What to do when you find spelling errors in your print job

Errors in packaging components arise all the time and are part of the game. They are unavoidable. But what is a surprise to most people, is that spelling mistakes are the most common.

The largest investment in error avoidance include expensive inline web inspection systems, cameras, scanners and most of all, countless hours in manual proofreading time to painstakingly inspect the job. Almost no investment dollars are ever invested to ensure the text copy is free of spelling mistakes. As well, there is hardly any manual proofreading time spent on spellchecking.

“We just received the shipment of our print job and there is a spelling mistake!”

If this wasn’t bad enough, just ask whose responsibility it is.

The customer may be contracting out the development of the copy, and assume spellchecking is done at that time. Internally, no one will be raising their hand.

Why? Because there are so many companies and their professionals in the downstream supply chain, that surely spellchecking must be done by someone.

The truth is, spellchecking is an orphan in most organizations.
This actually should not be surprising at all for the obvious reasons.

  1. It is a detailed, painstaking and boring task
  2. Many technical words are complex and long in characters
  3. Foreign languages pose a significant barrier
  4. No one is willing to pay for it
  5. If there is a spelling mistake, we simply blame the printer.
  6. We live with the error and hope it doesn’t happen again
  7. The printer offers a discount to remedy the situation

This is why spelling mistakes plague so many printed packaging materials.

Misconception #1 – Spelling errors,
 is part one in a five part series about the misconceptions in packaging quality control. Visit our blog next week for Misconception #2 – The Printer’s Proof.

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