Introducing Our Latest Release: Verify 2023.1

Date: February, 2023 | CategoryProofreading Author: Hana Trokic

Ready for a new, heightened Verify experience? 

Our first release of the year is here! Verify 2023.1 makes automated proofreading even more effortless than before. This new release boasts new features and capabilities that enhance the overall user and admin experience, ensuring complete ease of use while increasing the accuracy and efficiency of your quality inspections. 

Verify, Our Cloud-Based Proofreading Software

Verify is cloud-based proofreading reinvented that ensures error-free content with the utmost ease of use. With Verify’s automated proofreading platform, you can streamline your work processes and produce higher-quality content in record time.  

What to Expect From Our Latest Release 

Verify 2023.1 includes new advancements that will heighten ease of use, security, and accuracy. Verify 2023.1 Release Blog Post

The most impactful feature of this release is the introduction of SSO (Single Sign On), which enables users to securely authenticate with multiple applications by using just one set of credentials. The following SSO platforms will be supported: Azure, Okta, and Ping Federate. SSO also removes the overhead of managing the software, reduces security concerns, and minimizes the risk of implementing the software.

Additionally, this latest version broadens the capabilities of Text Inspection 2 and allows for smarter difference grouping which results in fewer false positives when reviewing results.

Verify 2023.1 Release Blog Post

Here’s what to look forward to with Verify 2023.1 

  • Single Sign-On for Improved Security
  • Enhanced Text Inspection 2 Functionality:
    • Text Select and Marquee Zones
    • Ignore Text Zones and Ignore Pages
    • Formatting differences including bold, italic, and underline
    • Less False Positives with Meaningful Difference Grouping

Who Can Benefit From This Release?

While Verify is built for regulatory affairs and promotional teams in all industries, Verify will prove to be especially beneficial for those working in the enterprise pharmaceutical, consumer packaged goods, as well as marketing, and advertising industries. 

Whether you work in a creative or more technical department, Verify 2023.1 is sure to heighten your proofreading and revision processes. Through ease of use, convenience, and simplicity, our all-encompassing comprehensive platform is a valuable tool for all professional teams. 

Heighten your Proofreading Experience

Our new capabilities were built with the end user in mind to ease their everyday proofreading and quality control processes. 

Whether you are saving time and increasing security through our Single Sign On feature or are enjoying fewer false positives and a more streamlined inspection process, Verify 2023.1 brings you an overall enhanced proofreading experience. 

If you are interested in a more personalized overview of Verify and how it can help your team specifically, request a demo here or take advantage of a free trial today.

Make the switch to automated quality control and discover how Verify can streamline your workflows and benefit your team’s overall quality control processes.


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