How Automated Proofreaders can Increase Productivity

How Automated Proofreaders can Increase Productivity

Date: February, 2022 | CategoryProofreading Author: Hana Trokic

In today’s fast-paced working environments, one of the top business priorities on everyone’s mind is, “how can we increase productivity?” Everybody is looking for the golden formula that will allow companies to do more for less all the while not compromising on the quality of work processes and overall product. 

With technology advancing exponentially, at a tempo that is increasingly difficult to keep up with, new software and technologies are being created daily to help us simplify our everyday tasks and responsibilities. Whatever your burden may be, there is most likely a digital solution for it, and it’s most likely just a Google search away. 

To keep up with increasing global consumer demands, most companies in various industries need to create immeasurable amounts of written content. From packaging to digital to marketing, all of this beautifully created content needs to be overlooked, carefully checked, and proofread to ensure that your final product is perfect. Thankfully, we are sparing you the arduous Google search for “best proofreading software” and getting straight to the solution; automated proofreading. More specifically, GlobalVision’s automated proofreading software offers a foolproof solution to ensure all of your beautifully created content shines. No errors, no mistakes, just the content you create living its best life. The way it was intended to. 

This advancement in proofreading processes eliminates the need for manual document inspections and leaves it up to the big guys. The software conducts digital checks looking for discrepancies in text, spelling, graphics, colour, and more. While this could be done manually, the software finishes proofreading processes in a fraction of the time and ensures that your work is 100% accurate before going to print, avoiding the need for multiple inspections downstream. We can go on and on about the upsides of automation in proofreading. Yet, this advancement in technology ultimately increases productivity and workflow efficiency and offers endless benefits unmatched by manual inspections. Not only does automated proofreading software help make employees better writers and content creators, it simply makes work better, optimizing workflow processes and allowing the completion of proofreading tasks with complete and utter ease. 

Keep it Simple, Stupid

Simplify workflow processes through digital, automated solutions

Workflows work best with you seal them with a KISS. Like most things in life, overcomplications usually lead to more bad than good and simplifying processes is a surefire solution to getting back on track. Automated proofreading software simplifies workflow processes that ultimately lead to better, more efficient habits and practices. In order to be more productive in the workplace, practices need to be instilled that allow you to get tasks completed more quickly without compromising on the quality of the work. The implementation of automated quality inspection will enable you to rely entirely on digital verification while almost completely reducing and eliminating the need for manual proofreading. 

Before a piece of content goes out to market, every aspect needs to be controlled and checked, ensuring it is flawless when it makes it to the hands or eyes of every consumer. Whether digital, print, or packaging, all that content was pre-checked and controlled, making sure it was free of mistakes that could potentially lead to crippling consequences should a critical error slip through. Traditionally, these proofreading processes were manually conducted, going through a series of people and processes meticulously overlooking all content. These processes would otherwise take far too many resources and hours to complete relatively simple tasks. 

Automated proofreading eliminates the need for these overly complicated processes and simplifies it down to only a couple of steps. Once content is created, the software inspects the entire file looking for discrepancies in the master document and the print. Errors will be identified in seconds, with the software pinpointing all differences in the document. All that’s left is to make the necessary corrections and you are ready to print and publish your content with complete confidence. The software also eliminates the need for large teams overlooking proofreading processes and brings it down to just a few people and the software. Proofreading times are also heavily decreased as the software thoroughly inspects all aspects of the document finding errors that would be extremely difficult to find through manual inspections such as those of colour, graphic, and barcode deviations.         

Catch Me if You Can

Get your products to market in record time by removing time-consuming and error-prone manual checks

Productivity is defined as the rate at which a worker or a company produces goods and the amount produced, compared with how much time, work, and money is needed to produce them. In other words, how fast can something be produced in the least amount of time using the least amount of money?

Automated proofreading software speeds up inspection and revision processes to a fraction of the time typically needed for manual inspections. It also improves inspection accuracy by conducting digital checks for errors in text and graphics. Lightning-fast technology allows you to compare documents at rates as high as 1000 characters per second while also ensuring the integrity of your work. Once the software has done a full scan of your content, it generates an inspection report that allows you to review and navigate through all found differences. All document errors are highlighted to enable you to make adjustments and corrections in little to no time. 

GlobalVision’s all-encompassing technology compares content at every workflow stage and creates a reliable, repeatable, and scalable inspection process as files move from one stage to the next quickly and efficiently. All in all, not only does it speed up the verification and proofreading processes of your workflow, but it also expedites the subsequent revision and correction process. You can drastically reduce proofreading time and ultimately increase productivity through several if not all inspection channels with automated proofreading software. 

I Can’t Help it if I’m Perfect

Automatically inspect documents to ensure they’re error-free and flawless

Even though processes are being sped up, GlobalVision’s inspection software does not compromise on quality. In fact, inspection accuracy is increased through digital and automated inspection as content is inspected wholistically. This means all aspects of the document, including graphics, artwork, and colour, are inspected along with text and spell checks. Even minor deviations can be detected through automated verification, errors that the human eye cannot typically detect.  

What’s more, automated proofreading software prevents errors from being introduced throughout the creation process, while files are being produced. Through our digital solutions, you can protect your work from the very start by making sure no text or artwork errors are being created as copy documents are being developed. This means that errors are being found and corrected throughout the workflow process and caught in the early stages with 100% accuracy and efficiency. 

As documents are constantly being inspected, you can ensure that all content and products that make it to market and finally, to consumers, are truly perfect. GlobalVision’s inspection software does all the hard work, so all you have to worry about is your perfectly perfect end product free from all errors and mistakes.

We know they say perfection doesn’t exist but have you met GlobalVision? Error-free content is only our software away. 

Out With the Old, in With the New

As consumer demands continue to increase and production levels continue to grow, manual methods are simply not adequate solutions to modern problems. They do not allow for maximum efficiency and productivity within workflows and are not adaptable to new ways of business. 

The modernization of businesses heavily focuses on using new technologies to increase productivity in workflows, including proofreading processes. Automated proofreading software simplifies workflows, reduces the need for unnecessary and redundant resources, decreases inspection time, and reduces errors in content copy. It also allows your business to transition and digitalize processes enabling your company and employees to keep up with modern demand and competition. Out with the old, in with the new! Switch to automated quality control and start reaping the endless benefits that GlobalVision will bring to your business and workflows. 

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