Use Text Inspection Technology to Keep Up With Global Market Demands

Date: October, 2022 | CategoryProofreading Author: Hana Trokic

As we become more dependent on technology, every business should take note and start paying closer attention to innovations in the market. Text inspection technology is one innovation that should definitely not be overlooked. In order to remain relevant and competitive in today’s global market, digital transformation is essential, and automating workflows is one of the most efficient ways to keep up with global demand. Text inspection technology allows you to not only automate your workflows, but it also relieves the burden of having to rely on outdated methods and technology that will not let your business reach its full potential. 

Instead of wasting countless hours manually checking all content, automated quality control gets the job done in seconds. File inspection technology works by overlaying two files to find all differences between the two. No matter how small, the software detects errors allowing you to make improvements and adjustments faster than ever before. You can now confidently get your products to market without the fear of typos, packaging or labeling errors, and potential product recalls. These are only a few advantages your business will notice when embracing automated quality control as your go-to solution to all of your content and proofreading woes.

Why Text Inspection Technology?

Spell Check imageLook back to when you last had to proofread any document manually. Now think about what resources were needed and how much time it took to ensure that the content was error-free. 

Most of us will probably recall a long, tedious, and time-consuming task that is far from easy. Even if we resort to using online grammar-checking tools, we still can’t be sure that our document is error-free. Sure, these online tools help check for typos and spelling mistakes, but they are limited to only text and can’t take a more detailed look at the document. Document inspection technology is much more holistic and allows for print, graphics, and color inspections just to name a few.  

To be more precise, automated quality control or text inspection technology works by running a character-to-character comparison to inspect each Unicode value. The technology can detect upwards of 18 types of text errors which include missing punctuation, color errors, font, inserted or deleted words, and much more. This means that not only does the software complete everything a manual check does, but it does so much more effectively and also improves the quality of the inspection by finding errors that are usually extremely difficult to find manually. To boot, these inspections (from start to finish) take only a couple of seconds meaning your proofreading processes just got a lot faster and a lot more efficient. 

How Text Inspection Improves Work Processes

Spell Check imageIt is evident that if businesses want to stay relevant and keep up with global demands, they need to turn to technology to simply keep up with competitors and consumer demands. Upgrading to automated quality control, and making document inspection technology an integral part of your proofreading processes, is a sure way to keep you one step ahead of the competition. 

Text inspection technology will bring immense benefits to your business and content creation workflows by running faster and more streamlined inspections and increasing efficiency by allowing you to create flawless content at scale while still maintaining the quality of all published content, in many cases also increasing its quality. 

One of the greatest advantages of text inspection technology is that it directly integrates into artwork management systems and allows companies to catch errors in real-time, as soon as they occur. This includes revisions in the early stages of creation to the final phases when product packaging, labeling, and documentation are ready to be printed. To give you perspective on just how much this technology can streamline your work processes, note that current document inspection technology can compare documents at rates of 1000 characters per second while the average person reads 183 words per minute

Text Inspection Optimizes Your Proofreading

Spell Check imageTurning towards technology and digitalization is a foolproof way to ensure that your business is making the most effective use of its resources and optimizing to be the most productive and efficient organization it can be. An optimal solution for any company’s content and proofreading workflows, file comparison technology brings ease and precision to quality control that manual checks cannot compare to. 

Text inspection technology not only inspects content as a whole, ensuring pixel-perfect documents, but it also has the ability to proofread only predefined areas. This means users can choose to isolate areas of a file that they want to check specifically. This pinpoint accuracy is only possible through innovative and highly technical software that is created to accurately and quickly proofread content at scale. The implementation of this software in workflows is surely to drastically cut down on proofreading and content revision times while increasing team productivity and the overall accuracy of all content being published by your company.  

Through the use of text inspection technology businesses can:      

  • Produce and proofread content at scale
  • Eliminate errors, no matter how small 
  • Increase accuracy 
  • Increase production times 
  • Increase productivity and efficiency of workflows   
  • Decrease recalls and product errors 
  • Increase employee satisfaction by easing revision and quality control workflows

It is then no surprise that more companies across the globe are turning to technological advancements to keep up with demands. Text inspection technology has already played a crucial role in many large corporations’ quality control, and they have already benefited greatly from the implementation of file comparison software. It’s time your business followed suit. 

Don’t Fall Behind – Get Started with Text Inspection Technology 

Modern-day businesses are constantly being faced with new problems they new to fix to keep up with global market demands. Thankfully, the solution is simple when it comes to quality control and content revision. The perks of switching to text inspection technology are endless, with every quality control team reaping immense benefits almost immediately after its implementation.

One of the largest advantages is that making the switch to automated quality control and adding file comparison software to your business’s digital resources is easy.  An easy fix that will ultimately result in enormous advantages to many aspects of your team’s content production and proofreading workflows. From ease of work to increased optimization and modernization of work processes, there is no argument as to why your organization shouldn’t implement document inspection technology in your team’s daily tasks and projects.  

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