Drupa 2024: 4 Key Learnings from Week 2

Date: June, 2024 | CategoryCompany Author: Myka Luchuk

After a whirlwind few weeks at Drupa, exhibitors and attendees can breathe a sigh of relief thanks to a successful show, full of new leads and fresh insights. With teams returning to their regularly scheduled routines, it’s important to reflect on key learnings and put them into practice moving forward.

Here are 4 of our key takeaways from Drupa 2024:

Automated Inspection Solutions Aren’t Just a “Nice to Have”; They’re a Necessity 

Our team discovered early on that a driving motivation for many attendees was to find ways to make their print and packaging journeys more efficient. Automated inspections play a huge role in aiding print and packaging companies by taking away the need for manual inspections, eliminating costly errors, and getting to market faster than ever. 

At Drupa, we showcased our integrated automations through our partnership with Esko. Esko Automation Engine and Esko WebCenter help to bridge the gap for efficiency in the artwork management system through automated text and graphics compare tools, automated barcode and braille inspection tools, spell check in 37 global languages, and the ability to review annotations directly from the Esko WebCenter.

Customer Feedback Should Drive Product Development

We met with many of our current customers, as well as many new prospective clients at Drupa 2024. What we learned is that our current customers have been very happy with our ability to solve their current inspection needs, but as companies look to scale up, their needs expand. 

From this, we have taken note of what will make our products better, and more applicable to our customers. Some of these requests have included plate inspection, UV print inspection, inline PDF spot checking, crease/fold measurement, and more. 

This is the most valuable feedback to receive, as it ensures that our customers remain happy and that our products continue to be industry-leading. 

The Value of Networking Opportunities 

With attendees from around the world, it’s easy to get excited about the potential for new customers. However, Drupa is not only a prime event to generate fresh leads, it’s also a prime networking event with thousands of industry professionals attending from all over the globe. Some of the best insights, feedback, and conversations happened through intentional conversations with leaders in the print and packaging industry – a valuable asset for advancing our processes into the future.  

Although it might not make a flashy sale on the spot, you never know where a networking opportunity may lead down the line.

Companies are Looking for Advancements in Braille Inspections

GlobalVision’s new braille inspection software gained the attention of many attendees at Drupa 2024. Since braille has become mandatory on all pharmaceutical products in Europe, braille inspections have posed challenges to the print and packaging industries. This includes slowing down efficiency in production and approvals processes, increasing subjectivity and human error in manual inspections, increasing cost due to slow inspection speed, limiting options for scalability and increasing compliance risks.

What we learned is that previous solutions for measuring braille height haven’t fully met the growing need for detailed braille height inspection – until now, with Detailed Braille Height Inspection. This product is 10x faster and more cost-effective than other braille solutions, along with other features that made it a hit at Drupa.

GlobalVision isn’t done yet! Take a look at where we are still headed in 2024