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UK Manufacturers Ponder Post-Brexit Proofreading Impact on Packaging

With United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May announcing her resignation, the country’s economic future with Brexit looming over its head is as uncertain as ever. Imagine how individual companies are feeling in the aftermath of her decision and ultimate inability to negotiate a deal for Britain’s exit from the European Union.

Manual Proofreading Errors: How to Stop Label Recalls in Your Supply Chain

Regardless of the industry, all companies have the same goal in mind: provide high-quality products to keep customers loyal and attract new ones. To accomplish this, each product must go through a strict proofreading process to ensure the accuracy of all labeling and packaging. This can be time-consuming. As a result, some early adopters have switched […]

What Is Prepress?

In spite of a whole industry dedicated to it, very few people know what prepress is. “Prepress” is used in the printing industry to refer to all of a commercial printer’s activities after they receive an order and corresponding graphics from a client, but before the actual job begins. When you produce a business card, […]

5 Ways to Make Your Packaging Child-Resistant

  There are several reasons why parents tend to keep their medicine stored away in a cabinet that’s too high for their children to reach. The main reason is simple: Some pills are dangerous for children to ingest and can cause serious harm. Child-resistant packaging, also referred to as “special packaging,” is used to reduce […]

Trend Alert: Single-Serve Packaging

Have you ever gone to buy food from your favorite take-out place only later to realize there is no way you’ll be able to finish the entire thing? You’re not the only one. Many brands understand consumers do not want to waste their money buying products that are too much to consume for one person […]

5 Amazing Things Quality Control Solutions Can Handle

For business, it’s not simply about making a product for monetary gain. Planning, time, and strategy all go along with providing customers with something that will benefit them in their everyday lives. However, there is something of equal importance that most consumers do not think about when they reach for their favorite product on the […]

Coca-Cola: New Year, New Look

The Coca-Cola Company seems to have taken part in the ever-growing #NewYearNewMe movement by rebranding Diet Coke, a classic favorite. The updated look comes with new flavors and a new campaign. But not to worry; The original taste of Diet Coke is here to stay and will continue to be available worldwide. Today, branding is […]