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The Emerging Cannabis Industry Explained

  At GlobalVision’s first-ever seminar on Packaging Compliance in the Emerging Cannabis Industry, panelists spoke about the Cannabis Act that will come into effect this summer and how those in packaging will be affected. Although Health Canada did propose packaging regulations, it can be a challenge to follow them, assuming the guidelines hold up. Packaging Going Green…or Not? […]

What Is a Dieline in Printing and Packaging?

  In the packaging and printing industry, the term “dieline” refers to a template needed to ensure the correct layout of a final physical package. This template serves as a diagram that marks all the folds and cut lines of a package in a flattened form. Dielines can be created by graphic designers, die cutters, […]

GlobalVision Takes Its New Look to the Cloud

Poised to match the success of our quality control platform for desktop, GlobalVision Web takes cues from both it and Proofware, which serves as its immediate predecessor for use on the cloud. Essentially an overhaul with a focus on ease-of-use and an enhanced feature set, GlobalVision Web is both streamlined and unified… with a more-efficient workflow revolving […]

How Modern Prepress Software Is Changing the Packaging Industry

When flipping through a brochure or any sort of packaging, you probably think that to get a design printed all you have to do is press the print button. The truth is there are plenty of steps in between before that design becomes ink on paper. Pre-press and Reprographics are vital elements in any quality […]

How Automated Proofreading Is Replacing Obsolete Diff Checker Tools

  Packaging serves as the face that products show to the world. That’s why colorful and well-thought-out designs are meant to grab customers’ attention. Packaging is also supposed to convey a message that is associated with each brand. Therefore, mistakes in packaging are expensive – not only financially, but they can also do incredible harm […]

How a Little Error Can Ruin a Great Design

Our world is growing at a rapid pace and so is the consumer market. The space between the market and the consumer’s home has drastically shrunk in the recent times, with online marketplaces as the next big thing. Customers can easily book, order and buy different items from all around the world—and get it delivered […]