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Manual Proofreading Errors: How to Stop Label Recalls in Your Supply Chain

Date: April, 2019 | Category: Quality | Author: Mike Malz Regardless of the industry, all companies have the same goal in mind: to provide high-quality products to keep customers loyal and attract new ones. To accomplish this, each product must go through a strict proofreading process to ensure the accuracy of all labeling and packaging. This can be […]

What Is Prepress?

Date: April, 2019 | Category: Proofreading | Author: Mike Malz In spite of a whole industry dedicated to it, very few people know what prepress is. “Prepress” is used in the printing industry to refer to all of a commercial printer’s activities after they receive an order and corresponding graphics from a client, but before the actual job […]

5 Ways to Make Your Packaging Child-Resistant

Date: February, 2019 | Category: Proofreading | Author: Mike Malz   There are several reasons why parents tend to keep their medicine stored away in a cabinet that’s too high for their children to reach. The main reason is simple: Some pills are dangerous for children to ingest and can cause serious harm. Child-resistant packaging, also referred to […]

Myths versus Facts: Dispelling 4 Myths about Using Sustainable Packaging in a Business

Date: July, 2018 | Category: Proofreading | Author: Mike Malz     Packaging plays a crucial role in influencing customers buying behavior, yet unsustainable packaging can damage the reputation of the firm, causing customers to switch to other brands that employ environment-friendly materials and processes. Unsustainable packaging is detrimental to the environment as it increases the amount of […]

A Printed Proof for Every Occasion: A Guide to the Types of Prepress Proofs

Date: February, 2018 | Category: Proofreading | Author: Mike Malz If you’ve spent enough time in the packaging and labeling industry, you probably understand what printing proofs are and how they are used. For those of you who are new to the industry, welcome! There are different kinds of printing proofs that serve different functions. For anyone in […]

What Is a Dieline in Printing and Packaging?

Date: January, 2018 | Category: Proofreading | Author: Mike Malz In the packaging and printing industry, the term “dieline” refers to a template needed to ensure the correct layout of a final physical package. This template serves as a diagram that marks all the folds and cut lines of a package in a flattened form. Dielines can be […]

How Modern Prepress Software Is Changing the Packaging Industry

Date: September, 2017 | Category: Proofreading | Author: Mike Malz When flipping through a brochure or any sort of packaging, you probably think that to get a design printed all you have to do is press the print button. The truth is there are plenty of steps in between before that design becomes ink on paper. One or […]