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What to Do When You Find Spelling Errors in Your Print Job

Date: October, 2017 | Category: Proofreading | Author: Reuben Malz   Errors in packaging components arise all the time and are part of the game. They are unavoidable, but, what is a surprise to most people, is that spelling mistakes are the most common. The largest investment in error avoidance includes expensive inline web inspection systems, cameras, scanners, […]

Managing Barcodes in Packaging Quality Control

Every product in every store all over the world has a barcode on it. As consumers, we cannot read barcodes, and really don’t care much about them.We identify products by their name, by their color, by the brand name and logos. However, barcodes are how brands and their entire worldwide supply chain manage the distribution, logistics, […]


How to Know When a Printer’s Proof is Print-Ready

Date: October, 2016 | Category: Proofreading | Author: Reuben Malz A brand company goes through many revision cycles until a final PDF is approved. A typical cycle may look something like this; management gives the go-ahead to print 500,000 labels. Then, purchasing fires off a purchase order to the printer with the approved PDF file attached. Most people […]


CMOs of Increasing Importance to Pharmaceutical Companies

Date: July, 2016 | Category: Compliance | Author: Reuben Malz The pharmaceutical marketplace has changed dramatically over the last few years as pharmaceutical companies are moving from centralized, internal production to single-source providers or Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMO). The principal reason behind this evolution in the landscape is simple, to cut costs, increase capacity and reduce time-to-market. Beyond these […]

Canadian Health Product Labeling – The Product Facts Table

Date: July, 2016 | Category: Proofreading | Author: Reuben Malz Label content pertaining to non-prescription healthcare products is of great concern to the government of Canada. This not only includes what appears on the label, but also the wording, how it appears, and how easy it is to understand are all of vital concern. Canadian Health Product Labelling  […]

How do You Inspect Packaging of Bottles, Cans and Cylinders

Date: April, 2016 | Category: Proofreading | Author: Reuben Malz   Packaging and labeling are driven by a number of factors. First, you have the ergonomics of the package, ensuring that the object is packaged properly ensuring protection, convenience, and the proper message is communicated. Another key factor is its market appeal, the artwork, colors, and fonts that companies […]


Having to Rework Label Artwork Again and Again to Stay in Compliance?

Date: April, 2016 | Category: Compliance | Author: Reuben Malz No matter what industry you are in there are always new regulations that impact the way you create labeling artwork. Staying compliant with regulatory labeling obligations is a complex undertaking that if done wrong may result in undesired errors or reworking. Regulatory Label Compliance with GlobalVision GlobalVision provides […]

Ensuring Barcode Accuracy from Packaging to the Patient

Date: April, 2016 | Category: Proofreading | Author: Reuben Malz   Barcodes have changed very little over the last 60 years. For pharmaceutical companies, the barcode has taken on a vital role throughout the product’s lifecycle from original packaging to in-hospital unit dose identification. For pharmaceutical companies, a barcode helps to assure the origins of the drugs, which in […]


Esko Software Platform Makes Packaging Simplified

Date: April, 2016 | Category: Company | Author: Reuben Malz     Ghent (Belgium), March 16, 2016 – Esko has wholly updated its software solutions and relaunched them under the umbrella brand name “Esko Software Platform”. It’s the next version of the well-known portfolio of integrated software solutions for design, prepress, workflow automation, color management, and supply chain […]