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Creating content for public consumption can be a stressful job. Think about the person that has to write the copy for the back of a Cheerios box. Millions of people will read the back of that cereal box every morning and any typos would be terrible for the brand and the consumers’ confidence in the product. Now imagine someone reading the back of an allergy medication. What if a typo occurs in the dosage section? This has happened and it costs companies millions of dollars in recalls.

How to proofread a document

Ideally, every company needs a diff checker like your old high-school English teacher. But this just won’t happen and businesses need to turn to other more practical solutions. Enter proofreading software, which will catch every mistake and not even breathe coffee breath on you.

Why automated proofreading software is better than your  teacher

Saves you embarrassment – Ever raise your hand because you thought you knew where the comma went in the sentence written on the board? It was a trick question anyway; The sentence needed a semi-colon. You looked silly and ruined your chances at junior prom with the literature whiz. Proofreading software will scan your printed material, compare it to the approved master and will identify that missing semi-colon for you. Hopefully, your senior year was kinder to you.

Software saves you time – Getting a paper back from a teacher can take a while. They generally wait to grade everything one day while watching reruns of Downton Abbey. Proofreading can inspect multiple documents in a matter of seconds.

English teachers aren’t that great at art – While an English teacher can tell you the difference between a dangling participle and a prepositional phrase, few are professionals at those “spot the differences” puzzles. Proofreader software can not only proofread documents and inspect text, but it can also inspect artworkbarcodes and even Braille. Since it inspects pixel-by-pixel, artwork is no problem at all. So, if a logo is messed up, a barcode is missing a line, or a beloved tiger is missing a stripe, proofreading software will point it out and you can make the fix before it is too late.

You love the feedback – How often was your first draft the exact same as your final draft? The stakes were not too high back in high school. Only one person read your paper and put a letter grade on it and that was the end of it. In a corporate setting, mistakes can cost you your job and the company millions of dollars in recalls. Never will you be so happy to have a mistake pointed out to you. It will save your company money and that means job security.

Thank goodness for English teachers. Without them and their strict ways who knows where the language would be today. However, when it comes to packages, labels, or printed documents, a proofreading software solution is the only way to go.

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