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How Does Automation Improve the Quality Control Process?

Date: June, 2022 | Category: Quality | Author: Hana Trokic Quality is defined as “the standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something.” Yet, while all businesses and companies want to create quality products and services, getting there is no simple task. Like all good things, quality takes […]

Eight Ways Automated Quality Control Can Improve Packaging

Date: May, 2022 | Category: Quality | Author: Hana Trokic They say never judge a book by its cover, but let’s be honest, we always do. The way something appears to us initially impacts our feelings towards it drastically, and it’s no different when it comes to product packaging. While packaging doesn’t necessarily determine the quality of a […]


Comparing Document Management Cost, Security and Efficiency

Date: April, 2022 | Category: Proofreading | Author: Hana Trokic Most, if not all, companies have one thing in common: they want to be successful. And while the road to success might look different from company to company, there is an underlying factor that can be easily tracked and quantified that shows how a company is performing; results. […]


Five Reasons Why You Should Use File Comparison Tools

Date: March, 2022 | Category: Proofreading | Author: Hana Trokic Turning to digital tools is essential in any modern-day business. It allows companies to stay on top of new trends and competition while also allowing for increased productivity and efficiency in workflows. As technology continues to develop and advance, almost every aspect of our daily lives is becoming infiltrated […]

New Release: GlobalVision Web 3.10

Introducing GVW 3.10, GlobalVision’s latest version of the original cloud-based inspection platform. Built with the purpose of enhancing the overall user experience when navigating and reporting differences, GVW brings a new way of interpreting results efficiently. With one of the most enhanced releases yet, GVW 3.10 promises to improve the users’ proofreading workflow without sacrificing […]


The Importance of a File Comparison Tool for Businesses

Date: March, 2022 | Category: Proofreading | Author: Hana Trokic What location, location, location is to property, content, content, content is to most product and service-based companies. Without well-constructed copy and content, how can businesses be sure that the information and messages they want to project are being heard loud and clear?  To put things into perspective it […]

Verify 2021.4 – Annotation blog

Date: February 2022 | Category: Company | Author: Hana Trokic Intended Changes  Digital content creation is synonymous with the term ‘revision.’ As copy is being created, changes are constantly being made, resulting in multiple versions of a document or file. These revisions are usually communicated through various annotations such as highlights, underlines, callouts, cross-outs, comment bubbles, […]

How Automated Proofreaders can Increase Productivity

Date: February, 2022 | Category: Proofreading | Author: Hana Trokic In today’s fast-paced working environments, one of the top business priorities on everyone’s mind is, “how can we increase productivity?” Everybody is looking for the golden formula that will allow companies to do more for less all the while not compromising on the quality of work processes and […]