5 Amazing Things Quality Control Solutions Can Handle

For business, it’s not simply about making a product for monetary gain. Planning, time, and strategy all go along with providing customers with something that will benefit them in their everyday lives. However, there is something of equal importance that most consumers do not think about when they reach for their favorite product on the shelf.

Do Your Work and Check It Twice

Each business has their own quality control process that they’ve implemented along the product creation workflow. This is done to ensure their goods are of high quality and they look as such when they get to their customers. Quality control in this context is imperative. While packaging has its primary function, it also contributes to brand expression.
Manufacturers use their product packaging to convey a message and look, which are critically important to attract and maintain consumers. Whether it’s the product name, the fine print, or a warning label, consumers will want to read it to learn more and make an educated purchasing decision.

Consumers Are Naturally Drawn to Colors

Lady reading the nutrition facts of food packages

When most of us pick up a product at the store, the first thing we notice is the color of the packaging. The color scheme of a product also becomes part of the brand and its messaging. Think about products like TideTM with their iconic orange bottle and the orange and yellow bullseye as the logo. Is there another product that comes to mind when we see this combination of colors? Probably not.

The color and artwork significantly influence consumer purchases, so much so that it accounts for 85% of the reason why someone decides to go ahead and buy a product. So, it’s necessary that the language and artwork be free of errors. These errors can harm a company’s reputation and muddy the waters for consumers, leading to potential lawsuits. Quality control solutions can prevent this.

Here are five amazing things quality control solutions are made to handle:

  1. Reviewing artwork– If you include artwork on your packaging, you do not want errors to ruin the consumer’s first impression. With software that inspects artwork and compares it to the internally approved file, you can ensure it’s pixel-perfect.
  2. Inspecting cylindrical objects– Is your packaging cylindrical? No problem. It’s still possible to scan in the packaging and inspect it digitally, using select quality control software solutions. Supported items can include plastic bottles such as Eska’s bottled water, glass jars, soda cans like Coca-Cola’s Diet Coke, and cylinders with embossed text, like the containers your grandmother used to store her cookies.
  3. Inspecting barcodes– Have you ever been caught in line at the store when the barcode just would not scan? Barcodes contain incredibly useful information and need to be error-free and scannable. Some quality control software solutions can check that all barcodes meet ISO, ANSI, and CEN standards.
  4. Translating Braille– Is Braille required on your packaging to ensure regulatory compliance? Some quality control software can inspect and translate Braille and ensures it complies with regulations like the Marburg Medium Braille Font Standard.
  5. Final product checking– It’s one thing to check each element of packaging, but another to check them altogether. Deploy software that lets you scan and inspect the final packaging, including barcodes, Braille, artwork, and text. Scanning the final packaging or printed material that the consumer will see ensures no mistakes are made, only the perfect first impression.


Quotes from customer stories about how automated proofreading solutions helped with quality control

Competition is fierce in every industry, prompting businesses to fight for the top spot as the consumer’s favorite brand. Not only do companies need to come up with an incredible product, but they must make sure that their brand messaging is communicated effectively with the look of the packaging. Taking it a step further, these companies need to also implement some form of quality control…for both. There is no question that a lot goes on behind the scenes during the product creation process and it can get overwhelming at times. However, there are tools available at a company’s disposal.

Automated proofreading solutions were designed to help with quality control processes. Software like GlobalVision can save companies a lot of time by reviewing files before they are sent to the printers. It’s important for labels and artwork to be reviewed before they are printed and sent off to the market. Having your packaging laced with errors when it reaches a customer is bad enough. What’s worse is knowing that a solution can take seconds could have saved you thousands.

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