How Does Automation Improve the Quality Control Process?

Date: June, 2022 | CategoryQuality Author: Hana Trokic

Quality is defined as “the standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something.” Yet, while all businesses and companies want to create quality products and services, getting there is no simple task. Like all good things, quality takes time, and once achieved, a great deal of effort needs to be put into maintaining processes that ensure top quality.

When it comes to quality control processes, businesses shouldn’t be afraid of taking simple yet effective shortcuts to help increase and improve their quality. One foolproof solution to this is automation, or the process of creating applications and technologies that produce and deliver goods and services with minimal human intervention. Implementing these advanced technologies is an optimal solution to many problems modern companies face with concerns about their quality control processes. They simplify work processes, but they also increase accuracy and create workflows that are of the utmost quality. After all, who wouldn’t want to create higher quality products and processes while decreasing resources and errors?

Proofreading content and the copy of your documents and products is one workflow that can heavily benefit from automation and software that checks for all file errors. Before you go to market, make sure every aspect of your product is top-notch when it reaches the hands of consumers by the simple implementation of automated quality control software. Instead of tediously looking through files and pages of digital content, let technology do its work and get the job done in minutes.

If you still aren’t convinced by the magic of automation, read on to see how automation can improve the quality control process of almost any business in a wide range of industries and sectors.

Bye, Bye, Bye Errors

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A top priority for businesses in all sectors is to prevent problems and mistakes before they become critical and hard to reverse. When it comes to the content of artwork and files, mistakes shouldn’t be taken lightly. While a small spelling mistake or formatting discrepancy may seem like a minor detail, these tiny errors may lead to severe consequences such as financial setbacks and the risk of tainting brand reputation. Quality control processes that heavily depend on manual checks are prone to higher inaccuracies and errors, which makes most businesses, who do not want to risk product errors, opt for technological solutions that help streamline their workflows and increase efficiency and accuracy.

Investing in document comparison software is a quick and straightforward way to ensure no errors are slipping through in the production processes and can give businesses complete confidence that they are sending perfect products out to market. With this innovative technology, not only will you improve the speed and accuracy of your quality control processes, you will be able to run holistic scans of any document in seconds. The scans will yield a complete report and rundown of all differences found between the original and sample copy allowing you to make the necessary adjustments and corrections for a perfectly perfect product.

Verification Station   

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When we say automated quality control can benefit businesses in almost any (if not all) sectors – we mean it.

GlobalVision’s automated quality control is an equal opportunity verification tool that inspects copy, content, and files of all kind. It works by comparing two files, a sample and a master copy, to find all discrepancies between the two. A simple digital scan will reveal and pinpoint all differences allowing you to make adjustments and corrections accordingly. The result is perfect copy and products every time.

While content varies depending on the industry, the file comparison software runs holistic scans of files, finding all discrepancies (no matter how small) between the two in seconds. What would manually take a minimum of hours to complete, GlobalVision’s innovative inspection software completes in seconds to minutes. Whether you need to inspect text, graphics, barcodes, braille, print, or color, the software runs holistic scans and catches all errors.

Streamline and Optimize 

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With digitalization becoming more prevalent in every aspect of our daily lives, businesses are taking note. They need to turn to technology and automation to stay afloat to keep up and prevent falling behind market competitors. They need to make the best of the software available to ensure that they implement and use the best practices in their workflows. This way, they will be able to streamline and optimize processes and stay profitable while thriving in today’s very competitive and tumultuous market.

Innovative technology such as a file comparison tool allows businesses to proofread and check content, artwork, and copy with utmost precision. An optimal solution for your proofreading woes, the software will:

  • Eliminate errors, no matter how small

  • Increase accuracy

  • Increase production times

  • Increase productivity and efficiency of workflows

Overall, GlobalVision’s quality control allows for the absolute optimization of proofreading processes by tackling proofreading holistically and finding all discrepancies simultaneously instead of isolating individual errors.

Welcome to the Digital Era 

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Globally, corporations are constantly looking for new ways to adapt to innovations and advancements in technology. They know that embracing the digital era is the key to keeping productivity high and staying profitable. Many corporations even have dedicated development teams that ensure that they are staying ahead of the curb and prepared for any new changes that may come their way. They are always searching for new software and innovations that will enhance their current production while minimizing costs and efforts.

For proofreading and quality control, automation is the only way to go.

This technological advancement runs side-by-side comparisons of two files (the original and a sample file) to identify discrepancies. Instead of sifting and scanning through piles of documents manually, trying to find every mistake that might be hidden between the lines, the software does it for you in a fraction of the time. If you aren’t convinced, please note that current comparison software technology can compare documents at 1000 characters per second. Now think, how long do your manual inspections take? Overall, not only will automated quality control solutions complete your proofreading tasks faster, they will also complete them with a higher degree of accuracy and ensure the highest degree of quality. I think we rest our case.

Working Workflows 

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For businesses to stay relevant in these challenging economic times and unpredictable markets, they have to make adequate adjustments that will allow them to stay competitive. One way to do this is through digitalization and automation of workflows. Automated quality control, such as file comparison technology, is the ultimate solution for modern companies looking for innovative ways to stay up-to-date and competitive.

When it comes to proofreading artwork and content, this innovative technology allows businesses to run faster and more streamlined inspections while simultaneously increasing efficiency by creating workflows that produce more content more quickly while maintaining and even heightening its quality. GlobalVision’s file comparison software can be directly integrated into any artwork management system and allows companies to find all errors, no matter how small, as soon as they occur. Whether you are proofreading in the early stages of revision or the final stages, you can make sure your products are 100% error-free when they go out to market with the precision and accuracy of file comparison technology.

Get Ready to Automate 

Businesses need to think towards the future to ensure that their workflows and processes are up to date and can withstand any changes that come their way.

The simple addition of an automated quality control and document comparison software to your business’s work processes is a small step that will ultimately result in colossal advantages to company productivity and profitability. From the ease of work to increased accuracy and optimization, introducing a file comparison tool into your everyday practices is a corporate no-brainer.

Want to infinitely improve your proofreading processes and automate your quality control processes? Learn more about the benefits of a file comparison tool and request a demo of GlobalVision here.