D professionals, life sciences decision-makers, influencers, and many more. Key themes that will be discussed this year include, breaking barriers to advance life sciences, transforming quality management across the value chain, and enabling safety as a strategic partner, just to name a few. 

If you are interested in learning more about this year’s event, click here. 

GlobalVision as a Veeva Partner 

A limited number of partner sponsorships are offered by Veeva on an invitation-only basis. GlobalVision, a silver-certified Veeva technology partner, is very proud to announce they will be participating as a gold sponsor at the 2022 Veeva R&D and Quality Summit.

This past year, GlobalVision became a silver-status technology partner, and in doing so integrated our solutions with Veeva’s to help industry professionals solve their content efficiency problems. 

In short, GlobalVision’s cloud-based inspection application, Verify, has been integrated with Veeva Vault PromoMats and Veeva Vault RIM so users can speed up revision quality checks while ensuring any errors are quickly found. Any gaps and issues that may arise in the revision and inspection process have been solved as efficiency is now increased in the regulatory workflow. 

Through the use of GlobalVision’s integration with Veeva Vault, this partnership has accelerated the document development and approval process tenfold and ensures only the highest quality content.

Participate in our Contest!

All attendees at this year’s event will have the opportunity to try their luck at the GlobalVision booth. Stop by to meet the team, learn about our products and automated solutions, and participate in our contest. All attendees need to do is fill out our GlobalVision card to enter for their chance to win valuable prizes. Prizes include the Apple Watch 8, Airpods Pro 2, a travel Theragun, and donations to a charity of choice. 

If you are attending the Veeva R&D and Quality Summit this year, do not hesitate to drop by our booth to participate in our contest or reach out to a GlobalVision rep to set up an in-person demo.

We are excited to see you all live at this year’s event! 

Banner for How Johnson & Johnson’s Labeling Team Scaled their Quality Review Process

Date: July, 2022 | CategoryQuality Author: Gabriella Naguib

For over 20 years, GlobalVision has been helping Johnson & Johnson teams globally through the power of automation technology. Enabling automated quality checks throughout their packaging workflows is the backbone that has made this partnership so fruitful and successful. From the Consumer Health division to their internal Medical Device giant Ethicon, the nature of J&J’s regulated products makes the need for error-free packaging components an absolute necessity.

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Sarita Ranade, Business Process Lead at Ethicon, to discuss how she and her team at Ethicon have benefited since implementing the GlobalVision Web (GVW) software. GVW is one of GlobalVision’s ironclad web-based products, which allows for swift and accurate file inspections throughout the packaging development process. Sarita’s department, Worldwide Labeling, had set out to start bringing some parts of their complex labeling process in-house. With so many moving parts, the need for automation and streamlining became imminent. 

The Challenge: Inefficient and Tedious Manual Review Tasks 

Before GVW, this labeling group within Ethicon, which also extends to parts of J&J’s Depuy Synthes and BioSense Webster divisions, was burdened with the tedious task of manual comparisons between all file revisions. They now benefit mainly from the two core GVW Modules: Text Inspection, a letter for letter comparison between two files within seconds, and Graphics Inspection, allowing them to overlay two documents and highlight all changes detected. Given the complexities of their process, the GVW software offers a level of simplicity when it comes to proofreading: discard intended changes between versions and flag critical or non-intended changes for further investigation. 

When it comes to medical device labeling, each and every word must be carefully considered for any typos, insertions, deletions, location issues, and event fonts and formats must remain compliant. Sarita worked closely with GlobalVision’s Susan Proper to ensure that GVW was the right choice for her team, ensuring that the software detected all changes and that the usability met their needs. Ethicon’s samples were sent over for testing, and the Labeling team underwent a trial period with hands-on training, which ultimately informed their decision to move forward with GVW. Speed, accessibility, and user-friendliness played a significant role as the team found GVW to be fast, easy to navigate, and easily accessible through their web browser.

The Solution: Quicker Inspections and Decades of Trusted Accuracy 

Since going live in February of 2021, the team has noted two major ways in which their workflow has improved: they are able to save considerable amounts of time by running the files for a quick inspection in GVW, and they have acquired somewhat of an insurance, allowing them to focus on pressing day-to-day tasks with peace of mind that their latest working version is free of any potential errors. One of their favorite features is the Zoning tool, which allows you to inspect specific text regions while ignoring the rest of the document. 

This partnership has allowed for decades of successfully streamlined and efficient workflows and has resulted in consistently accurate packaging and labeling, eliminating the risk of content and artwork errors that can otherwise result in detrimental company downfalls. GlobalVision’s trusted line of quality inspection products has proven to be a key component in J&J’s quality mandate, and GlobalVision aims to maintain a strong partnership for years to come as it continues to offer the most cutting-edge innovations in automated quality control technology.  

To learn more about shifting gears from manual to automated quality control and what that could look like for your team, watch our on-demand webinar with Veeva: Solving Pharma’s Content Efficiency Problem.


On-demand Recording: Solving Pharma’s Content Efficiency Problem with Veeva & GlobalVision  Watch Now >
Veeva Selects GlobalVision as a Silver Status Technology Partner

Date: June, 2022 | CategoryQuality Author: Julie Meredith

Proofreading critical content accurately and at scale is a major concern in the Enterprise Pharma and life sciences industry though, currently, content and documentation checks are still mainly done manually. This is otherwise extremely tedious, time-consuming, and with a high margin for human error.

Veeva, the leader in cloud-based software solutions for the life sciences industry, and a Veeva Technology partner, GlobalVision, together have found an answer to this problem— an end-to-end solution for regulated industries to scale the creation, review, and distribution of highly critical content.

After becoming a technology alliance partner, GlobalVision advances to the Silver Certified level of Veeva’s Technology Partner Program. This is an exclusive partner tier reserved for companies who have proven, validated, and certified their Veeva integrated solutions, and have demonstrated an overall strong dedication to partnering for the benefit of mutual customers.

This partnership is exclusively reserved for companies that have validated and certified Veeva-integrated solutions. The collaboration gives customers full confidence in the leading services they are receiving, as they can explore and trust the integrated solutions offered through this Silver status partnership.  

Solving the Pharma Industry’s Content Efficiency Problem

The regulatory process in Enterprise Pharma and the life sciences industry as a whole is complicated, long, and with a high margin for human error.

With Verify, GlobalVision’s cloud-based inspection application, integrated with Veeva Vault PromoMats and Veeva Vault RIM, users can speed up revision quality checks while ensuring any errors are quickly found. Any gaps and issues that may arise in the revision and inspection process are now solved as efficiency is increased in the regulatory workflow. 

Compare and verify multiple versions of documents with GlobalVision-powered inspections that fit seamlessly into existing workflows. Securely transfer files and data from Veeva Vault to Verify, allowing users to perform fast and accurate inspections that detect text and artwork errors without having to download documents. Reviewers can also evaluate results and prepare annotated PDFs to transfer back to Veeva Vault.

Through the use of GlobalVision’s integration with Veeva Vault, this partnership accelerates the document development and approval process tenfold and ensures only the highest quality content.


Key Benefits at a Glance

  • Reduce the overall number of revisions and minimize cycle time with improved comparisons.
  • Run automatic inspections between different revisions or new layouts.
  • Easily communicate the necessary changes directly to other team members and departments.
  • Fill in the gaps in MLR, DAM, and RIM to reduce the chance of errors being created with every change or handoff.

To find out more about this Silver Status partnership and the benefits it can bring to your Enterprise Pharma and life sciences organization, watch our on-demand webinar in partnership with Veeva.

New Release GVW 3.10 Banner

Introducing GVW 3.10, GlobalVision’s latest version of the original cloud-based inspection platform. Built with the purpose of enhancing the overall user experience when navigating and reporting differences, GVW brings a new way of interpreting results efficiently.

With one of the most enhanced releases yet, GVW 3.10 promises to improve the users’ proofreading workflow without sacrificing accuracy or speed.

What’s new?

Text Inspection Embedded Difference List

GVW 3.10 upgraded the difference list format when running a Text Inspection. Users can now scroll through and see all differences within a file without having to launch a separate window.

Note: You can collapse the difference list to display one difference at a time or expand it to display six differences. You can also drag it to resize it.

GVW 3.10 also includes Difference grouping, which has the ability to merge duplicate differences into one difference, as well as Difference filtering which has the ability to select difference types appearing in the report. Additionally, while reviewing the differences users can now assign levels and comments to multiple differences simultaneously.

Upgraded Graphics Profiles

GVW 3.10 gives users a more in-depth way of selecting inspection profiles when running a Graphics Inspection allowing for a more customizable inspection.

New advanced settings have been added to increase accuracy by allowing the user to choose between low and maximum sensitivity.

Resolution and Performance

Speed has been enhanced, improving the time it takes to run Graphics Inspections. GVW 3.10 gives users the ability to adjust the resolution of uploaded files (200, 300, 400, and 600 DPI) for Graphics, Barcode, and Braille.

Further New Additions

GVW 3.10 release brings users more exciting enhancements such as:

Auto-Zoom levels:

When navigating through differences, the zoom level that focuses on the individual differences selected can be adjusted.

QuickSwitcher Update :

Saving and retrieving pre-inspection settings and markups is possible when using the QuickSwitcher, i.e when you zone your entire document and you hit inspect then use the QuickSwitcher to go back and make adjustments, you will not lose your zones.

Inspection status:

Inspection status is displayed when running inspections.

Screenshot of GlobalVision Verify Features

Date: February 2022 | Category: Company Author: Hana Trokic

Intended Changes 

Digital content creation is synonymous with the term ‘revision.’ As copy is being created, changes are constantly being made, resulting in multiple versions of a document or file. These revisions are usually communicated through various annotations such as highlights, underlines, callouts, cross-outs, comment bubbles, and many more. 

Verify was designed to point out any difference between revisions, yet, with our upgraded version, Verify 2021.4, users can now further specify whether instructions in the annotations have been executed correctly. 

Introducing Verify’s Intended Changes feature, a new way to communicate instructions from pre-saved annotations. This feature answers questions such as, “Is this an intended change or an unintended change?” and “If this is an intended change, was it executed properly?

This feature allows users to see annotations on the document as difference cards while reviewing the results after running an inspection. It further enables users to create “differences” that will show up in the report on the off chance that instructions on the annotation were not carried out correctly. These newly added differences can also include reviewer comments further explaining whether the annotation’s content is valid, if further actions should be done, or if other errors should be rectified. 

With the release of GlobalVision’s cloud-based inspection tool, Verify 2021.4, the process of proofreading is now even more integrated into the asset creation process than ever before.

Annotating files: A Deeper Look

The asset development and approval processes are non-linear and heavily fragmented. When creating a document, multiple revisions are required to get the message across. As mentioned previously, instructions are carried out in the form of annotations explaining what needs to be changed, replaced, or removed. 

How does this feature tie into ‘real-world’ scenarios? It’s simple – communication! 

Verify has extended its tools and become a platform that allows users to act on the differences detected instead of just pointing them out. In this example, the file has gone through at least two revisions, considering that one of them features an annotation instructing the graphic artist to add the number ‘2’ (change to 1,2). 

After running the inspection, the proofreader will look at the results tab and go through each one of the different cards. One of them will be the change difference as one file has ‘1,’ and the other has ‘1,2’ superscripted.

Additionally, since the difference was expected to appear (intended change) the proofreader will be able to see if it has indeed taken place.

With Verify 2021.4’s annotation communication feature, the proofreader can manually add an annotation difference by singling out the ‘1,2’ and confirming that the instructions were applied.

How are we communicating changes?

Once the proofreader confirms whether the instructions have been followed, they can enter a comment in the new annotation card that gets added to the difference list, as explained previously.

Verify 2021.4 has predefined comments in a dropdown menu that the user can choose from, be it ‘approved’ or ‘rejected. If the context in which the instructions in the annotations do not fit one of the offered options, the user can simply enter their own comment. 

What Else Is New in Verify 2021.4?

Full Page Graphic Compare

Users can now run an image comparison on the entire page of the uploaded document by checking a box instead of manually zoning all pages.

Communication of Graphic Differences

This feature allows users to manually create annotations around the actual differences within a graphic region in the results tab. These new annotations allow users to comment on all differences within a graphic zone to pinpoint them accurately.

Medical Dictionary

English languages now have the option that includes a medical dictionary when enabling Spell Check.

Navigating through Grouped differences

When navigating a duplicated difference, arrows can be used to review all duplicates easily.

Run fast and accurate inspections throughout your file creation and approval process by using Verify.

Verify 2021.3 New Release

Date: October 2021 | Category: Company | Author: Fouad Noujaim

Introducing Verify 2021.3, the latest version of GlobalVision’s web-based inspection application. Built to deliver a more intuitive user experience, Verify optimizes inspections by catching deviations at every revision point.

This release includes new improvements and features that enable connectivity to the platform and enhance the flexibility of performing accurate Text and Graphics inspections by expanding the tools available to the user in order to better prepare their files.

New features include Marquee Zoning, Shifted Graphics, and the ability to generate a public API key for a seamless integration process.

A new way of performing partial inspections: Marquee Zoning

The new and much anticipated Marquee Zone is here. The Marquee tool gives users the ability to select text independently from the document’s reading order, by highlighting text using a free-hand selection.

Verify 2021.3 New Release display

The update itself comes into Verify as an enhancement to the existing Zoning tool. The newly rebranded Zoning tool is now known as Text Select, and has the ability to select text following the existing reading order on the document. The benefit of the tool is that it will automatically find the corresponding text on your new document. However, if the text is impossible to select, you can now use Marquee Zoning to choose the text you need to inspect.

Text Select:

Verify 2021.3 tools

Verify 2021.3 New Release walk through


Verify 2021.3 New Release display

Shifted Graphics – Match artwork on different pages

Another update is the introduction of the ‘Shifted Graphics’ feature which now allows for inspection of files with different layouts. This enhancement provides users with the ability to inspect images that are not located in the same positions on the Source and New File.

Verify 2021.3 New Release screenshot

The ‘Shifted Graphics’ works by placing an anchor point on the Source file indicating a point of reference on the artwork being inspected and placing another anchor point on the New file to automatically create a match.

This new feature allows the graphic zone to be moved with accuracy even if the Artwork is on an entirely separate page.

Exponential Zoom and Spacebar Panning

Additional features have been added to simplify the use of Text and Graphics zoning while prepping a file for inspection.

Exponential Zoom

The ‘+’ and ‘–’ zoom buttons now change the zoom level exponentially making it easier to zoom in and out of the document. This can be tied with the Shifted Graphics feature allowing the user to position their anchor point much more accurately.

Verify 2021.3 - How to use.

Space Activated Pan

Clicking the spacebar while a prep tool is selected now activates the panning tool. Now, instead of clicking out of a tool in order to move the file around, you can simply use the spacebar to switch between cursors.

Public APIs

Additionally, this release features the much-anticipated integration capabilities.

Verify 2021.3 Public API Setting tool

Our APIs allow customers to seamlessly connect Verify with their Artwork Management Systems and other platforms, allowing them to run quality inspections directly within the asset development process. This allows for a secure transition between products to further streamline user workflows.

Access your API key in My Account > Settings > API Key.

Once the API key is generated, it can be pasted in the third-party app.

For the full list of features, check out the release notes for 2021.3.

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GlobalVision features and main inspection apps banner graphic

Date: June 21, 2021 | Category: Company | Author: Kayla Caticchio

For companies in regulated industries, strict labeling and packaging requirements must be adhered to at all times. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in many issues like market delays, complaints, and even recalls.

Despite entire quality control departments dedicated to proofreading labels and packaging components, there are many factors that can contribute to letting an error slip by unnoticed. Manual proofreading can be slow, inefficient, and prone to human error, especially when there are multiple product lines and hundreds of SKUs to manage. Automated quality control software, like GlobalVision, helps businesses stop critical errors while eliminating the inefficiencies that come with manual proofreading, so they can get products to market faster without compromising quality. Read more

Date: December 1, 2020 | Category: Company | Author: Kayla Caticchio

Improved Performance and Enhanced Stability with GlobalVision Desktop 5.8.2

GlobalVision’s latest validated release boasts several exciting features to improve performance and increase stability for desktop users. Desktop version 5.8.2 addresses several bug fixes while providing users with new features to create the most seamless inspection process yet. Notable features in this release include new language preferences for users, UI and Text Grouping features, and a new Installer Update. Read more

Illustration of different people working on their computers in different windows

Date: April 21, 2020 | Category: Company | Author: Kayla Caticchio

A special note from Reuben Malz, Founder and CEO of GlobalVision

Not everything is broken

It’s during times like these that we must look at our situation from all perspectives.

Just because everything looks dark, doesn’t mean that there is an absence of light.

Yes, many things we took for granted in our personal and working lives have come to an abrupt halt. Even our freedoms have been reduced.

However, not everything is broken. 

The supply of energy like gas for your car and electricity for your home has never been interrupted. The internet, cloud, and Netflix are working, but maybe a little slower. Cell phones. Facetime, Facebook, and Twitter still work. The food supply chain is intact. Farmers are working, greenhouses are growing vegetables, and soon seeds for the fields will be planted. In short order, all the store shelves will be replenished after the buying frenzy abates. The sun still rises and sets every day. 

Not everything is broken, but change is occurring at lightspeed. We have no choice but to give in and adapt to it. The office, the plant, the conference room, trade shows, and meetings have become uprooted and relocated – to your house. 

Services and products still need to be delivered as consumption continues. The way it’s done has just gone remote.

We must be grateful that technology is sufficiently advanced for us to jump tracks. These technologies are what allows us to work from home and ensure that services and products are being delivered.

I remember a time when the internet was born and many companies didn’t trust it with their corporate assets. Everything remained in hardcopy form for many years. It was believed that anything on the world wide web was visible to the world. We think back and laugh. It seems so silly now.

Now, we’re moving to the cloud and working remotely for the first time. We’re still in the early days, but working, schooling, and entertainment is on a rapid evolutionary track. Yes, it was happening anyway, but the world has been forever changed. 

When we arise from this chaos, everything will have changed. But not everything will be broken.

Welcome to the cloud, earthlings!

Reuben Malz

April 2020


Remote work tips from our kitchen table to yours

There’s something comforting about Reuben’s message in a time when the world is noisier than ever. His message reminds us to cut through the noise and focus on the potential for growth and evolution in the midst of a worldwide standstill. Though it may not seem like it, these unprecedented times have created an opportunity to use social isolation to our advantage. Beyond Netflix-binging and the endless DIY projects we’ve been putting off, this time can be utilized by stepping back and benefiting from more focused work.

The team here at GlobalVision has put together 5 of our best tips to help stay productive and make the most out of remote work.

1. Use this time to evaluate your current strategy

Illustration of a guy going through his checklist

From product planning to long-term strategy building, being away from the hustle and bustle of the office can create a quiet environment to focus on your team and company growth. With the world changing the way it does business across all industries, now is the perfect time to start planning how you’re going to implement the changes you’ve been thinking about. Maybe it’s dreaming up a new product feature, or implementing a quality control software, using this pause in time to plan for the future is never a bad idea.

Illustration of a girl checking her messages on her smart phone

2. Use technology to stay connected

At GlobalVision, we pride ourselves on being collaborative in many ways. Every product, new feature, and piece of content we put out into the world has touched multiple departments within our walls. And it’s no different when it comes to our digital walls. We’re lucky to be in an age where technology is so available to help us with our daily tasks. There are tons of great softwares out there to help facilitate communication between team members and departments. Our favorites include Slack, ZOOM, and Google Hangouts (especially for those after-work virtual cocktail hours). We also suggest a collaborative database like Airtable to help keep track of projects and eliminate any blockers in the workflow. These platforms provide project visibility and make it easier to collaborate with others. Bonus – they’re also great for sharing memes and pictures of your pets.

3. Continue with (or introduce) team meetings

An illustration of a guy chatting through zoom.

Team meetings (virtual of course) are a great way to highlight key areas of focus for the week ahead. The frequency of these meetings depends on your team’s unique needs, but the majority of us at GlobalVision find that having a check-in every week or every few days helps everyone stay on track. Team meetings also allow each member to pinpoint personal goals while keeping track of how everyone is progressing with their projects. They’re a great way to give feedback and boost morale by encouraging others. If standup meetings aren’t something you’re used to, remote work might be a great time to test them out! 

Illustration of a girl going through her checklist on a PC

4. Stick to a routine

Creating a ‘work-from-home’ routine is a key factor in ensuring productivity while away from the office. Since the morning commute now consists of moving from the bed to the kitchen table, there’s no more sitting in traffic each morning mentally preparing yourself for the day ahead. We find that diving into your to-do list early in the morning helps the mind wake up and puts us into a work-based mindset. By structuring your day down to the last task, you’re fully committing yourself to your projects while minimizing distractions. Be sure to schedule some break time as well.

5. Take regular breaks

Illustration of an office with an orange chair and a desktop computer

Our final tip is to take regular breaks that allow you to reset and refocus your mind. Have lunch and coffee breaks away from your computer, and schedule some time to call or video chat a friend. Give your colleagues clear indications of when you are and aren’t available to answer messages and emails (and be sure to respect their availability as well). There’s nothing wrong with snoozing message notifications for a while if you need some time to recharge. Finally, we suggest letting others know your preferred method of communication, whether it be instant messaging, email or phone calls. This helps avoid the frustration of not having messages replied to in a timely manner.

We hope these tips have given you some inspiration on making the best out of this remote work situation. We encourage you to not lose sight of accountability and motivation even when times are tough. The human ability to adapt to new situations is incredibly important in times of crisis. Use this time to lock in a vision and direction for your team and company, and make sure you use all the tools at your disposal to communicate these goals thoroughly.

During this time, GlobalVision is committed to helping our customers account for the surge in remote work. For more information regarding our 60-day free license offer, contact us.