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The GlobalVision Platform has Transformed and it’s No Mistake

At GlobalVision, we understand the importance of aiming for perfection. With so much competition across endless industries, one slip up could mean the difference between the success or failure of a business’s quarter for the business. All that pressure and resulting stress doesn’t do anyone any good. Knowing that we have the power to not only […]

What is Data Integrity?

What does Data integrity Mean? Data Integrity Definition: Data integrity refers to the fact that data must be reliable and accurate over its entire lifecycle. Data integrity and data security go hand in hand, even though they’re separate concepts. Uncorrupted data (integrity) is considered to be whole and then stay unchanged relative to that complete […]

GlobalVision Has A New Look

  At GlobalVision, we recently went through a substantial branding change to better reflect who we are and the solutions we deliver in the marketplace.  While our previous logo direction has served us well for many years and became recognizable, GlobalVision has matured and evolved to represent a very specific set of solutions.  With the logo not reflecting who we were and […]

Proofreading Software: Why it is better than your English teacher

Creating content for public consumption can be a stressful job. Think about the person that has to write the copy for the back of a Cheerios box. Millions of people will read the back of that cereal box every morning and any typos would be terrible for the brand and the consumers’ confidence in the […]