GlobalVision Has A New Look
Old GV Logo vs New GV logo

At GlobalVision, we recently went through a substantial branding change to better reflect who we are and the solutions we deliver in the marketplace. 

While our previous logo direction has served us well for many years and became recognizable, GlobalVision has matured and evolved to represent a very specific set of solutions. 

With the logo not reflecting who we were and where we were headed, we decided to make it a priority to re-establish our branding to reflect our core promise to our customers.

red square in black background with white dots

In reviewing our past and current products, we wanted a new brand that communicated our solutions in finding & eliminating errors on print and packaging–a promise that defines us as a company. 

The new branding solution came from the source of what our business is all about, an icon that our customers have been associated with from day one, the error icon in our detection software.

Red Square

Unquestionably, the unsung hero behind the company, we decided to bring this icon to the forefront as our new visual mark. The perfect square also conveyed our dedication to helping our customers achieve error-free results.

GV logo in transparent, black and red background

Icon of Docuproof, Airproof, Barproof, Brailleproof, Spellproof and Scanproof

GlobalVision book in black cover

We developed a brand identity that brought our concept to life. This new identity will help fuel a transformation of our business going forward and continuing to innovate in our industry. The final result we couldn’t be more proud of. You will be able to see the new visual identity more going forward as we gradually launch our new brand over time.

For more information on GlobalVision and our branding change, please visit: or email us at [email protected]

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How does GlobalVision Work? 

GlobalVision software digitally compares two files to identify any differences between the two. With GlobalVision, you can verify digital or printed content against approved files for 100% accuracy.

Read more on how GlobalVision works and how your business can benefit from it.

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