New Release: GlobalVision Web 3.10

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Date: March, 2022 | CategoryCompany Author: Hana Trokic

Introducing GVW 3.10, GlobalVision’s latest version of the original cloud-based inspection platform. Built with the purpose of enhancing the overall user experience when navigating and reporting differences, GVW brings a new way of interpreting results efficiently.

With one of the most enhanced releases yet, GVW 3.10 promises to improve the users’ proofreading workflow without sacrificing accuracy or speed.

What’s new?

Text Inspection Embedded Difference List

GVW 3.10 upgraded the difference list format when running a Text Inspection. Users can now scroll through and see all differences within a file without having to launch a separate window.

Note: You can collapse the difference list to display one difference at a time or expand it to display six differences. You can also drag it to resize it.

GVW 3.10 also includes Difference grouping, which has the ability to merge duplicate differences into one difference, as well as Difference filtering which has the ability to select difference types appearing in the report. Additionally, while reviewing the differences users can now assign levels and comments to multiple differences simultaneously.

Upgraded Graphics Profiles

GVW 3.10 gives users a more in-depth way of selecting inspection profiles when running a Graphics Inspection allowing for a more customizable inspection.

New advanced settings have been added to increase accuracy by allowing the user to choose between low and maximum sensitivity.

Resolution and Performance

Speed has been enhanced, improving the time it takes to run Graphics Inspections. GVW 3.10 gives users the ability to adjust the resolution of uploaded files (200, 300, 400, and 600 DPI) for Graphics, Barcode, and Braille.

Further New Additions

GVW 3.10 release brings users more exciting enhancements such as:

Auto-Zoom levels:

When navigating through differences, the zoom level that focuses on the individual differences selected can be adjusted.

QuickSwitcher Update :

Saving and retrieving pre-inspection settings and markups is possible when using the QuickSwitcher, i.e when you zone your entire document and you hit inspect then use the QuickSwitcher to go back and make adjustments, you will not lose your zones.

Inspection status:

Inspection status is displayed when running inspections.

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