Verify x Veeva Vault: Empowering Promotional, Regulatory, and Labeling Teams in Life Sciences to Maximize Content Efficiency

Verify X Veeva integration - Revision

Date: May, 2023 | CategoryCompany Author: Gabriella Naguib

In Life Sciences, Speed-to-Market is Key 

In an industry where being first to market is critical in maintaining credibility and leadership, life sciences companies that embrace digitization in content management and proofreading workflows are likely to have an edge over their competitors. 

GlobalVision provides life sciences teams with accuracy and efficiency while minimizing the resources required in the review process. Now, with a Veeva Vault RIM Suite integration, highly regulated businesses can achieve efficiency in their review and regulatory workflows while also achieving global efficiency alignment and cross-functional unification — otherwise challenging tasks for large multinational enterprise companies.

From Vault Submissions to Vault Promomats , Vault QMS, and more, Veeva tackles use cases for a wide range of life sciences stakeholders. While regulatory, promotional, and labeling teams extract much value from these solutions, Veeva and GlobalVision partnered up to address an important piece of this elaborate puzzle: the need for content proofreading. This task often spans multiple stakeholders while cross-functional approvals need to get products to market fast, without compromising quality. This challenge is especially true for pharmaceutical and medical device companies as they strive to:

  • Get critical products to market quickly and safely
  • Mitigate the risk of non-compliance issues such as recalls and sanctions
  • Protect their brand’s reputation in a highly competitive market
  • Minimize financial losses caused by errors and workflow bottlenecks

An Integrated End-to-End Quality Ecosystem

The Verify x Veeva Vault integration is the ideal solution for regulated industries that want to ensure speed, accuracy, compliance, and risk mitigation. Verify is GlobalVision’s latest cloud-based automated proofreading software which is designed to protect the critical assets produced in highly-regulated industries. Verify was specifically engineered to accommodate the rigorous demands of the life sciences industry, providing companies with the necessary tools to scale their operations and achieve long-term success. The former, along with its strict security and compliance architecture make it the ideal complement to Veeva’s digital cloud solutions, from R&D through to Commercial business functions.

The Verify x Veeva Vault integration is seamless and prides itself on simplicity thanks to its easy-to-deploy REST API technology.

Simply, it enables Veeva Vault users to securely pass files into Verify to perform inspections on critical content and graphical items, input the required annotations, and then send the working file back into the Vault to continue with their day-to-day operations.

The result? Life sciences benefit from a seamless end-to-end content ecosystem. 

Below are some of the use cases happening in the industry today. 

Simplified Regulatory Submissions 

In the regulatory space, the Vault Submissions integration with Verify enables teams to navigate and automate the extensive amounts of proofreading often needed at this stage. Using text inspection to proofread documents in any language, as well as custom dictionaries, and a built-in medical dictionary, turnaround times for regulatory submissions are significantly reduced. Moreover, the integration of platforms strengthens data integrity, allows for continuous visibility and traceability of content changes, and allows regulatory teams to work more efficiently with global health authorities.

Efficient Promotional Content & Editorial Reviews

Honing in on the promotional content use case for Vault PromoMats, the Verify integration empowers creative teams to maximize editorial efficiency by reducing the number of content revisions needed. The character-for-character text inspection coupled with the pixel-to-pixel precision graphics comparison in Verify allows creatives to focus on more meaningful work while the integration takes care of proofreading critical content. 

Comprehensive Labeling Quality Checks

Remaining on the commercial side of the life sciences product workflow, the Verify integration with Vault QMS enables teams to optimize speed-to-market. Teams involved in packaging and labeling development can seamlessly send files from the Vault directly into Verify for an automated text and graphics inspection, and then push reports back into the Vault, ensuring document versions are error-free and GxP Compliant before they go to production. This end-to-end quality ecosystem is essential in getting critical products like patient drugs and medical devices out swiftly while also protecting the end consumer. 

Across the entire quality workflow in life sciences, teams across various departments and business units can find value in integrating their Veeva Vault with GlobalVision’s Verify solution. The integrated solution not only maximizes process efficiency but also boasts a sophisticated security architecture and effortless cloud hosting.

From automating the proofreading process to saving time, and ensuring the utmost quality of documentation, regulated industries can expect to reap many benefits from this integration. Request a free Verify trial today.