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Footprint Packaging, Going Beyond Sustainable Packaging

Date: October, 2018 | Category: Proofreading | Author: Ryan Szporer Every minute, 1 million plastic bottles are being bought all over the planet. It’s fair to say each one won’t end up being recycled either. In fact, 91% won’t be, leading to a lot of unneeded plastic clogging up the eco-system. To help combat the situation, a few years ago the […]

The 5 Ways Sensory Packaging Separates You from Competitors

Date: August, 2018 | Category: Proofreading | Author: Ryan Szporer   Chances are you’ve come across sensory packaging before. It’s not a new trend by any stretch, but it definitely isn’t a strategy every manufacturer takes advantage of, at least not to its fullest extent. This isn’t simply in reference to the experience of taking things out of […]

The Basics of Sustainable Packaging

Date: July, 2018 | Category: Proofreading | Author: Ryan Szporer Going green may be something to be proud of in this day and age. In the world of packaging and design though, it’s not necessarily going far enough. It’s all about being “sustainable” instead. What Is Sustainable Packaging? While a product that’s labeled as “green” carries a positive, […]

GlobalVision Adds Electronic Signatures for Enhanced Data Integrity to Most Comprehensive Platform Yet

Date: June, 2018 | Category: Company | Author: Ryan Szporer   With regulations increasing exponentially in importance, GlobalVision has responded to customers’ calls for greater control over data integrity by introducing electronic signatures into the fold. By further addressing quality control professionals’ needs to meet FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance as a result, GlobalVision 5.1 for desktops […]

The IQ, OQ, PQ and Their Impact on Quality Control

Date: January, 2018 | Category: Quality | Author: Ryan Szporer There are some constants that cannot be ignored, even between two radically different products. If you were to take those two products and examine them, there is no denying there would be a long list of properties that vary greatly between the two. We’re talking shape, size, purpose, […]

Presenting GlobalVision 4.1 for Desktop: New Workflows for Print Production

  Having previously pulled out all the stops unifying our apps into a single platform, we’re going further and adding to that all-in-one offering. Presenting our latest desktop release: GlobalVision 4.1. Users can now take advantage of the brand-new Job Wizard and other exciting features to streamline inspections to an even greater degree. A New […]

Out Now: Artwork Creation Guide Standardization for Digital Files

  To catch errors, you first need to see them. Before using GlobalVision to check for mistakes on your files, make sure they’re created the same way. Our Artwork Creation Guide contains insights and easy-to-follow steps to improving the efficiency of your proofreading process. The second edition of what was known as the standard practice, […]

What Do Pharmaceuticals and the Military Have in Common? The Highest Quality Standards.

Date: August, 2017 | Category: Quality | Author: Ryan Szporer The pharmaceutical and defense sectors may be at opposite extremes. There is still something to be said in the former for the built-in fail-safes and redundancies that go hand in hand with any product that even hopes to meet military standards. Military Standard vs. Specification There’s even an official […]

What the Digital Twins Revolution Means for Packaging

Date: June, 2017 | Category: Proofreading | Author: Ryan Szporer Digital twins are in the midst of taking over, with Gartner predicting the existence of billions of them within three to five years. It’s probably best at this point to shake that image that’s likely in your head of a group of villainous, goateed doppelgangers hell-bent on world domination. A […]