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Cut Costs Not Quality: Proofreading Software Makes it Possible

  Labeling errors can cause massive losses in almost any industry. There is an alternative option, though: Avoiding them through automation. Human proofreaders may still be the go-to for creative and informative long-form content where style, consistent narrative, and grammar are key. When it comes to labels for packaging, there are better options. Studies and good sense tell us […]

What is a Quality Management System?

        Quality Management System Definition A quality management system (QMS) is a term that refers to a system in charge of documenting all processes, responsibilities, and procedures for achieving quality objectives and policies. A QMS allows companies to direct and coordinate their operations to meet both regulatory and customer requirements while also […]

What Is “Quality Inspection”?

Terms like “audit” and “inspection” are prevalent in any manufacturing business. The first one refers to analyzing manufacturing organizations and processes, whereas the second refers to any product-checking activity. Generally, quality inspectors do this by following a pre-established list based on certain product specifications. In fact, any type of product can be inspected, starting with […]

Soft Proofing 101

Soft proofing is a mechanism that allows you to temporarily simulate the way your image will appear when printed on your display screen. Given that it replicates how your print will look when it is on paper, soft proofing is definitely one of the most useful features of color management. Nonetheless, it also calls for a […]

Understanding Print Ready Files

While some experienced graphic designers might be very familiar with print-ready work, this concept still represents a terrifying and intimidating aspect of graphic design for many newcomers. For those of you that don’t know what it is, the term ‘print-ready’ is often used in the printing business to describe a file that already meets all […]

How a Label Error Can Ruin a Great Package Design

While the branding of a label on a package is of high importance for any industry manufacturer, overdoing it with branding design and not taking care of the crucial info can cause small to huge errors which can ruin a great package design. The effects of label errors go beyond label recalls and financial losses. […]

Understanding the Impacts of a Great Label in Marketing

  In a world where consumers have become more discerning of the products they buy, we can’t emphasize enough the importance of labels in marketing. Shopping is a process that every business owner needs to understand and the discovery of a product or service starts with an effective marketing strategy. Marketing efforts must be holistic and all-encompassing. […]

Why ISO 9001:2008 Certification is Vital for Companies

How can you define product quality? This term can be interpreted in different ways depending on the country or region you live in, but perhaps the most crucial variable that determines what quality represents is the unique set of quality objectives integrated by a company. In a nutshell, quality refers to all actions taken to […]

Looking for Process Change? Think ISO 9000

Every company needs change, but in the midst of implementing it, only a few of them think about ISO 9000. It is mostly perceived as a purely technical standard that only specific industries have to deal with. But for the experienced business owner, the Geneva-based International Standards Organization (ISO) occupies a prominent place within the […]