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Misconceptions of Packaging Quality Control

For most people, the commercial printer is no different than the office photocopier. You press print to make 100 copies, and out comes 100 perfect, identical copies. The expectation is no different when printing 500,000 Aspirin labels, cookie cartons, or potato chip bags, but is this true? Are commercial printers like photocopiers? Let’s turn our attention away […]

What to do when you find spelling errors in your print job

  Errors in packaging components arise all the time and are part of the game. They are unavoidable. But what is a surprise to most people, is that spelling mistakes are the most common. The largest investment in error avoidance includes expensive inline web inspection systems, cameras, scanners and most of all, countless hours in manual […]

Managing Barcodes in Packaging Quality Control

Every product in every store all over the world has a barcode on it. As consumers, we cannot read barcodes, and really don’t care much about them.We identify products by their name, by their color, by the brand name and logos. However, barcodes are how brands and their entire worldwide supply chain manage the distribution, logistics, […]

Finding errors in approved text copy

Did you know that a company’s text copy can contain errors even after it has been approved? Even though you’ve had the watchful eyes of many proofread your copy, how can you be sure that your text is entirely error-free? Without proper revision processes, seemingly minor yet critical errors can go unnoticed, causing potentially catastrophic […]

How to know when a printer’s proof is print-ready

  A brand company goes through many revision cycles until a final PDF is approved.Management gives the go ahead to print 500,000 labels. Purchasing fires off a purchase order to the printer with the approved PDF file attached. Most people consider this to be the end of the line and the expectation that the printed […]

CMOs of Increasing Importance to Pharmaceutical Companies

The pharmaceutical marketplace has changed dramatically over the last few years as pharmaceutical companies are moving from centralized, internal production to single-source providers or Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMO). The principal reason behind this evolution in the landscape is simple, to cut costs, increase capacity and reduce time-to-market. Beyond these obvious criteria, there are numerous other reasons […]

Canadian Health Product Labeling – The Product Facts Table

Label content pertaining to non-prescription healthcare products is of great concern to the government of Canada. Not only what appears on the label but also the wording, how it appears and how easy it is to understand are all of vital concern. Canadian Health Product labelling  What are non-prescription healthcare products? Non-prescription healthcare products are […]

The Nutrition Facts: Food Label Confusion

Learn More about How a Label Error Can Ruin a Great Package Design Food Labels are Confusing Plain and Simple! Everyone Knows it, But No One Knows Exactly How, to Fix It. The Nutrition Facts label, introduced 20 years ago, was designed to help consumers make informed food choices and maintain healthy dietary practices. The […]

Integrating QC Tools into Print Workflow Automation Solutions

For print professionals, the complexities of labeling and packaging can present numerous challenges. Ask any member of a prepress department and they will tell you that artwork must be right the first time and every time. Even a simple mistake has the potential to be catastrophic, resulting in product recalls, fines, write-offs and potential lawsuits. The […]

Changes to the Opioid Labeling Regulation

The statistics on opioid abuse in the United States is grim. In 2014, Opioids were responsible for 28,648 deaths according to the CDC. In fact, more people died of drug abuse that year than did of motor vehicle accidents. Worldwide the statistics are not any better; it is estimated that between 26.4 million and 38 million […]