How to Choose the Best Proofreading Software For Your Business in 2023

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Date: May, 2023 | CategoryProofreading Author: Hana Trokic

Proofreading is a vital aspect of the content creation process that ensures the accuracy and quality of any written or graphic asset. However, it can be time-consuming and tedious, especially when dealing with lengthy, complex files associated with highly-regulated industries.   

Luckily, technology has made it easier to catch errors and inconsistencies through the use of proofreading software or file comparison technology. With its endless benefits and capabilities, this comprehensive proofreading tool makes it essential for any quality control team that needs extra reassurance that their documents are error-free.  

Yet, with so many proofreading software options available, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. Thankfully, we’ll provide you with some key features to look out for so you can heighten your quality control process and ensure the integrity of your content and products.

Let’s go into each of these features in detail.

Criteria to look out for when choosing a proofreading software


When proofreading documents, it can be challenging to keep track of all changes made to a file throughout the revision cycle. This is particularly true when working on long, complex documents or collaborating with other teams. 

Proofreading software can help ease the entire revision process by making it easier to follow all changes made to a document. That is why when choosing software for your industry and quality assurance needs, ensure that it offers features and capabilities that enhance your ease-of-use, through difference tracking that makes it easier to adjust and correct files accordingly. 

Proofreading software is ideal in these situations as it works by comparing two documents, a final master copy to a sample copy, and highlights any differences between them. It detects differences in all aspects of a file including text, color, graphics, formatting, and any other inconsistencies that may be present in the document. 

Within minutes quality assurance and revision teams can have a comprehensive report of all differences found in their document. The differences are pinpointed in an easy-to-follow format allowing teams to make adjustments in record time. All they have to do is run through the list of found differences and correct them accordingly.  

This also allows teams to make adjustments to a single file instead of multiple, which often causes confusion in cross-team and department collaboration. Every person, team, and department working on the development of a product or piece of content can be assured that all corrections are being made to the appropriate file and that no mistakes are being added throughout the process. 

Some key features to look out for that help with ease of use include: 

  • Holistic automated digital inspections: Inspects text and graphics simultaneously and compares files with different layouts, from Word to PDF to Adobe Illustrator.
  • Pixel-to-Pixel graphics inspection: Check artwork files from top to bottom including color difference, broken text, missing aspects, etc. 
  • Auto-Save Functionality: Automatically save all work to ensure documents are always up-to-date and you never miss a beat. 
  • Single-Sign-On Feature: Unify your passwords to ease the logging-in process and sign in to your account to proofread documents with ease. 

The whole process is completely automated, transforming the entire proofreading process and streamlining it to be as efficient as possible. This not only gives companies leeway to use critical resources in other areas of business, but it also gives assurance that the quality of revisions is being heightened through the addition of a single software. 


Another critical feature to look for in your proofreading software is its efficiency. How can the software help increase productivity in teams? Does it help save time, effort, and resources when proofreading content? 

It’s important to note that implementing most proofreading software into your revision cycles is sure to save infinite time, resources, and effort that are otherwise wasted on these outdated methods and practices. Unfortunately, many businesses still rely on outdated manual checks to ensure the integrity of their content and products. 

Manual checks are not only are they extremely time-consuming, but they are also unreliable due to the high chance of human error occurring. The human eye, simply cannot detect certain differences in files and artwork.

Some errors that are difficult to detect by the human eye include: 

With file comparison technology, the proofreading process is completely automated as files are holistically inspected finding even the smallest of errors. What was once impossible to detect with the human eye, or what would take additional resources and extensive amounts of time to inspect manually, is now a simple and easy inspection through automated quality control

In order to ensure that you are getting the most out of your proofreading software, make sure to also check if these efficiency-enhancing features are included in its capabilities:

These features and innovations are particularly helpful for teams working in regulatory industries, where the accuracy and consistency of documents, labels, and packaging are paramount. By using proofreading software, quality assurance, and revision teams can streamline their proofreading process, reduce the risk of errors, and ultimately deliver high-quality documents in a shorter amount of time.


File comparison technology plays a significant role in increasing the accuracy of file inspections. That is why, when choosing the right proofreading software, make sure to implement one that will increase the accuracy of your files comprehensively, not just certain aspects such as text and spelling. 

With file comparison technology, you can automatically verify printed and digital content against approved files with pixel-to-pixel accuracy, ensuring that your work is 100% accurate every time.

When manually proofreading documents, it is easy to overlook small errors, especially when dealing with long documents or multiple versions of a single document. However, proofreading software can automatically compare files, highlighting even the slightest differences between them. 

This can help revision teams quickly identify errors and inconsistencies, ensuring that all files are consistent and accurate. Additionally, file comparison technology can help to ensure that all changes made to a document have been properly recorded and implemented, reducing the risk of errors and discrepancies “slipping through the cracks”. 

Overall, the right proofreading software can significantly improve the accuracy of the proofreading process, ensuring that documents are error-free and of high quality. Look for these key capabilities that increase accuracy when choosing proofreading software:

  • Completes your quality control process: Protects your work from critical errors as it moves through the entire quality control process. From file creation to print, the software pinpoints exact differences in text and artwork for quick and easy inspections.
  • Keeps track of every important detail: Reviews and navigates through all found differences with comprehensive inspection reports that facilitate the approval process.
  • Ensures accurate content every time: Inspects content as it changes file formats to detect any errors that may have been introduced between versions.


Implementing proofreading software is your best bet if you want to simplify your cross-team and department collaboration. Therefore, it’s critical to implement one that allows for seamless teamwork. 

The life cycle of a single piece of documentation goes through many stages. From content ideation to creation, production, revision, print, and distribution, there are many different people and teams involved in getting sensitive content out to consumers. 

Because of the complicated nature of content collaboration, it can be difficult to keep track of all feedback, changes, and revisions that need to be made. This is especially true when dealing with highly sensitive documentation in regulated industries, where the risk of an error slipping through is zero tolerance. 

The right proofreading software takes this usually complicated process and simplifies it to an automated process. This reduces many risks and errors that come with manual inspections and also transforms the revision process completely. 

When it comes to content collaboration, in some cases, different team members work on different versions of the same document. Look for a file comparison technology that offers features such as team accounts, an auto-save feature, and seamless integration into your company’s quality assurance platforms. This allows teams to easily adjust, correct, and keep track of changes made to a critical file. 

By using a single account, and working on a single document, team members can quickly identify discrepancies and inconsistencies, and work collaboratively to ensure that all changes are properly incorporated into the final document. 

This helps streamline the collaboration process and ensures that all team members are working from the most up-to-date and accurate version of the document. It also ensures that the final product is error-free and completed in record time.  

These powerful collaboration features simplify and improve the efficiency of teamwork. Overall, with file comparison technology teams can focus their energy and resources elsewhere while still guaranteeing perfect files, artwork, and subsequently, labels and packaging. 

Implement Proofreading Software Into Your Workflows 

There is a lot to consider when choosing proofreading software but once implemented, it will surely be a game changer for your revision and quality control processes.

File comparison software is a valuable tool for proofreading that can simplify the entire revision and quality control process. Its innovation in proofreading allows teams to make all necessary adjustments quickly and efficiently while guaranteeing document integrity and accuracy. 

That is why it is essential that your organization choose and implement this innovation in automated quality control into your regular business practices. 

Automating your quality control processes through proofreading software reduces the risk of errors and improves the accuracy of file inspections. Additionally, the technology simplifies collaboration between teams, allowing multiple people to work on the same document and easily keep track of revisions. 

Overall, proofreading software is a powerful innovation that can save time and resources, increase productivity, and ensure the accuracy and quality of critical assets and files.

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