Our Biggest Release Yet. Verify 2022.2.

Our Biggest Release Yet. Verify 2022.2. - Banner

Date: August, 2022 | CategoryQuality Author: Hana Trokic

Verifying your work just got way better. 

The wait is over. You can now finally reap the benefits of Verify 2022.2! Verify 2022.2 makes comprehensive file inspections even more effortless than before, boasting new features and capabilities such as tons of new file types supported, barcode inspections, graphics auto-matching, MS Edge support, and Summary Reports.

Verify is inspection technology reinvented—a web-based proofreading platform that ensures that you produce error-free content with the utmost ease, accuracy, and efficiency. With Verify’s automated proofreading solutions you can now streamline your work processes and produce higher-quality content in a fraction of the time.  

With this new release, your team can proofread and review faster, easier, and with increased accuracy and efficiency. How exactly can it help you streamline your workflows?

  • Barcode inspection
  • New supported file types
  • Graphic Zone Auto-Matching 
  • MS Edge support
  • Summary reports

Let’s take a deep dive into Verify 2022.2’s capabilities:

Barcode Inspection 

The built-in Barcode Inspector allows you to scan and inspect the quality of your barcodes in seconds directly on the electronic file.

New Supported File Types 

With this new update, say goodbye to external file conversions. Verify now has you covered with the addition of Excel, Illustrator, PowerPoint, and XML file support. 

Graphic Zone Auto-Matching 

The Graphic Zone Auto-Matching feature increases the speed of your inspections by automatically detecting the corresponding graphic region and comparing them simultaneously with your text comparison.

Summary Reports 

 Designed for highly regulated industries, our new Summary Reports make staying on top of traceability and accountability easy by providing key information like time and date stamps as well as email signatures.

All of these new capabilities were built with the end user in mind to ease their everyday proofreading and quality control work processes. Whether you are saving time by loading in native file types without having to convert them externally, improving traceability and accountability with detailed Summary Reports, or establishing a comprehensive label review thanks to the newly added Barcode inspection module, Verify 2022.2 brings it all. 

Interested in learning more? Request a personalized demo for you and your team here. Discover how Verify can streamline your workflows and benefit your team’s quality control processes instantly.