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4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Graphics Inspection Tool

Not many aspects of design and production are still being done manually when it comes to packaging in 2020. Despite modern advancements, many businesses are still stuck in a rut of manual proofreading. The good news is that automation technology has been increasing in popularity over recent years, especially in the areas of quality control. Of these automation innovations, graphics inspection tools are becoming widely implemented across many industries.

Introducing GlobalVision Desktop 5.8.2

GlobalVision’s latest validated release boasts several exciting features to improve performance and increase stability for desktop users. Desktop version 5.8.2 addresses several bug fixes while providing users with new features to create the most seamless inspection process yet. Notable features in this release include new language preferences for users, UI and Text Grouping features, and a new Installer Update.

How to Avoid Waste on the Print Production Floor

From a business perspective, it makes sense to avoid waste whenever possible. Print waste in particular costs companies time and money, since any mistakes made during a print run will have to be corrected with additional resources. It’s more than just material waste — there’s also employee labor that must be factored in.


How to Verify Digimarc Barcodes with GlobalVision

Date: March, 2020 | Category: quality| Author:Kayla Caticchio   A new era of barcodes is here. With big-name retailers and consumer goods companies replacing traditional barcodes with Digimarc barcodes, printers are facing more challenges than ever when it comes to verifying these modern codes.  GlobalVision’s latest integration, Digimarc Verify, gives users the ability to verify and grade […]

Introducing GlobalVision Desktop 5.7: See What’s New

Date: September, 2019 | Category: Company | Author: Kayla Caticchio The latest release from GlobalVision comes with exciting new features to enhance performance for desktop users. Developed with customer feedback in mind, version 5.7 boasts stability, speed, and accuracy with an overall improvement in the ease of use of the software. Notable new features include new measurement tools, […]

GlobalVision Web 3.5 Delivers Custom User Profiles and Improvements to Text & Spelling Inspection

Date: June, 2019 | Category: Company | Author: Kayla Caticchio       The new GlobalVision Web Version 3.5 gives GlobalVision users what they’ve been asking for, delivering several new highly requested features. In addition to custom Graphics Inspection profiles and an option to filter Text Inspection differences, several enhancements have been added for improved usability.