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5 Common Packaging Mistakes in Pharma

More than in any other sector, pristine packaging is critical to ensuring success in the pharmaceutical industry. Aside from being visually appealing, packaging must be free from the 5 most common critical mistakes that often plague the pharmaceutical industry.

The Top Back-Up Strategies to Keep Data Integrity Intact

“Just” backing up data isn’t enough anymore. While it’s a necessary step and a good start at that, a back-up means little if there aren’t adequate safeguards in place to protect the integrity of the data that might have to be recovered. Even if back-ups themselves are a safeguard, they must be seen as an asset […]

The Competitive Advantage of Effective Packaging

  Effective packaging is multi-functional. At the bare minimum, packaging has to be able to adequately contain the product inside, but in cutthroat, performance-driven industries “good enough” rarely is. Five Criteria for Competitive Packaging To be successful, packaging should fill no fewer than five different criteria: Protect the product, which is most closely associated with […]

5 Reasons “Packaging-Free” Stores Won’t Catch On

Packaging will always have its drawbacks, but it remains a necessity, even in the face of what many might see as a potential trend in the making and threat to the industry: packaging-free stores. In theory, the idea is great. Customers can bring their reusable containers to the store and fill them up with bulk items, […]

The Everlasting Benefits of Taking Your Proofing Process into the Digital Age

      Technology continues to advance at breakneck speeds. Whatever your industry, there are definite advantages to riding the wave, even if only to keep pace with everyone else. That includes the often-forgotten quality-control sector, which can be very competitive. That’s not just in reference to external competition among fellow solutions providers, but internally as […]

How Validation Leads to Data Consistency and Integrity

Consistency is a trademark of both validation and data integrity. In fact, without validation and the consistency for which it strives, forget data integrity. It’s like there is no data at all. What Is Validation? To be clear, validation is defined as, “evidence that provides a high degree of assurance that a specific process will consistently produce […]

3 Ways Error-Detection Software Ensures Data Integrity

  There are many ways to ensure data integrity. As automation becomes increasingly prevalent in the 21st century, software, especially on the back-end, is as important as ever. Not only does it serve as the driving force behind technology in all of its incarnations, it can also act as a fail-safe. As the term implies, “error-detection software” […]