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Accelerating Success: GlobalVision Revolutionizes iNova Pharmaceutical’s Product Launches with Unmatched Accuracy and Speed

Our cutting-edge technology brings unmatched accuracy and speed in proofreading of critical content, ensuring compliance success every step of the way. For Inova Pharma, it has allowed them to take full ownership of quality reviews and ensure seamless product launches as well.

Date: August, 2023 | CategoryCustomers Author: Hana Trokic

About iNova Pharmaceuticals

iNova Pharmaceuticals is a global organization dedicated to the development, marketing, and distribution of a diverse range of prescription medications and consumer health products. Operating across Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and Africa, iNova serves over 20 countries internationally. 

With a team of 550 professionals spanning three continents, their goal is to provide trusted products that improve people’s health and well-being. Their diverse product portfolio includes weight management, cough and cold remedies, health supplements, dermatology, sun care, and female health products. Their products have established a legacy of over 50 years, earning a prominent place in countless family medicine cabinets.

iNova Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to delivering effective and high-quality pharmaceuticals manufactured in accordance with the most stringent international standards.

The Challenge: Overcome Inefficient Outsourcing and Complicated Revision Workflows  

In late 2017, quality teams at iNova Pharmaceuticals underwent organizational changes that allowed them to bring more control into their quality assurance processes, eliminating the need for outsourced third parties and complicated revision workflows. 

Artwork management in particular was a main area of focus. At the time, teams at iNova were working with an external studio that managed most of their artwork processes. While the studio provided a tool that allowed iNova to complete product or artwork reviews online, the tool was not managed by them directly, giving them little control over the process. 

To resolve this issue, Phil Sami, Group Operations Improvement Director was given the task to create an artwork process and workflow that was consistent and streamlined across all three regions of the organization. 

What he soon discovered was GlobalVision’s innovative proofreading software. The implementation of the system in early 2018 would allow them to bring back ownership of their revision and quality assurance processes internally and allow them to have total control of all their artwork pieces as well as changes and revisions. 

“GlobalVision is a great software to compare the print proofs and perform quality checks of the artworks.”

  • Diwas Malla, Senior Quality Assurance Associate

The Solution: Take Ownership of Quality Reviews and Ensure Seamless Product Launches with GlobalVision 

Through GlobalVision’s proofreading software, quality teams at iNova Pharmaceuticals were able to ease collaboration and once again take back ownership of their artwork management workflows. This implementation allowed them to ensure first-hand the accuracy of their files which ultimately led to faster and higher quality revisions as well as increase their overall speed-to-market for new product launches. 

Phil Sami notes that besides the additional capabilities and features that allowed the company to enhance their revision workflows while ensuring compliance, a key factor in choosing GlobalVision was that the software was FDA-approved and it was difficult to find alternatives that offered compliance packages required by pharmaceutical industry software providers. GlobalVision was the comprehensive solution for their everyday quality assurance needs and stood out as the market leader. 

“GlobalVision has been vital in artwork development as it helps pick up the tiniest of errors and differences both within text and graphics. It also saves so much time by not having to do manual proofreading.”

  • Praenisha Ramnath, Pharmacovigilance & Compliance Manager

He adds that a majority of the users are in the company’s Quality department and that the software is primarily used in the following manner: 

  • The software is used daily to run approvals of artwork that is at the final print-proof stage. A review of what external manufacturers send is done to ensure those proofs can go to production, ultimately ensuring a swift time-to-market for products. 
  • It is used to verify barcodes and ensure they are accurate and compliant. This is a critical feature for iNova’s quality team as products are not accepted if the barcodes do not pass the strict compliance regulations required by global health authorities. 
  • As artwork is sent to manufacturers and other departments, seamless team collaboration is key. GlobalVision allows quality teams and artwork planners to do quick yet accurate reviews before they send files off throughout the content lifecycle. 

“GlobalVision has been tremendously useful in decoding barcode values hence ensuring we deliver our products with GS1-compliant barcodes to our customers”

  • Gregory Pecsenya, Artwork Planner

Another crucial feature for iNova Pharmaceuticals is the software’s ability to select specific areas of a file that need to be inspected, namely, the Zoning Tool. GlobalVision allows users to pinpoint exact areas of a file, whether text or graphics, allowing for more detailed and precise inspections. 

Phil adds that this feature is particularly beneficial when working on files in foreign languages. As iNova distributes products to markets globally, quality teams must work on files in languages and alphabets that are not native to them. The Zoning Tool allows for granular inspections of foreign content and more accurate visual inspections of graphic components within seconds.

Conclusion: iNova Pharmaceutical Revolutionizes Revision Workflows

Since 2018, quality and artwork teams at iNova have been reaping the many benefits of GlobalVision and their revision processes have become unimaginable without the market-leading proofreading software. As they are consistently reviewing and improving their quality control processes, iNova Pharmaceuticals is in the process of implementing GlobalVision’s newest innovation in cloud-based proofreading software, Verify, to further drive speed and accuracy in their proofreading processes.

As Verify is integrated with Veeva, another system used by iNova Pharmaceuticals, teams predict that this implementation will save additional time, approximately 2-3 min per piece of artwork, as switching between the different platforms will no longer be needed.  

In the future, iNova Pharmaceuticals plans to continue to work alongside GlobalVision, implementing and updating its software and workflows to ensure the highest quality products they have become known for, all the while guaranteeing customer satisfaction and loyalty for many more years to come. 

Take the first step towards error-free content and quicker time-to-market with GlobalVision’s automated proofreading software. Start reaping the benefits of automated quality control today.