GlobalVision Takes Its New Look to the Cloud

Poised to match the success of our quality control platform for desktop, GlobalVision Web takes cues from both it and Proofware, which serves as its immediate predecessor for use on the cloud. Essentially an overhaul with a focus on ease-of-use and an enhanced feature set, GlobalVision Web is both streamlined and unified… with a more-efficient workflow revolving around effortless access to refined versions of each of our inspection tools.

GlobalVision… on the Web

Honed with new support for HTML5, GlobalVision Web is fast, put simply. That’s not just relative to predecessor Proofware, but quality control standards as well. Obviously gone are the days when companies were forced to take weeks to manually proof shipments back from the printer before sending them off to production. Automated platforms like GlobalVision have long since rendered concepts like proofing fatigue practically obsolete (or unnecessary). But GlobalVision Web’s speed ranks among the fastest of those too.

GV package inspection with code

The secret is part and parcel HTML5. Java and additional plug-ins are no longer required on client systems, helping to maximize efficiency and minimize time wasted by the user. The system’s capacity when loading large files has been increased relative to what it had been with Proofware. As a result, users can also look forward to master and sample files being loaded and then inspected more quickly, effectively getting to the heart of what the platform does best, which, as it so happens, is a great deal.

GlobalVision Web offers users much the same proofing experience users would get with the desktop platform. That is, with an emphasis on “smooth,” with the proofing itself handled by the system, comprising the same applications (availability to users being based on administrator preferences). Any transition between the two applications should be just as smooth and seamless. The territory, however new overall, is nevertheless familiar between the two. The overlapping applications are just as innovative.

Multiple Apps, One GlobalVision

You’ve got Text to proofread documents as they inch closer to the final product against the originally approved copy. Graphics performs pixel-by-pixel comparisons to achieve much the same goal and ensure artwork remains unchanged from the start of the workflow to the end. Spelling prevents avoidable errors with the aid of a customizable company-specific dictionary. Braille verifies that the dots on packaging components are consistent with any one of a number of different languages, while Barcode translates, checks the quality, and grades probably the single-most important artwork element against industry standards.

Icons of GlobalVision Inspections in transparent background

Notes, which facilitates the annotation and review of single documents, rounds out the total six applications, showcasing GlobalVision Web’s versatility as a key quality control instrument in any company’s toolbox.

Considering the sheer amount of tools, it may be more accurate to consider GlobalVision Web as the box itself, one with a sleek new look and everything you need, from a quality-control perspective, inside to match.

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