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Enhancing Your Verify Experience – Our Fall Release is Here

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Date: October, 2023 | CategoryCompany Author: Hana Trokic

Are you ready to heighten your Verify inspections and overall proofreading experience? 

We’re thrilled to introduce significant improvements to Verify, designed to make the automated proofreading experience easier and more efficient. These product advancements have been rolled out in two waves throughout September and October!

With a substantial performance upgrade, a 69% improvement in Spell Check results and the addition of Single File Inspections, now called ‘Proofreader Mode’, our Verify Fall Release ensures your content is perfected, faster.

Additionally, this release marks a huge milestone for Verify’s core technology, as it has been completely rehauled and updated to an entirely new architecture with all modern technology—get ready to elevate your compliance review and inspection processes! 

The Verify Fall Release also brings a number of major improvements and features including: 

If you want to learn more about how to leverage these new features, book a demo of Verify here.

Upgraded Architecture, Upgraded Inspections

We’ve upgraded to an entirely new architecture with modern technology to offer you the best possible proofreading experience on the market. Though this upgrade brings with it many benefits and advantages, possibly the largest benefit is that it will increase development speed, resulting in highly requested features being released more rapidly. 

This accelerated development pace translates to a high turnover of new features and capabilities, allowing regulatory and commercial experts to stay ahead of evolving compliance requirements by having the best tools available to them during their quality assurance processes. 

The upgraded architecture also increases Verify’s reliability and uptime. This results in fewer interruptions to critical processes, where you can rest assured that your workflows run as smoothly as possible and with the utmost ease. In the exceptional  instance of an issue occurring, the enhanced infrastructure ensures swift resolution, minimizing downtime and enhancing productivity. 

Moreover, the optimization of our algorithms for faster inspections enables regulatory professionals and beyond to expedite their reviews, ensuring that all documents and critical content adhere to compliance standards with greater efficiency and precision. 

This major breakthrough in Verify’s development empowers regulatory professionals and all automated proofreading users to work more effectively, maintain compliance, and improve the overall quality and reliability of their operations.

Boosted Responsiveness For Heightened day-to-day Efficiency.

Boosted Responsiveness For Heightened day-to-day Efficiency

Time is crucial when inspecting documents, especially for regulated industries where manual compliance procedures can sometimes hinder time-to-market

This new release brings a remarkable 15% improvement in responsiveness, backed by a more stable infrastructure to further help accelerate the revision cycle of critical content and ensure error-free files in record time. 

Through this new upgrade, you can expect to load and inspect large files faster than ever, without rendering issues, decreasing delays in inspections and allowing for an overall more seamless inspection.

Save More Time With Built-in Spell Check Rules 

Save More Time With Built-in Spell Check Rules

The new fall release also brings with it new built-in rules that improve Spell-Check results by 69%. The new update will only flag important spelling errors, ensuring a more efficient review process. 

This means the software no longer detects terms such as URLs or words containing numbers as spelling errors allowing teams to focus their energy on more crucial aspects of their inspections without getting set back by minor details. 

The improved Spell Check feature also assists regulatory professionals in meeting FDA requirements by ensuring accurate, clear, and error-free documents. This helps maintain compliance with FDA guidelines, reduces legal and reputational risks, and promotes efficiency.

Single File Inspection For Ease and Simplicity

We’re simplifying the inspection process with the introduction of a Single File Inspection capability called “Proofreader Mode”. This feature allows you to upload and inspect a single file when there is no need to compare it against a source file. This feature is particularly beneficial for regulatory professionals who have many documents to review and need to optimize their entire process.

The upgrade was designed to facilitate Barcode Inspections and Spell Checks, and Braille Inspection. Previously, the software required that two identical files be uploaded to perform an inspection. Now, you can tackle these tasks with precision and ease, one file at a time.

More Review Enhancing Features 

If those upgrades are not enough to bring your compliance reviews to the next level, regulatory and commercial professionals can expect to enhance their inspections through the following features: 

  • Automatic Detection of All Graphics Differences: Instead of manually drawing red boxes around detected differences in ‘flash mode’ on the New file panel by panning around and identifying the changes manually,  Verify now finds all differences within a zoned region and highlights them with red boxes automatically. 
  • Improved Optical Character Recognition (OCR): With this new update, you can expect improvements in OCR detection of flattened text and an overall heightened OCR experience. Verify’s expanded OCR capabilities allow you to detect smaller fonts which previously went undetected by the OCR engine. This feature is powered by Artificial Intelligence and leverages Machine Learning for continuous improvements with each release.
  • Detection of Reading Order Changes: The new difference type, Reading Order, under the filtering tool detects relative reading order changes, meaning that if a block of text moves from one location to another, changing the relative context of the information, this will now be detected by Verify. 
  • Braille Inspection in 44 Global Languages: This new technology for braille translation and inspection ensures that braille regions read accurately and that their formatting is compliant with the Marburg Medium Font Standard. 
  • Full XML File Support Including Stylesheets: XML files loaded into Verify were previously not converted into their viewable format. Now, our platform supports seamless integration and advanced formatting options with full XML file processing, including stylesheets.

A Better Verify Experience 

With Verify’s fall release and a complete overhaul of our core technology, you will experience a more responsive and stable platform. With the addition of the many features and functionality presented, regulatory and commercial professionals tasked with reviewing content for total compliance lifesciences can  perfect their content, faster. 

These exciting updates to Verify are a testament to our commitment to improving the overall user experience and making quality inspections more efficient and effective. 

For more detailed information about our latest upgrades, read the Release Notes, and, make sure to watch our informative video, which highlights some of the new additions to the Verify fall release.

If you haven’t experienced the time-saving and compliance enhancing powers of Verify yet, get started today with a Free Trial.