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For print professionals, the complexities of labeling and packaging can present numerous challenges. Ask any member of a prepress department and they will tell you that artwork must be right the first time and every time. Even a simple mistake has the potential to be catastrophic, resulting in product recalls, fines, write-offs and potential lawsuits.

The changing landscape of packaging and labeling

Product innovation, promotions, globalization, regulatory requirements and consumer demands, are all key factors that contribute to the increasing rate of frequency of packaging and labeling changes. In fact, modifications to packaging and labeling account for up to 10% of a company’s product selling costs, with the average large brand company updating approximately 800 SKUs per year.

If this is not enough of a challenge, audience engagement adds a new level of complexity. An average supermarket carries anywhere between 10,000 and 75,000 individual products, and most consumers purchase between 30 to 40 items on a weekly basis. With this competitive landscape, brand owners are always struggling through packaging and labeling innovations to engage the consumer to buy. However, the more elaborate the product packaging, the greater the challenge for the packaging print service provider.

For the prepress department, packaging and labeling challenges are growing exponentially as artwork becomes more intricate and vibrant. These challenges are further compounded by the need to work faster and more efficiently while maintaining the highest levels of quality control.

Fortunately, packaging and artwork management challenges can be addressed with the addition of a Workflow Automation Solution with Quality Control Tools. This union helps minimize the risk of product recalls while standardizing business processes and maintaining brand consistency and quality.

Integrating Automated Quality Control tools into a Workflow Automation Solution

Recently, Esko and GlobalVision announced the integration of the GlobalVision Quality Control Platform within Automation Engine, Esko’s workflow server. The result is a robust all-in-one quality assurance solution enabling rapid and systematic review of all detected packaging and labeling errors throughout the workflow, from upstream design to print.

“Today’s label and packaging production are complex and ever-changing, making it extremely challenging for companies to balance tight deadlines and quality. The partnership and integration between Esko and GlobalVision combine two best of class technologies to deliver the industry’s first fully automated solution to ensure the accuracy of the text, spelling, graphics, barcodes and Braille from initial design to the final print.”
Jonathan Hou, Director of Technology at GlobalVision

The following Quality Control Tickets
are now available within Automation Engine Suite 16

Icons of GlobalVision solution

With the integration of GlobalVision’s QC tools into Esko’s Workflow Automation Solutions, the potential to produce high-quality error-free output, with minimum rework, is now realized.

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