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Date: May 26, 2021 | Category: Proofreading | Author: Kayla Caticchio

Web-based Proofreading for Document Creation

How businesses can benefit from a new wave of proofreading applications.

By Kayla Caticchio 


As more and more companies move their business operations online (especially with remote work), the question of quality control can be raised when it comes to protecting important documents and artwork files. For companies that specialize in the creation of assets, like marketing and creative agencies, ensuring proper quality control on digital assets is typically a long and cumbersome process. In the past, manual inspections were done by visually comparing each document against a previous version. For example, agencies would oftentimes compare documents or screenshots with revisions to manually check for any errors, a process that can significantly delay approvals.

Fortunately, a new wave of quality inspections has arrived for businesses. Web-based proofreading applications, like Verify from GlobalVision, help companies in regulated industries ensure that their work is error-free along the entire document creation process. From a faster proofreading process to more accurate inspections, there are many benefits associated with web-based proofreading tools.

1. Catch errors at each revision stage

Any company that specializes in asset development understands the importance of keeping files and documents error-free as they move throughout the creation process. At each revision stage, there exists an opportunity to introduce deviations that may not have previously been there. For example, it’s not uncommon for unintended changes to be made between the copy creation and artwork stages. With web-based proofreading tools like Verify, users can automatically inspect these assets at every revision point, ensuring that the right changes were made and that no unexpected errors were created. By replacing manual proofreading across entire organizations, companies can increase the speed and accuracy of inspecting files at every revision point.

2. Check for multiple types of errors in one complete inspection

With GlobalVision’s web-based proofreading application, Verify, users can run simultaneous text, spelling, and image inspections across revision files. This is beneficial to companies as it allows users to catch any text or artwork deviations in a single inspection, saving time while improving the accuracy of assets. With text inspection, users can detect several types of text errors, including formatting changes, while also comparing files with different formats or layouts. Image comparisons allow users to automatically inspect PDF files for deviations in graphics, logos, and images. With both types of inspections, files can be marked up and annotated inspection reports can be used to highlight any differences and display comments between revisions.

3. Get to market faster by accelerating approvals

One of the greatest advantages of web-based inspection applications is the significant reduction in the amount of time required for approvals. By accelerating the entire approval process, companies can go to market faster and without delays. Verify, for example, reduces the number of revisions required to catch deviations by allowing users to inspect files as they’re created. Users can accelerate approvals by ensuring that text and graphics are accurately transcribed from reference materials while also reviewing proofs from vendors against approved content. This allows teams to keep up with increasing demand without having to sacrifice the quality of work.

4. Integrate with existing workflows for more streamlined inspections

Web-based inspection applications are built to be integrated directly within existing workflows, so teams can catch any deviations the moment they occur. Verify from GlobalVision can be seamlessly connected with Artwork Management Systems and other platforms, allowing users to run faster and more streamlined inspections as work moves through the asset development process. Files, data, and comments can be securely shared between platforms to digitize and consolidate document development. This makes it possible for users to perform intuitive quality inspections without ever having to leave their file creation workflows, resulting in a more seamless and efficient quality process.

Getting started with web-based quality inspections

Implementing a web-based proofreading application in your team’s unique workflow is a far more simple process than other types of inspection software. With no installation required, users can begin running powerful inspections shortly after implementation. From significant time savings to more intuitive quality checks, the many benefits of web-based inspections are a strong indication that these types of quality checks will become the way of the future.  To learn more about Verify, GlobalVision’s web-based inspection application, visit globalvision.co/verify