5 Tips To Get the Most Out of Drupa 2024

Date: May, 2024 | CategoryCompany Author: Hana Trokic

Are you ready to join GlobalVision in creating the future of print technology at Drupa 2024? 

If you’re planning to attend the world’s leading trade fair for print technologies in Düsseldorf , Germany this year, you don’t want to miss out on all of its amazing opportunities for networking, learning, and business growth. A two-week long event, Drupa has a jam-packed program filled with keynote presentations, talks, and sessions covering everything you need to know about print. 

Drupa only happens once every four years so plan ahead to make sure you’re making the most out of it! Thankfully, GlobalVision has compiled a list of 5 top tips to make this year’s Drupa experience unforgettable.

1. Explore the Full Program

From May 28th to June 7th, Drupa will be offering a rich program including seminars, workshops, and special forums focusing on the latest Print industry trends. Everything from  print, packaging, labeling, graphic design, AI and innovative technologies in the printing industry will be covered to give attendees deep insights into current trends and the future of print technologies.

A Drupa 2024, attendees can listen to sessions in the following forums or touchpoints:

  • Drupa Cube: discover a pioneering conference program that presents the latest developments in the print and packaging industry.
  • Touchpoint Packaging: presents proven and innovative new concepts by leading experts from all areas of the value chain and offers the opportunity to explore the latest developments in packaging design and production.
  • Touchpoint Textile: dedicated to an innovative, fully connected production chain: from design to finished product in various forward-looking areas and business models of the textile industry.
  • DNA – Drupa Next Age: opens the doors to innovative ideas, pioneering technologies and up-and-coming talents. Experience how young talents and start-ups are revolutionizing the print industry.
  • Touchpoint Sustainability: this special forum communicates challenges, solutions and visions for more sustainability in the entire printing and paper industry in a transparent, company-independent and constructive manner.

This year has also announced some amazing keynote speakers from:

  • Vicky Pryce – a leading economist working on UK, global and Eurozone issues
  • Rory Sutherland – Vice Chairman at Ogilvy and one of the world’s most respected marketing thinkers
  • Mark Maslin – Professor of Earth System Science at UCL and the Natural History Museum of Denmark
  • James Loudon – Managing Partner at Asia Growth Partners and a seasoned business ecosystem developer and program builder
  • Calvin Lakhan – PhD at York University, Toronto and a specialist in the field of environmental resource management and economics 

Don’t Miss These Session 

With so much to do and see, unfortunately this means you won’t be able to attend all sessions at Drupa 2024. That being said, there are some you definitely do not want to skip. Keep an eye out for the following Keynote sessions:  

Rory Sutherland: There’s a reason we call it Cheap Talk – Print costs more than pixels – and that’s why it works so well!

    • Forum: Drupa Cube
    • Date: May 30th 2024 
    • Time: CET 10.45 – 11.45
    • Location: Hall 6  

Vicky Pryce: Global Economic Trends and What the Future Holds

    • Forum: Drupa Cube
    • Date: May 28th, 2024 
    • Time: CET 11.15 – 12.15
    • Location: Hall 6  

James Loudon: Hyper Local Still Global – Asia as a Source of Growth and Innovation

    • Forum: Drupa Cube
    • Date: June 4th, 2024 
    • Time: CET 10.45 – 11.45
    • Location: Hall 6  

Dr. Calvin Lakhan: Sustainability is Not a Universal Language

    • Forum: Drupa Cube
    • Date: June 6th, 2024 
    • Time: CET 10.45 – 11.45
    • Location: Hall 6  

The full Drupa 2024 program can be found here. 

Make sure to review the event schedule beforehand to plan your days effectively. This allows you to attend key presentations and still have time for networking and exploring the exhibition. 

2. Use the Networking Opportunities

Drupa is not only a prime event to expand your knowledge about the Print industry and its specific needs, it is also a prime networking event with thousands of industry professionals attending from all over the globe. 

Every single exhibitor will have networking opportunities at their booth while dedicated areas will be set up throughout the exhibition hall where attendees can sit, talk and exchange experiences while learning more about products and services that are helping shape the future of the Print industry.  

To better prepare yourself, make note of exhibitor booths you would like to visit and where their booths are located. 

You can find the entire Drupa hall plan here. 

Experience Drupa 2024 with GlobalVision 

GlobalVision is going to Drupa 2024 and we want to share this year’s experience with you! To show how excited we are, we’re offering special benefits for all Drupa attendees.  

Book a personalized demo to see firsthand how we are enhancing quality control in the Printing industry while taking advantage of our Drupa discount of up to 20% off your GlobalVision license. 

Demos can be booked for the following products, services, and capabilities: 

  • Print Inspection System (GVD)
  • Cloud PDF & Proof Inspection
  • Esko AE Tickets: Artwork, Barcode, Spell, Text 
  • Esko WebCenter Digital Inspection
  • Braille Height Inspection
  • Barcode Decode & Quality
  • Spell Check
  • Text Inspection
  • Counting System for Inserts, Cartons, Vials
  • Large-format Scanners for Full Press Sheet Inspection

Spaces are limited, so be sure to secure your spot by booking your demo today. Don’t miss the opportunity to get GlobalVision’s market-leading proofreading software at a discounted price. We will also be giving away two free GVD licenses for 6 months live at the event. Be sure to visit our booth, Stand #8BC32, Hall 08B, to take part in our draw and test your luck!

3. Dress the Part 

When dressing for Drupa 2024, it’s important to take into consideration the long hours of the daily programs as well as the fact that the event is 2 weeks long!  

Because of this, make sure to pack enough clothing to have in your Drupa rotation and make note to balance professionalism with comfort, considering the extensive walking and networking you will be doing on a daily basis. Opt for business casual attire that reflects professionalism yet allows for ease of movement around the large exhibition space. As the event is being held in the warmer months, choose natural, breathable fabrics that do not wrinkle easily to help you look your best. 

It is also important to think about your choice of footwear for Drupa 2024! #Drupashoes are a thing for a reason so be sure to wear comfortable, supportive shoes as you will likely be on your feet for long periods. Bring at least three pairs that you can rotate throughout the event, ranging from dress shoes to smart sneakers. This will help alleviate the stress on your feet and will keep you walking for miles throughout the exhibition hall. 

4. Pack the Daily Essentials 

With thousands of exhibitors showing their products and services you want to make sure you have the energy to see them all! 

Every day, before you head to the exhibition hall, be sure to pack some essentials that will help you get through the day. For starters, always make sure to have a water bottle on hand that you can fill up throughout the day to keep you hydrated. Also, be sure to pack some light snacks that are easy to carry like granola bars, crackers, or dried fruits and nuts – these will come in handy during the long days and will help satisfy your hunger in between meals.  

Some other practical things to pack include hand sanitizer – to ward off any germs that may come your way, and breath mints – to ensure your breath is fresh for every impromptu business-changing conversation you might have during the event.

5. Explore the City of Düsseldorf 

While the main focus of your trip might be the trade fair, taking some time to explore Düsseldorf and have some fun outside of the exhibition hall can really help enhance your experience! The city offers various cultural attractions, dining, and shopping options that are all ready to be discovered.

For a leisurely day, take a stroll along the Rheinuferpromenade, a scenic riverside walk that leads to the bustling Altstadt (Old Town), renowned for its traditional Altbier, a dark beer that’s brewed locally. Shopping lovers will find Königsallee, also known as “Kö,” ideal for luxury shopping or browsing. For those interested in architecture and panoramic views, the Rhine Tower offers an impressive outlook over the city and beyond. 

If you’re a coffee connoisseur or a foodie, don’t forget to stop by some of the local cafes or top restaurants for a caffeine kick or bite to eat while enjoying the social atmosphere of Düsseldorf.

See you at Drupa 2024

Drupa 2024 is quickly approaching and we can’t wait to see you there! Mark your calendars for May 28th to June 7th and join GlobalVision in Dusseldorf, Germany at the world’s leading trade fair for print technologies.

We can’t wait to meet you, showcase our products and solutions, and show how GlobalVision is creating the future of printing technology by empowering organizations to achieve excellence in quality control through mistake-free printing. 

See you at Drupa 2024!